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Scientific Facts mentioned in Quran -Part 2

Updated on March 16, 2013

As I have mentioned in my previous hub, that there are numerous scientific facts mentioned in Quran, I am here again with some more scientific facts.


Mountains are like Pegs (Stakes)

In the field of Geology, scientist have discovered that the crust of earth is very thin and it has a high possibility of shaking. And they discovered that Mountains act like a pegs or stakes and give stability to earth crust. Quran mentioned it 1400 years ago through below verses

“Have We not made The earth as a wide Expanse, And the mountains as pegs?” [AlQur’aan 78:6-7]

“And We have set on the earth Mountains standing firm, Lest it should shake with them.” [Al-Qur’aan 21:31]


Barrier between sweet and salt water

We all have heard about the two seas ( one with salty water and another with sweet water) which meets but do not mix. And this fact is mentioned in Quran very clearly through below verses

“He has let free the two bodies Of flowing water, Meeting together: Between them is a Barrier Which they do not transgress.” [Al-Qur’aan 55:19-20]

“And made a separating bar between the two bodies Of flowing water?” [Al-Qur’aan 27:61]

“It is He Who has Let free the two bodies Of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, And the other salty and bitter; Yet has He Made a barrier between them, And a partition that is forbidden To be passed.” [Al-Qur’aan 25:53]


Every living thing is made of water

Due to advancement in science, we have come to know that living beings are made of water. You must be thinking how can we made of water.But that's true. The basic substance of our cell, cytoplasm, is made of 80% of water. And thus due to research it is revealed that most organism consist of 50% to 90 % of water. And imagine, Quran mentioned this fact 1400 years ago through below verses

“Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one Unit of Creation), before We clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?” [Al-Qur’aan 21:30]

“And Allah has created Every animal from water.” [Al-Qur’aan 24:45]

“It is He Who has Created man from water: Then has He established Relationships of lineage And marriage: for thy Lord Has power (over all things).” [Al-Qur’aan 25:54]


The Sun Rotates

In 1609, the German Scientist Yohannus Keppler discoverd that all the planets revolve around the sun and rotate around their own axis. Later on through various experiments we have come to know the fact that Sun rotates about its axis. It takes around 25 days to rotate around its axis.

This fact was mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago through below verses

“It is He Who created The Night and the Day, And the sun and the moon: All (the celestial bodies) Swim along, each in its Rounded course.” [Al-Qur’aan 21:33]

“It is not permitted To the Sun to catch up The Moon, nor can The Night outstrip the Day: Each (just) swims along In (its own) orbit (According to Law).” [Al-Qur’aan 36:40]


The Expanding Universe

In 1925, Edwin Hubble, an American astronomer, provided the observational evidence that all the galaxies are moving away from one another. This means that Universe is expanding.This fact was mentioned in Quran through below verse

“With the power and skill Did We construct The Firmament: For it is We Who create The vastness of Space.” [Al-Qur’aan 51:47]

Fruits created in pairs, Male and Female

“And fruit Of every kind He made In pairs, two and two.” [Al-Qur’aan 13:3]

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Women' s Right in Islam

Islam has given special rights to women’s 1400 years ago , which western culture has started to enjoy recently. Rights includes: Right to work, right to seek knowledge, right to choose spouse, Financial rights, financial security after divorce, Laws for widows, Mothers given more importance compared to father, right to be treated kindly and respectfully


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    • profile image

      Alen 3 years ago

      Some recent ones do. Not all traanlstors have revised their translation from the research yet. Especially the ones before year 2000 haven't even noticed this. As this finding goes mainstream, hopefully the traanlstors who are still alive will revise their translations and future traanlstors will adopt the changes. Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar And those females whose resistance you fear, then admonish them (f) and abandon them (f) in their sleeping places and go away from them (f). Progressive Muslims As for those women from whom you fear a desertion, then you shall advise them, and abandon them in the bedchamber, and separate from them; Reformist Translation As for those women from whom you fear disloyalty, then you shall advise them, abandon them in the bedchamber, and separate them;

    • profile image

      Madhumita 3 years ago

      Because men and women are not equal. Islam does not require women to be srrpouteps for men. Men has to pay all expenses bills, children's education, women's daily expenses etc. There's no binding on women to pay for any expenses. In fact as per Islamic Legal rules, women are not even bound to take care of the family. There's nothing men can do if women do not take care of the family and wants to engage servants to do all the job. Women is not required to fight, does not have to go to war, do nasty jobs like clean sewerage, become construction workers and so on. Men has to do all those nasty, physically challenging jobs.Men and women have different qualities, role and responsibilities and thus difference in them requires different guidance.The verse 4:128 explains the situation when men is the troublemaker instead of women and what women should do in that situation.