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Remembering Memorial Day

Updated on January 18, 2022


I know that the people of the United States commemorate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May.

But I also know that like the rest of the people around the world, most people in the United States have a very short memory.

So if you are like me who forgot to celebrate the last Memorial Day or any of the past Memorial Days for that matter, then I invite you to join me today.

Remembering Memorial Day (Among Others)

It used to be that most Americans honor all those who died while serving their country.

Today as of late, there seemed to be a silent but growing movement to get away from anything that has to do with the military, serving the country and wars in particular. And worst there even seem to be a lot of contempt even outright hatred for those who do serve the country in the military service. Correct me if I am wrong though.

We indeed have come a long way. But what can I say? I did mention at the start that most people now living in the United States, like the rest of the world, have short memories or worse, have selective memory loss.

You know what I mean. It’s not far removed from the guys who have selective hearing loss as well. “What did you say? Oh, I’m sorry were you talking to me?”

Yes, I am.

What happened?

People used to visit cemeteries and memorials. They stop by the graves of those who gave their lives for the freedoms that they have today. And they gave their respect, honor and said thank you.

A lot of those who did not come from military families or who knew somebody who served or who have died in service would oftentimes also visit the graves of their loved ones. Thereby also commemorating this holiday in their own way.

We know volunteers would place flags on each and every resting place of a U.S. military personnel at National Cemeteries, best known that I know of, would be the Arlington Cemetery. And they still do.

The President of the United States and/or the Vice President in his behalf would lay a wreath at one of these National (Military) Cemeteries.

This year, Vice President Joe Biden was quoted as saying "As a nation, we pause to remember them (Americans who have given their lives). They gave their lives fulfilling their oath to this nation and to us."

And who would forget President Barrack Obama’s rain-soaked speech. "A little bit of rain doesn't hurt anybody, but we don't want anybody being struck by lightning." So true, we do not want one person giving up their life just for the sake of tradition.

But tradition can often be good, as Vice President Biden have so wonderfully put it, we pause (for even a few seconds) to remember them—the men and the women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for you and for me. Hey, we do that every day with our TiVo, DVR and DVD remotes. We even rewind and replay, over and over and over again.

And so why can’t we do that, for that one day? Why can’t we as a people and as a nation do that?

I know people would do family get-togethers and reunions, especially because they do the long weekends for holidays such as these. But back in the day, they talk about the good old days, they reminiscence, they remember, they did not forget.

Sure, they had barbeques, they had fireworks, they had parades and/or they went to the beach. It is unofficially the start of the summer.

And we still do that today, thank heavens.

But like in any other holiday we have. We have either transformed Memorial Day into a Football, Baseball, Basketball, World Cup or Any Other Sport Day. And worst, we have transformed it into a National Shopping Holiday—one of a few that we have all year round.

Yes, and that’s two of the things that most American wants to do, watch sports all day and shop ‘til they drop, aside from the barbeques of course. Of course! Don’t get me wrong, I love doing them too.

But can’t we pause for even a hot minute to remember, why we could have this freedom to play and to watch sports.

Can’t we spare a minute to remember why we can go to the neighborhood store or to the shopping mall in the next town or city, or to the outlet mall in the next county so that we can be safe to shop at bargain prices the whole day?

Have we already forgotten why we have the freedom to get together and to eat and have to fun and to be with family and friends?

And the Civil War was only less than 150 years ago. World War I was less than a hundred. The Second World War was only about 65 years ago.

I am astounded that some people living today do not even believe the Holocaust happened or that invading armies in the Far East used “comfort women” from all over Asia during World War 2. But I am not surprised as some recent textbooks and “historical” books edit stuff like this out. But please, not at this day and age. Not in this day of information and technology. There is no excuse not to google or search about the Holocaust or Comfort Women.

Veterans of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq are still alive and many are still fighting in the forefront of the battle-lines, here and abroad. But still many people have forgotten, or are not even aware that the world is at war with a group of people who want to spread fear and to terrorize.

Remember 9-11?

Oh, how quickly we forget?

And so how can we even expect people who do not even remember and honor or much less believe men and women have given up their lives for their country and for the people that they love in the recent past even some ready to give up their life as you are reading this, to remember somebody way back at the start of the First Century, back when there was no internet, there was no cameras and no videotapes and DVDs to pause and to rewind.

How can we expect these same people to remember and honor and believe Jesus of Nazareth who was written about in the Scriptures (in historical books)?

How can we expect these people to believe that Jesus was also a man, who laid down his life to save humankind?

We can’t, unless somebody will tell them about it and unless they will believe in their own accord, not forced, not obligated and not because they have something that they want to have in return.

If God is God, then God is God whether we believe him or not. And if Jesus is who he said he was and if Jesus was the same Jesus written about in the New Testament Bible, then maybe, he really is who he is. And we might need to google him too.

And so I ask again.

Do we really have selective memory loss?

Do you really have selective hearing loss?

And can you hear me now?

I see four bars on my phone. Check your phone, there might be something wrong with yours or you might need to change your provider.


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