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Redefine Your Reality & Change Your World Inside Out

Updated on March 17, 2015
The World Inside You
The World Inside You | Source

Quantum World Projections

I was always frustrated. For everything that troubled me for even how little it could be, I would find my whole world collapsed.

So what was wrong with me?

How could my world changed in merely a flip of a coin?

When I experienced those changes, it seemed that I was no longer living in the physical world that I used to live in. My reality changed in that instance and which I had no power to control or even has any influences.

Was it some sort of magical spells in work and which I had been put into another realm of existence where I was separated from the real sensible world? It was crazy stuff!

Or perhaps in a more ‘medical term’, have I lost my sanity?

It was so hard to interpret and as truth as I could tell, I was no longer exist in the world that made me up. A world where I played a small character where most people could not tell that I was part of. I was scared, how could it be possible for one self to be brought into a different version of the word in merely those seconds?

Can the whole world really change in an instance?

Or would it be that the world never changed at all and I was the culprit, the one who has changed but lost in confusion.

If I were right, where is the world that I’ve been living in?

…the physical world where I can touch and experience all the feelings of joy and happy moments before the change took place.

Quantum Consciousness (How it Defines Your Reality)
Quantum Consciousness (How it Defines Your Reality)

It seemed confusing but… would it be that, I was having the two world experience at one time? One that stays normal all the time as of from the third person eyes, and the other one which exclusively felt only by me?

In a truly and non-crazy explanation, I did not really step into another realm of existence nor did I entered into other dimensions that might exist in this quantum continuum. However, the truth is ‘the only reality that exists is always happens inside our mind."

Without the mind, the world ceases into existing.

The world would probably not function when there is no mind, which is the same in the other way, the mind could not function when there’s no world. They are intercorrelated, and one could not exist without the other and which at a subtle level, both the mind and the world are experiences that constantly influencing each other.

So the thing that make up the world that we live in everyday and of times of frustration, stress, happy and joy is the way we manage our emotions when outside stimulation happen to fall upon us (subtly, we are really the one that created them).

The way that we see thing determines the experiences that we will encounter and thus, creating the world that corresponds with the way we perceive it. And through this simple finding, I didn’t loose my sanity, not at all and it has always been with me though I’ve never found it.

Do you realize that the finest creation that enable us to experience the different world and reality is not other than our brain?

This might either scare or astonish you, it depends on how you handle this stimulation:

"Your brain is a powerful quantum machine that projects your reality through the conscious and unconscious inputs from the five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. And the way you filter and handle those stimulation create your reality, the world that is inside you."

Quantum Reality
Quantum Reality

And for that, mishap and fortune is just separated by a thin line, as both of them are crafted out from nothingness. The world is just as it is, always neutral but filled with pure potential of creativity and possibility.

Reality is rather a complicated term. The higher our consciousness is, the more control we have towards our reality. Reality does not exist in the physical level of existence and what we have at this level is the projection or the mirror of our reality; it makes physical life comes into existence with the "interaction that's happening in your subjective reality".

Reality is the manifestation of the consciousness and when you are struggling either in some areas or all in your life, you are actually doing something against your consciousness. You are not in-aligned with what your 'Higher Self' aims to be.

Perhaps asking the question, "What's your life direction?" could discover your life purpose.


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    • MzChaos profile image

      MzChaos 5 years ago from Indianapolis

      I find that when life has taken a strange turn, that it is because we have become opened up to a new opportunity for greater insights. Sometimes the only way to walk through that door, is running and screaming because the house behind us is on fire. LOL. Seriously, I have done lots of alternate reality exploration...and I just got it last year, that the "Thin" places between our options, usually has a portal that we have to push through. Meaning, we sometimes have to have an impact which allows our subconscious to go - Hey, this is a reasonable shift to have taken place. You can shift more gracefully by allowing more possibility to just be ok. It is usually a rougher shift if there is a belief system attached to your current life that simply won't let go enough for you to have a better version of reality, without a good cause.

    • profile image

      realitysearching 6 years ago

      I have been trying to figure out why my life is taking such turns. Life is so wierd at times that I feel that something is playing around with my life, and I have no control. It is what it is and how you accept it determines how it continues. I do feel that our amount of identification with self has a lot to do with our reality. Always trying to please self causes us to forget who we are and get all confused in our reality.

    • ambercoco profile image

      ambercoco 7 years ago

      Reminds me of something Eckhart Tolle wrote "If you don't like your reality... CHOOSE AGAIN." :-)

    • profile image

      Tien Kai 8 years ago

      Reality is everything that it is. To say that reality is based on human-level consciousness is -well- quite arrogant. There are no "levels" to consciousness inasmuch as levels of reality can be known to be existent. That is, that reality is presummed to be a compartmentalized structure that has gradations of "real" to it. Who is to say what reality actually is? I mean REALITY; you can't be serious. Its true, that what exists does not have to be tangible and concrete, and that is all that "metaphysicians" are really trying to say in the form of a proof. But "incorporeal reality" does not have to be proven if it actually is existent. For if it exists, it is simply a self-evident experience; meaning that it is a shared actuality - even if that actuality is "intangible." If you have read or practiced "Buddhist teachings" you have misunderstood it: "reality" is not a manifestation of consciousness; reality and human cosnciousness are a simultaneity as existent. Because, if you really do believe that reality is a manifestation of human consciousness and not really real for that reason, then what you are then attempting to submit as real, is only yourself. This would inevitably mean that all others in this reality are facsimiles of yourself, which makes your teaching itself intrinsically but "illusorly" "subjective" - which it is. The dificulty lies in the dualistic context for your understanding: the subjective is you, the objective -i guess- is not you. You fail to realize, that once the "objective" is "known" it becomes your "subjective" reality. What you mean to say is that there are "things" real that have nothing to do with me; but, how would you know that, if you had no experience to corroborate that as a fact and actual. Meaning, that if other things exist that are "not you" or "your consciousness" then your consciousness could not have possibly created reality. You are conscious of "reality" because you are an integral existent part of it; there is no subjective/objective point of view based on consciousness. All "things" known to be a product of experience, exist as a part of you intrinsically. There are no levels to existence, only more enlightened understanding of your "self" as a microcosmic specificity of existence that can only be experienced -not known- by the "limitations" of what can be perceived as actual; this of course includes the incorporeal as well. And what is this "quantum machine" stuff? Invariably, the words "quantum" and the words "machine" are artifically generated conctructs. Don't compare human existence to what is human created. That is very erroneous as a meditative contemplation and will taint all your rationalizations and realizations with a self-centered -meaning human being oriented- point of view. That means your "understanding" of reality simply must be or has to be created from human consciousness, and that is simply not actual as a self-evident experience. read me soon.