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Return to Love

Updated on March 16, 2015

It is in some respects an initiation into manhood and/or womanhood.

This process has been the culprit of many sleepless nights, damaged emotions, feelings of regret and on occasion lives are literally destroyed because of it.

It is difficult to overcome but crossing over to the other side of this experience produces strength, self worth, confidence, and ultimately forges us ahead into the journey of rediscovery of self.

It is vital that we find our way back because this is our ultimate task.

When you tear away all of the walls, meaning, the body, which is only the shell of your existence, the soul, which is the emotional part of you; you will find lying underneath the surface the core of who you really are.

Finding The True You

In your truest form, you are spirit!

Just as God, our spirit nature is at the core of who we really are.

Your true self is Spirit, because as the bible says, we are made in His own likeness and image.

At some point everyone will experience pain, heartbreak and disappointments.

These realities are all conditions signaling our need to return to love.

Believe me, you know Love!

You know it, because you come from it.

Love is the very essence of your True Self.

If in fact you come from God, then obviously, just as God is Love, you as His offspring take on that same nature.

When you are born, you take on many of the characteristics of your parents.

You may have the personality of your Father or eyes like your Mother.

At birth you acquire the family name.

Similarly, you take on the same characteristics of your HEAVENLY FATHER,

However, many times we are taught the very things that contradicts this fact.

This journey is not a discovery of the unknown, it is a return to something you have known all along.

Life can be cruel and along the way we suffer loss.

For many, once love is lost, we are scarred for life and the desire to love again is almost null and void, however, there is hope.




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