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Psychic Medium Night - My Husband Came To Talk With Me Through A Medium

Updated on March 6, 2017
Sunrise from our home
Sunrise from our home

2002 - We Moved To Spain To Start A New Life And Adventure

My dear husband and I waved goodbye to the UK in 2002 to start a new life in Spain. We just decided to "go for it" Before we got too old.

Neither of us being near retirement age we needed to make an income and so we had planned to rent out our Villa, and try to find whatever work we could to supplement our income.

My husband had been a professional musician for many many years and we thought if push came to shove he could do a bit of teaching or maybe even look for work at one of the coastal resorts south of Valencia.

We were full of plans and very happy to be in Spain , in the sunshine.

On arrival we hit the ground running so to speak as we had to get the house ready as soon as possible in order to start renting it out to tourists.

We were both working really hard and hardly taking any time off to enjoy our new life. But we were happy enough just to be here.

I did notice one day that my hearty was losing weight, but just put this down to all the physical exercise he was now getting with all the manual work, and also the good diet we were enjoying, until one day when we had been invited to our neighbours house to enjoy a fiesta and lunch with them and their friends and Hearty told me he couldn´t stay because he couldn´t stand all the noise any longer. Of course I asked him what was the matter and he then told me he had a headache, I was absolutely gobsmacked when he said it had started about a month previously and he´d had it every day since. He hadn´t said a word before this day, and hadn´t even taken an aspirin, mind you not taking medications was nothing new for hearty as he firmly believed in mind over matter and therefore thought he could get rid of this headache himself eventually.

The headache was investigated but no clear cut diagnosis was presented and it eventually went. But then he developed other symptoms and I began to suspect there was something sinister going on, especially as he was still losing weight.

More tests revealed he had terminal lung cancer.

Despite undergoing chemo and radiotherapy for 18 months, and putting up a brave front and a supreme fight, I lost the love of my life just three weeks before our second anniversary of being in Spain.

Devastation doesn´t even begin to cover what I felt during his illness and at his passing.

A Visit To Listen To Psychic Mediums

I decided to visit our daughter and granddaughter in the UK for the first anniversary of Hearty´s death. I needed to be with family for this and also it was our daughters birthday the day after Hearty died. She was also missing her dad and I wanted to make sure his death didn´t stop her from enjoying her birthday.

I arrived to a wet and cold UK, but was more than happy to be there on this visit, I knew I had to be with family so we could support each other. I was also looking forward to going with Sarah, our daughter, to a psychic night, where mediums would be giving messages to the audience. It just so happened it fell on the actual anniversary of Hearty´s death.

To be honest I had never attended anything like this before as the thought of what my imagination told me went on at these things scared me, but I had always wanted to visit a medium to see if my Mum would come through, she died when I was only 6 years old.

Now I had no fear of going because I clearly felt Hearty´s presence all the time, and occasionally he had come to me in dreams or there had been signs to let me know he was about. I had felt and sensed him and that had dispelled any fear I had of the spirit world. Besides, I wanted so desperately to get a message from him.

Before he died he had promised to come back to me if there was anyway he could, and I needed a psychic´s help to hear anything he had to say.

For some reason I had managed to stay strong for the whole day of the anniversary. I was no doubt in denial, but also I had given myself a big talking to , I had to " Be there" for my daughter on this day and also her birthday the following day.

My resolve started to crumble though as we walked to the club on a very cold and wet, windy night. All of a sudden it hit me where we were going and why and I could feel myself getting upset. As soon as we had paid our admission fee and got inside the door, I started to cry and it took ages for me to stop. I was now wondering if it was such a good idea to have come to this place full of grieving people desperate to have contact with their loved one´s on the other side. However I was determined to see it through.

Sarah pointed out a man to me and told me his name was Mick and he was a medium , but she didn´t know if he would be doing his thing that night. Then she pointed out a lady who had just come in and was taking off her coat, and said she was also a medium and her name was Jackie. Immediately I had a feeling I knew this woman but couldn´t for the life of me think where I knew her from.

Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again
Good Grief: Heal Your Soul, Honor Your Loved Ones, and Learn to Live Again
Anything we can do to help get us through grief has to be worth trying. I believe in the psychic world and have first hand experience of getting messages from the other side. Here a medium recounts some of her connections with departed loved ones.

Two Mediums Passing on Messages To The Bereaved

Mick´s Readings

Mick took the floor and started passing messages around the room. He was very calm and quiet and went to a lot of people before turning in our direction. I was willing my Hearty to come through, I so needed something from him.

Mick brought up a couple of names from family of mine who had passed away,and also said there was a motherly figure with me, wow this was impressive. He also said we had a gentleman with us too, and for some reason he was showing him a pair of shiny shoes. He was certain this was meant for me, but it just didn´t fit Hearty, who was a denim jeans and trainer type of person, not a shiny shoe man. I said this didn´t fit with me, but Mick was insistent that the sign was for me and if it didn´t mean anything now, it would at sometime in the future.

He then went on to talk to my friend Sue and gave her an exactly perfect description of someone she knew who had died, and he also brought a Yellow rose into the reading which he said the man had brought with him. He was insistent to say it was a yellow rose, not a red or white one because this held a significance. Sue later told me she had taken a yellow rose to her friends funeral, and the description of him was correct in all aspects, so Mick was spot on. Except for my shiny shoes.

Jackie´s Readings

The moment Jackie took the floor and started talking, it fell into place where I knew her from. Before leaving the UK both Hearty and I worked in a university on security and Jackie had been a mature student attending courses at the university. I remembered her particularly as she used to bring her young son in when she came to study at night, and he was such a lovely lad and so well mannered that I remembered him and likewise his mum.

Jackie looked in our direction a number of times during her first stint on the floor, but didn´t offer any messages. I was willing with all my heart for a message from my darling, but nothing came and I did feel a little disappointed. Please come through Hearty was the chant going through my head.

The half time break then came, the mediums had done a lot of talking and needed a drink, and so did the audience.

A Private Reading Just For Me

During the half time interval I decided to go and say hello to Jackie. We had chatted often when she came to study and I knew her lad had a health problem. I hadn´t seen her or him for years and felt the need to catch up, and see how her lad was doing.

I introduced myself and she did remember me and said her son was doing really well, and was over his problems. Then she asked me to sit down as she wanted to talk to me on my own. I protested a little as she was after all on her break, but she said it didn´t matter, she needed to pass messages on to me but sensed I was " too raw " to do this in front of a room full of people.

The moment I sat, Jackie said there was a gentleman with me and he had been there all night. Then she started to rub her chest and said he had trouble breathing, and not just when he died, before that, she asked me if it was lung cancer that killed him. I nodded yes and started to cry again.

She explained to me that sometimes the deceased present symptoms of what killed them, but also that he wasn´t suffering now, it´s just a form of letting you know who´s coming through. She made sure it was Ok for her to continue, was I alright ? I said I wasn´t really but to please go on.

She said this man, was coming through with so much love it was incredible, and also she could tell he had a really good sense of humour. She then went on to tell me that it was OK for me to move on, I had his blessing. My reply was that I already knew this but the fact was I didn´t want to, I loved my Hearty as much in death as I had in life and didn´t want anyone but him. She nodded her understanding and then carried on.

Next she told me that he didn´t like taking medications for anything. This made me laugh as it was so true. I told her getting Hearty to take even an aspirin was as hard as finding a snowball in hell, and that it used to drive me mad that he wouldn´t take anything for headaches or whatever. I told her he totally believed in mind over matter and if he did take a medication I always knew he must really be suffering as he was so against taking pills and potions. Even when he was riddled with cancer in his last few weeks he would tell me to wait half and hour before giving him his morphine and if he didn´t feel any better after that he would take it. Of course I made him have it as I knew he must have been in considerable pain.

She then told me the same thing Mick had, that for some reason she was being shown a pair of shiny shoes. I told her this just didn´t fit with me as Hearty was not a shiny shoes type of person. She asked if it could be a symbol that he loved to dance or was a good dancer. I laughed again and said he had two left feet. The only thing that I could come up with was that Hearty had been a professional musician, had worked with a ballet company, had played on come dancing, and of course other than that had also worked in lots of other places where people did dance, but all the same it just didn´t sit properly with me, and I don´t think with Jackie either. She again said the same thing Mick had earlier in the night, that if it didn´t make sense to me right at that moment, it would at some time in the future. Then her face took on a bleak expression as she quietly told me how much he didn´t want to go. This was something I knew in my heart already as he had fought death right to his very last breath.

It was now time for Jackie and Mick to start the second half of their night passing messages on from the other side. I thanked Jackie very much for missing her break to pass on Hearty´s messages to me. She told me he had been so insistent to let me know he was there she had no choice, and she also knew how much I needed to get them. I gave her a hug and then joined my daughter and friend for the second half of the psychic night, knowing that indeed my Hearty had kept his promise and he had come back to me from the other side.

Matt Fraser Giving Psychic Readings

5 Years Later Shiny Shoes Made Sense

It was the early hours of the morning, and I had gotten up out of my warm bed to visit the bathroom.

Still half asleep I sat there on the loo, and completely out of the blue the thought "shiny shoes" suddenly popped into my head and it was like a light bulb suddenly came on.

I had made the connexion at long last.

The reason that both Jackie and Mick had told me Hearty was showing them shiny shoes was because I hadn´t taken shoes to the undertaker to put on him before his cremation. He was dressed in his best suit and therefore would have worn that with " Shiny shoes" . But his feet had swollen up before he died and daft as it may sound to some, I didn´t want anyone hurting him by forcing them into shoes.

After the funeral I felt bad that I had sent him off without shoes and socks and it bothered me occasionally for a long time. I worried that I hadn´t done my best for him at the last, and this was him telling me that it really didn´t matter.

It´s now over eight years since I lost my Hearty, the love of my life. I still miss him every single day, but at least I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is still with me in spirit, and will remain with me, dropping in from time to time until we meet again on the other side.

Until that day comes I will continue to go to Psychic nights and hope that My dear Husband will come and talk to me again through a medium .

Please Take A Moment To Answer This Question

Have you ever had a message through a medium from a loved one ? If so did it help you

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If you are grieving the loss of someone you loved, my thoughts are with you.

This hub is dedicated to Hearty the love of my life. I will love you forever and then some. Miss you love xx

Your comments and votes are always really appreciated so please do feel free to leave some. Thank you for reading :)


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