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Online Bible Verses - Romans 3:18 Fulfillment of the Law

Updated on May 10, 2012

“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

Romans 13:8

How are we supposed to be? What would be considered compliant with God’s standard for good conduct on our part?

Today’s verse set gives the shortest answer possible, conveying that love covers all. In other words, if love is driving our actions, then God’s law is satisfied. Quite reasonable in concept, but we face major issues in meeting the standard. It’s much easier said than done. We see hopeful intent all around us. The popular “coexist” theme, for instance, seen frequently on bumper stickers, sending a message that differences should not divide and separate. Rather, love can prevail and ultimately overcome. Unfortunately, history tells us that man has not been able to make it happen. And, if history does indeed repeat itself, nor will he be able to any time soon.

As we have no control over how the world will respond and act, our own actions become the real focus. Yet even here we see a tendency of falling short. We maintain a relatively respectable batting average, but strike out from time to time. Maybe at home during a tense moment, or on the road while driving. Times when we do not act in love.

Once the standard is defined and understood, history, honesty and practicality tell us that we cannot completely and consistently fulfill the law. We need help. Big help. So big that it eliminates us from the equation. The kind of help which requires perfect love directed towards us. Love enveloped in grace. Complete forgiveness. The very love which saves us, then, is the only type which satisfies the law under which we chronically come up short.

A hopeless case by definition becomes a win. Amazingly, the Judge has decided to also act as our defense attorney. In accepting, understanding and contemplating the magnitude of His love, we might then become better able to emulate it.


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