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Nuggets from Romans 8 - part 1

Updated on June 03, 2014

Eighth chapter of Romans gives us the solid assurance, unshakable confidence and never fading hope to enjoy the glorious and triumphant living in Christ Jesus.

1. No condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

2. The Law of the Spirit of life which is operative in Christ Jesus has already set us free forever from the law of sin and death which had entered into humanity through Adam.

3. Jesus Christ who came in the likeness of sinful flesh condemned the sin nature (which is also called as old man and flesh) as He crucified it with His physical body on the cross.

4. God does dealt with our sin nature which could not be done by the Law

5. The righteousness of law is also being fulfilled in us as we walk in the Spirit.

6. Carnal minded people seek the things of the flesh.

7. Spiritual minded people seek the things of the Holy Spirit.

8. Carnal mind is under the spiritual death.

9. Peace and the life of God abide in the spiritual mind.

10 . Carnal mind is always set against God. It is rebellious against Him

11. Carnal mind is not subjected to the law of God and it cannot be subjected to the law of God.

12 . Those who are living under the bondage of the flesh cannot please God.

13 .We are not under the dominion of flesh ; but under the dominion of the Holy spirit

14 .The Spirit of God is living in us to quicken us, to empower us, to give us the liberty

15 .Those who belong to the Lord are being indwelt by the Spirit of Christ.

Romans chapter 8

16 .Those who have the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in them are dead to sins in their physical body and in their spirit they are alive unto righteousness of God.

17. The Spirit of God who quickened Christ Jesus is living in us and God continues to quicken our mortal bodies through His indwelling Spirit.

18 . We are no more slaves to live under the desires and control of our carnal nature.

19 . If we continue to live under the control of the carnal nature, we will die

20 . If we exercise control over our bodies and overcome the carnal works we will be alive.

21.Being led by the Spirit of God is a proof of the Son ship we received from God.

22. God has not given unto us a spirit of fear to live in fear; but He has given us the Spirit of adoption and He gives us the love, boldness and sound mind to call Him forever as our Father.


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