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Saturn in Aries Explained

Updated on September 30, 2011

Saturn is the planet that provides us with opportunities to learn and develop our innermost selves. It will place challenges in our paths that we must overcome and it will continue to place these opportunities in our paths until we've learned the right way to handle any given situation. Depending on where Saturn was when you were born will determine the way you deal with these issues. To learn more about Saturn in Aries, please see below!

Fear of Failure

Saturn in Aries is capable of biting off more than they can chew and they will learn at a young age that success is not always guaranteed. This can lead to a fear of failure, which can in turn lead to a fear of trying things they aren't absolutely positive they can accomplish on the first try. They are very hard on themselves when they don't succeed as well as they'd hoped, and they will strongly internalize any criticism from those who may have witnessed the failure. Aries is a sign that does not give up easily, but with this placement it is really challenged to call up that inner Aries strength and natural lack of fear. Once that has been achieved, these folks will realize that there is nothing to fear but fear itself and they will truly shine.


The Juggler

Saturn in Aries can often be found juggling several major tasks at any one time. The high energy levels of Aries gives them a feeling of invincibility in the early stages of these adventures, but that same energy will start to wane once the project seems boring in any way, shape or form. This sign must learn to deal with things one at a time, completing each task as it comes and then moving onto the next one. If they do not learn to do this, they will often be in a state of feeling wholly overwhelmed and underpowered, and if there is one thing Aries doesn't handle well, it's feeling as though they have lost control of a situation. If they can learn to pace themselves, success will come more easily. It may not be quite the rush they were hoping for, but the feeling of pride will soon start to feel like a good substitute.

Overcoming Self-Pity

Saturn in Aries can be prone to bouts of self-pity when they feel they have failed at something. Doesn't matter if the task was as difficult as walking to Mars; if they set a goal for themselves and didn't succeed, they will berate themselves right into oblivion. And if there are any negative people in the Peanut Alley adding their own voices of discontent, Aries can fall into a deep period of self-loathing and self-pity. Aries must learn to set realistic goals, but they must also learn that they may be able to do many things on their own, but they will need help with the bigger things from time to time. Once they learn to ask for help when it's needed, they will learned one of the most important tasks Saturn has set before them.


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