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Remembering Vivekananda, I recollect Swami Ramakrishna - Part V

Updated on January 15, 2012

Ramakrishna practices Christianity!

The experiments of Ramakrishna!

Mysterious is the world and more mysterious are the incarnations of God. For ordinary worldly minded people, the Avatars look like ordinary human beings! But to the god intoxicated souls, their real glory is revealed. When Ramakrishna behaved in some odd ways, none could understand him. Only Bairavi Brahmani, Totapuri and other saints could understand his total spiritual attainments. When they were telling those truths to the worldly people like Madhur Babu, he disputed the very idea. How Ramakrishna, a mad worshiper of mother Kali could be equated to Rama and Krishna and alike? But Bairavi asked Madhur Babu to convene a conference of Pundits well versed in spiritual texts.

Accordingly, a conference of Pundits was held and Ramakrishna was brought there. He was simply watching the various deliberations there. Bairavi Brahmani explained to the gathering, her observance about Ramakrishna and his innocent ways of worship of mother Kali. She told the gathering about the spiritual ecstasy Ramakrishna undergoes often. At those times, he become like a statue without any motion or even breathing. Only after some time, he reverts back to his consciousness. Whenever God’s glory is spoken in front of him, he immediately slides into a trance. But outwardly it may look like a unconscious person or a mad one! There are several symptoms of God intoxicated souls. They will be shedding profuse tears. There will be horripilation in their body. Sometimes, they will dash their head to the wall or floor in anxiety. Ramakrishna underwent all these symptoms and more. The scriptures detailed all the above signs. Finally all vetted the Divine condition of Sri Ramakrishna. Though he looked human, he was Divine to the core.

After few months, Ramakrishna became normal but he was intent to test all the ways stipulated in the various religions. He got a guide to practice Islam. He learned their ways of worship. He stayed out from Kali temple for three days and he removed from his mind the worship of Hindu gods. He wore the dress of Muslims, chanted the Namaz sincerely for five times adopting the postures and uttered the verses from Holy Quran. On the third day, he could see Prophet Mohammad entering into his body!

After few years, he happened to read the holy Bible written by one Sambu Mallik. He saw a photo of Mother Mary with Infant Jesus in her lap. The very picture transfixed him and he slid into trance. He was so overcome with the Love of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus, he remained like that for some time. After some time, he found Christ coming near him, embracing him. The resplendent eyes of Jesus captured his soul. He was personification of Love. He merged in Christ Conscious within few days of practicing the teachings of Jesus!

Thus Ramakrishna understood that various Religions like great rivers reach ultimately the Ocean of God and all religious experiences are true and valid. Even within Hindu rituals also, he tried devotion, Monism (non-dual philosophy) etc. and Tantric worship. He found that ultimately all rituals and worship including meditation on the formless God lead us to God! He practiced all the above to show the world and disillusioned people that all the paths lead us to the summit which is God! Rest in next Part.


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