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The Reality of Psychic Powers

Updated on January 28, 2013

I strongly believe all of us are endowed with psychic powers. Those that use this ability constantly over a period of time develop their psychic powers to a much higher level. Those that don’t, let it wither as vestige.

Psychic powers include abilities to see future, abilities to see at a distance, abilities to interpret dreams, abilities to read mind, and various other abilities that apparently appear impossible. These abilities have been scientifically tested and proven. The Institute of Psychical Research is devoted to testing and verifying a large number of unexplained phenomenon over last 125 years through rigorous testing, and researching. And there are a large number of case studies with them that go on to validate psychic powers.

We may not yet have a consistent scientific body of proven laws for psychic powers, nonetheless, there are several valid explanations for them.

Why do I believe there are psychic powers that some of us can demonstrate? I have personally observed them. You might too have personally experienced them, but most of us forget it because we think those events were pure accidents.

There is nothing called accident in nature. There is nothing called chance. Every event must be explained through causal connection.

You might have noticed:

When you are intensely thinking of some person, that person comes across you immediately or a little later.

While strolling you might be focusing on the person ahead of you, and the person turns around to look at you.

You might suddenly guess who the person is when your phone rings.

You have a premonition and the event takes place.

There are of course hundreds of similar events taking place with you on a day to day basis and you ignore them because you think them trivial.

Developing psychic powers give you an advantage to cope up with challenges of life. Moreover, you begin to understand the more significant meaning of life events.

Since psychic powers come from beyond your limited intellect, never let the intellect interfere when you are trying to develop psychic abilities. In other words, let feelings, hunches, what comes first to your mind take a deeper root in your judgments. For instance, if you do not know a person well and have entered into a professional or any other relationship with that person, your psychic abilities will come handy if you want to know whether that person is reliable or not.

Most of the successful sales persons inadvertently use their psychic powers. They form fairly accurate information on their clients even before they enter into a deal. This comes out of a large number of individual encounters but does not originate from intelligence.

How can we enhance our psychic abilities? That’s an altogether new issue to be separately discussed in my next article.


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