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REINCARNATION – Fact or Fiction? 3

Updated on October 16, 2011

REINCARNATION – Fact or Fiction? 1 & REINCARNATION – Fact or Fiction? 2 offer the ground work to enjoy visiting past lives yourself if you choose to do so.

I’d always had inexplicable feelings with true friends. Feelings that made little sense according to whatever we’d consciously shared. Often, I tried to settle down too, yet something kept egging me on to keep traveling. Everywhere I traveled, I’d meet people with whom there was an instant connection.

Sure, as a teenager maybe everyone wants to visit Europe. For me it was more of a “calling” – something that would keep me from feeling complete if I didn’t do it. When I went, there were people I knew everywhere! Was the world that small? Having coffee in a little place I’d never been on the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes was like old home week. Almost eerie…

There were desires that became goals of tantamount importance – just knew I had to go there too. It was as though this huge unavoidable magnetic force was guiding me, or making me stay put. When in Hawaii, the force of that magnet kept me there for a 7 year “life cycle”. Every time I flew home for visits with my family in Canada, it felt as though my soul was being ripped from its housing – this body, my “temple” here on earth. I HAD TO return!

In my attempt to assign a rational explanation for the magnet, I surmised that it was where I was meant to build the healing sanctuary – an ever prevalent dream so strong; its force equaled the magnet. Everywhere I went, my creativity worked overtime. Drawing out structures, planning seminars… I knew though, that this wasn’t meant to be “mine”. It was supposed to be a co-operative effort. Healers and seekers alike flocked to me like moths to a flame, my enthusiasm grew – creativity expanded… Yet each connection felt more like a tying up of loose ends rather than a beginning.

I even got married and the instant we tried to culminate the marriage, we both knew this had nothing to do with our preconceived notions of husband and wife. Three weeks after we got married, we moved to a different island – where his girlfriend lived. The magnet’s force had weakened. I knew I was meant to overcome the complete depth of that humiliation.


I volunteered for seminars called “People Synergistically Involved” – my life changed dramatically! The layers of illusions were peeled away, one by one. The core was reached, the miraculous reality and power of connected energy unfolded, manifesting any thought became instantaneous. After a year of that, I no longer needed to live in a situation of humility and moved back to Kauai. My husband and I had moved the mountains blocking our continued spiritual paths…

The first day back on Kauai, I went to the beach to contemplate and reflect. Finding logical words for what happened there seems inconceivable. It was as though God’s hands were gently pushing me into the ocean – a force futile to resist. After about 19’, that same force pushed me under, submerging me completely. When I resurfaced, I was cleansed – inside and out – then and for eternity was the feeling…

When I first met my ‘husband to be’, he claimed to be an Atheist. I simply didn’t understand that because I could feel the depth and sincerity of his spiritual connectedness. I used to joke that he felt like my preacher from a past life.

I had declared myself Baha’i 12 years earlier. As such a young Baha’i, my fellow Baha’is strenuously urged me to share the glory of my discovery but I staunchly refused to do any missionary work! I wouldn’t even tell anyone about it – just quietly read, learned, and loved. Until I met my husband.

He asked, we shared, we prayed and it felt as though we were discovering the entire universe together. We got involved with other Baha’is and helped draft the Universal Peace Letter to be presented by the two seats the Baha’is occupy in the U.N. – it was wonderful! He realized his issue was not with God and declared himself Baha’i too.

Years later, he said he wouldn’t have even been open to any religious or spiritual admission if our connection had not been as deep as marriage. I knew I too would have remained as secretive about what I learned as a hermit or monk – sharing no light with anyone as if ungrateful for even having been guided to find out about it.

spiritual sharing >

light as feathers...
light as feathers...

Neither of us have any urge to try to ram our spiritual awakenings down anyone’s throat.

Nor try to convert them as if they need to believe the same as we do.

Our spirituality is now pure and loving. Acceptance of all is the dove (Struggles to Peace)

If you ask, I am here for you

- as merely a channel through which the words can flow…

The embodiment of the kahuna way

Serge King - Kahuna

From Intro to his book (see above link - is still available)
From Intro to his book (see above link - is still available)

Some say my “marriage was a failure”. We knew better. It was definitely meant to be and when it was over, it was meant to be over. We had accomplished the purpose of our unity – we had been blessed.

Many years later, I relived, saw, felt, and knew the previous life I had lived on that island and everyone who was there with me. I had been a Christian Missionary, my husband a Kahuna for the Hawaiians (although just when the Hawaiians decided to name or need a Kahuna, 1885-7).

We knew we felt the same in that life. Our purpose was the same too. We were to help other souls re-connect – show them the light if you will.

He saw the wisdom and results of my Christian beliefs and ministry, and it made him doubt his. I saw the deeper spirituality he shared – insisting his people accept responsibility for their own enlightenment, and it revealed the hypocrisies inherent in Christianity.

The doubt built mountains too high to traverse for either of us to continue fulfilling our purpose.

The incredible force that submerged and cleansed me on the beach that day, felt like a baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Confusion washed away,

the mountains of doubt blown down as if light as a feather,

karma balanced out,

and we were free of our own misinterpretations that tainted the light we were to share with others

to help them find their way - - - if guided to ask...

Fearing that this might not last, I pass on what is now.
Fearing that this might not last, I pass on what is now.
6,000 miles of mountain,   I hurried to the very top
6,000 miles of mountain, I hurried to the very top
I searched the pyramids of Egypt, only the memory was there  (David Roberts painting)
I searched the pyramids of Egypt, only the memory was there (David Roberts painting)
I've always felt you near, just out of reach haunting my dreams...
I've always felt you near, just out of reach haunting my dreams...
Caught in the beauty of it's motion, I slipped between the cracks. Now I am that feather, light as air...
Caught in the beauty of it's motion, I slipped between the cracks. Now I am that feather, light as air...

Amazon's books on Eckankar

How Do You Find God?

A worried bead of water

- catches the light upon your brow.

Fearing that this might not last,

I pass on what is now.

Deep into the eyes of soul,

I looked but still asked how

How do you, how do you,

How do you find God?

Searching only for the higher ground

I missed the ferns and the wild hollyhock

6,000 miles of mountain

- I hurried to the very top

I cried out to the valley below

But I only hear my echo - asking

How do you, how do you,

How do you find God?

Thinking that it must be wherever I'm not,

I left my home to find it somewhere.

I searched the pyramid's of Egypt

Only the memory was there.

From the Oracle to the peaks of Tibet

Seemed the more I pursued, the further I'd get

Where do you, where do you,

Where do you find God?

I've always felt you near

- just out of reach haunting my dreams.

Why don't you speak so I can hear

Are you near?

One day while dreaming by my window,

A white feather chanced to pass.

Caught in the beauty of it's motion

I slipped between the crack.

Now I am that feather, light as air,


From the bird in the tree

And the air I breath

The weave of the tapestry...

Were you so close I could not see?

Now I see...

How do you, how do you,

How do you find God?

- Becky Williams "Blessings of Love"

Your feedback would be appreciated!

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    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Have you traveled to past lives Sanju? Always grateful for your visits and comments! hugs dear Lady :)

    • hilltrekker profile image


      9 years ago

      Nice one Sem and I do believe in reincarnation.

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Hi DynamicS - glad to see you! I'll be in TO shortly lol

      At the time of meeting people in France for example, I hadn't a clue about what intense connections meant, or the why, or anything else. Then, I simply summed it up as realizing "this ain't the first time around". Places I hadn't been that were completely familiar too - knew what was around the next corner, mountain...

      The difference now that I no longer block stuff is rather than a surreal deja vu or "inexplicable knowings", I pay attention. Sounds weird to say but an example: the universe moved to make sure I'd meet and spend time with a friend. We didn't know where a past connection was, until we were in a particular situation together. Our dress was different, time and place were different - our stance and we, were EXACTLY the same as we had been (hate to admit how long ago). We both instantly knew it and "saw". The funny part was that before that instant, both of us took such an unusual pose, for us, for now - but it was as if we were carrying something - and we both held it. In this time and place, it wasn't there, in our psyche, it was for sure.

      Since she too has allowed past life awareness, the instant we knew, we knew - there was no need to say, "Oh wow - do you know where I just saw us" etc. We knew... When we first met is what I'll write about in the next hub but not as #4. Hope this helped. I believe we have karmic depts and Carolyn Myss poses a wonderful "sacred contract" explanation. All the pieces don't have to fit to begin to realize how true it is - we feel it and, we know. Our conscious blocks much until we're ready.

      Sometimes, even if you travel and know, you also become fully aware of a connection, some karma to clean up with someone and that they are not ready. That's the part that sucks. Sometimes you want to just deal with it and move on - nope, if they're not ready, matters not a lick if you are. Then you can learn how to clean it up without them but takes more ... hmmm - patience! that's it lol (either way it takes more patience)

      I laugh cause I want to just say, "who me, an issue with patience? not" I do have of course. But when it comes right down to it, if you ignore cleaning it up now, you know you'll just come around to do it again. That's why the urgency to clean it up now. Awareness is often 9/10th of gettin' 'er done. If we cannot let go of a truly deep emotional attachment i.e, hurt on some level - you'll see them again. Time is a here and now thing - irrelevant in the grander - - -

    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 

      9 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      SEM Pro, very deep. Were you aware of the reason(s) for these different people/places/feelings/events while they were happening or was it in retrospect that you realize the order of your life and purpose?

      Are you saying that one's past life is inextricably linked to people/places/events/feelings that have caused noticeable magnetism/desire to do? (sorry for the over simplification)

      I have felt some of magnetism; some I've ignored, others I tried unsuccessfully to ignore, but unconsciously end up doing/being/meeting.

      It is now making sense. Thanks for the ladder... Part 4 please.

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Hi Alex - poor brain :(

      I listened to a lot of things spirit guides said and had no idea whether to believe them or not. As with anything else in life, personal research is the only way to have unequivocal evidence, personal experience = unequivocal benefits.

      As a scientist, I'm sure you can appreciate that without knowing which spirit guide, what evidence they based that opinion on, or how many souls they personally worked/dealt with, their interpretation of "common" is entirely too elusive and thus, negates said opinion - just a personal assessment.

      One of the reasons I began this series with "how to", following through with the "whys" and personal benefits is because through fellowship in Eckankar, it is quite common to revisit past lives, and rare or non-existent to question whether or not we've lived them. I don't know how many Eckists there are in the world, but do know we're in most countries and conservatively number well into the thousands merely since Paul Twitchell's revelations in the 60's (according to attendance of thousands at each world seminar that include those who can fly to Minnesota from Africa, UK, Asia etc.). Of course, until the doubt is gone, hearing about it would be rare too.

      Most of us remained quiet about our experiences and clearly, the majority still do. As mentioned in my "Dreams are an opening door" hub, being ostrasized from even family members, tends to shut one up quickly.

      I have no doubt what-so-ever that you would thoroughly enjoy transcending time at will, but as long as you have doubts, whatever I think is irrelevant :) Always glad to have you come by Alex, and of course, glad you enjoyed it!

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      9 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      I am skeptical bout reincarnation though there seems to be evidence that some people do reincarnate. I recall someone asked a spirit guide about this and the guide said it happens but is not common.

      I enjoyed reading this even tired after a day beeting my brain out in fromt of a computer.

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Thank you advisor4qb. I've been reluctant to explain my first "awakening" if you will, thinking someone may believe that is the only way it can happen, thus blocking how the door will open for them. If I gained any understanding at all, it was that it never happens as we consciously imagine it will. To share more stories for you, I will drop the reluctance :)

      Thank you for reading and caring to learn more. Through having to find the words to communicate, our own conscious understanding becomes clearer as well. Chilliwack sang a song saying, "if there's no audience, you know there ain't no show" lol Hopefully, we will both gain taking it further and I thank you for letting me know, you are my audience.

    • advisor4qb profile image


      9 years ago from On New Footing

      What a beautiful and descriptive hub.

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Aloha Feline Prophet! Seeing the greater picture does indeed make the pieces connect with clarity doesn't it?!! That is exactly what has made past life regression so cherishable for me, and why I wanted to share the "how to" with others. Before knowing and seeing the true benefits, reincarnation was merely a concept that mattered little. Once doing it, everything makes so much more sense!

      I will write part 4 then, even if just for you FP, because this connection and what I learned, might still be considered "in the past" for some. Once connections are seen, every moment of my life thereafter, has changed dramatically for the better.

      Thank you for coming by and commenting - your initial request is why I started this series and it has proven a worthy personal challenge. I thank you for that too!!!

    • profile image

      Feline Prophet 

      9 years ago

      This is the kind of story that makes you wish it had happened to you! What a beautiful tale of connection. I have no conscious recollection of past lives but I have sometimes felt a sense of deja vu about places and people...and hope that one day things will be much clearer. Waiting for Part 4. :)

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Yes emohealer - profound reality at the deepest level. Was 3 what you thought it would be?

      Appreciate you coming by and commenting, as always. Thank you again too for your encouragement - especially to go on from part 2 :)

      Soul travel has always felt easier for me - happy to write the next on that then :)

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      9 years ago from South Carolina

      Very moving. Seems complete.

      Where you are is where you've been; where you've been is where you are.

    • SEM Pro profile imageAUTHOR

      SEM Pro 

      9 years ago from North America

      Thank you my dear old friend. At the time of our engagement, I did not know why I had mountains to climb on my own. You were patient then, as I flew off to Europe, setting goals with blinders on... I knew that I knew there were certain things I had to do, karma to straighten out, and people to connect with in order to do that. As the song says, "now I see". I'm so very glad you do too :)

    • JJLBvS profile image


      9 years ago from USA

      I am rendered speechless by the purity and depth of this hub.

      I understand much more now the why of our relationship and see more clearly the goal you have set yourself. I am proud to be even a small part of it.

      Aloha my dear friend and Mahalo for your kokua.


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