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Psychic Development Tips

Updated on January 6, 2013

Sylvia Brown. John Edwards. Uri Geller.

Do these names sound familiar? These are three famous psychics. They've appeared on television, had followings and even mystified a few people. For many, it's psychics such as these that launched a fascination with psychic phenomena.

The interest in psychic development has been on the rise, in recent years. The popular movies, television and novels can be responsible for that. Typically, many serious practitioners started psychic development because of a favorite media feature.

Compared to Hollywood magic, the reality of psychic abilities can be a bit disappointing. Oftentimes, a person strives to mimic/follow the media image. That leads to mistakes, though, because life isn't Hollywood.

To help out the Hollywood roadsters, I've written up a few tips that'll be helpful in the long run. Whether you agree or not, though, is up to you. At least keep them in mind:


The 'I-Want-It-Now' syndrome is a common problem-sometimes a major one. The first step is to accept that nothing happens overnight—even psychic abilities.

Psychic development shouldn't be a migraine. In order to achieve results, a person has to relax and simply let the action flow. If it doesn't come the first time, then have patience. You should never force something to come.

The key to success is to do it, without trying. It's similar to breathing—natural and effortless. First, let your mind know what it needs to do. After that, let your mind do it.

Be Yourself

Contrary to popular belief, psychic abilities are similar to fingerprints—no two are alike. While two psychics can have the same ability, there's always a difference between them. For an example, two clairvoyants can receive visions, but one may only be able to perceive the future. The biggest mistake to make is trying to model yourself after another psychic.

To be successful, try to find your own unique talent and skill. It may not be grand or exciting, but the talent and skill will be yours.

Accept what you are. Be Happy.

Be Safe

There are many dangers in psychic development. Believing in it or not doesn't erase that fact. The most important move you can do is to look after yourself.

For an example, never practice if you're sick, have a headache or are injured. If you're female, wait till after your period to begin practicing. These times are when your body is either strained, unstable or in need of it's nutrients and energy. Exercises to develop psychic abilities require energy your body can't afford to use wastefully.

Knowing your limits can go along way to making your life easier. When you know those limits, try not to push them too hard. Your health and safety are more important than seeing the future, or your dead grandmother.

Beware of predators! There are people that may hurt, use and/or mislead you for personal gain or pleasure. While an unfortunate fact, it's a very real risk. Asking for help from multiple locations can help you. Try to become a member of different groups/organizations. Most of all—BE AWARE!

Whatever you do in life, please do it carefully.

It's Not Hollywood

Hollywood blows everything out of proportions. In the movies, psychic abilities can be absolutely amazing. It always seems like such a superhero lifestyle.

Trust me, the reality can be disappointing. (If you're not ready for it, anyway.) Research can be your best friend. If you're a beginner, it will help you decide if this is what you want. If you're browning around the edges, then it can help you gain perspective on what you're actually accomplishing.

Remember to always mark the differences between reality and fantasy. It can help you avoid deluding yourself.

Keep Records

It's good to keep track of experiences, practice sessions and everyone involved. As information is gathered, it'll help you answer questions you ask yourself and those others ask you. For an example, you may ask yourself:

  • What type of psychic am I?
  • What can I do?
  • What are my absolute limits?

These are only a few questions a record can help you answer. It'll grow more useful for other questions as it's filled up with more information.

Have Fun

Whatever happens, please try to have fun with all of it. Take it one moment at a time, enjoying everything like it'll never happen again.


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