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Shamanism is for Everyone Part 2

Updated on June 11, 2011

This is part 2 of Shamanism is for Everyone.

Guided Shamanic Journey

10 Easy Steps for Journeying

The process of going on a Shamanic Journey can be relatively simple. It can be easily and quickly learned by anyone and is as free and as unstructured as the journeyer allows their self to be.

Step 1: Physically prepare a place to journey where you will have quiet and be uninterrupted. Use sage smoke, feathers, crystals, prayer, candles, or whatever works for you, to clear energetic clutter from your daily life and to invite in the sacred. Make the setting comfortable to suit your own needs: pillow and mat if lying down, a cloth for covering your eyes to further block distractions from your ordinary reality.

Step 2: Shift your energy to resonate with the Spirit Realm through prayer, song, drumming or quiet reflection. Invite the Spirits of the Directions (North, South, East and West), Mother Earth, Grandfather Sun, Nature Spirits, etc. to be present and provide their protection for your journey.

Step 3: State your intention(s) for the journey. I find it very helpful in keeping my focus to say it to myself 3 times.

Step 4: Turn on drumming music, or other supportive music, that helps you to shift your energy into your intuitive place. The music will also help you know when it is time to return to ordinary reality. Recorded drumming music usually runs for an average of 8 to 20 minutes, depending on how long you would like the journey to last. Some practiced journeyers are adept at drumming for themselves. I’ve added 2 links below of free drumming music to get you started.

Listen to or download – 15-minutes:

Listen – 9 minutes (the description includes a link for downloading):

Step 5: Begin your journey by starting at some place in nature that speaks to you. Then just let the journey unfold. Let your intuition guide you as to what alternate reality you should visit. When you first start to journey, you may need to nudge the journey along if it falters, stops or your own mind chatter gets too loud. You can do this by asking yourself, “what will happen next?”, or simply imagine what could happen next. Be prepared to be a good witness of everything that occurs during the journey. What seems insignificant at the time could have great meaning. Ask questions, if needed. Remaining focused on your journey intention is important, but don’t forget to have fun and interact with the spirits. Believe that whatever structure, tool, spirit, symbol, etc. is needed to fulfill the particular intention of your journey will appear at the appropriate time.

Step 6: When the music calls you back (the beat changes) or when the journey feels it has come to a close, remember to show your gratitude to all your Spirit Helpers before gradually beginning your return to ordinary reality. Retrace the path you took when you started the journey.

Step 7: Thank the Spirit Keepers and Directions for their help in holding the space and energy for your journey.

Step 8: Immediately write down or record everything that happened in the journey, recalling what you felt, heard, said, sensed, intuited, smelled, etc. Again, do not judge or analyze. The more you journey, the more you allow your imagination to have free reign, and the more you are open to new possibilities, the more detailed and richer your journeys will be.

Step 9: Believe everything that has occurred in your journeys. It is no more an illusion than what we call ordinary reality. Although it is happening on a psychic level, it can have an even more powerful influence on your ordinary reality.

Step 10: If applicable, share your journey (if you journeyed for another) or contemplate the deeper meanings of the events and symbols in your journey. Put into practice to the best of your ability in your ordinary reality what you have learned and experienced.


A Healing Journey

One of my clients was a Devon cow named Molly. Molly has been suffering from recurring prolapsed vagina and infections for over a year before her owner contacted me. By that time, the owner had already tried many different healing modalities without much positive change in Molly’s condition. My agreement with the owner was for a definite number of sessions providing energy healing, either in person or long distance. Because the owner was open, during some of the long distance sessions I also journeyed to request spirit healing or guidance for Molly.

After a couple months, the owner, due to financial concerns ended our arrangement, only to call me again a few months later as Molly’s condition suddenly worsened again. During one of my journeys, Molly appeared to me as a young girl, around mid-teens, with long reddish wavy hair. I distinctly felt a frisson of fear from her. It was then that it was revealed to me that Molly’s condition was originating from a past life.

For our next session, I planned a spirit healing for this past life of Molly’s. In the meantime, I received an email from the owner saying they have finally made the decision to euthanize Molly as soon as it could be arranged, so I immediately scheduled this journey for the next day. Here is the shortened tale of my last journey for Molly.

Shortly after arriving in non-ordinary reality, or the Middle World, one of my power animals went to retrieve Molly’s spirit self to join us on the journey. Molly again appeared as the young girl from my previous journey. Her appearance was one of complete and utter sadness, drained of energy, lifeless and very drab. As we sat around a ceremonial unfed fire, I asked Molly if there was anything more we could do for her to heal this lifetime. She answered, “No”. One of my power animals then took us to the Upper World where we met an angel who flew us to another place for the healing. Many Spirit Healers arrived and they immediately got to work. First they removed her heart, which I could see had a very black area in the lower left corner. This area was cleansed of the blackness and returned to perfect health. All the Spirit Healers beamed healing energy to Molly. Molly’s spirit body began to change before our eyes from the sad, drab girl to one that was joyful, energized and glowing. When Molly was ready to be returned to ordinary reality, she changed back into her bovine body.

As usual, I sent an email with a summary of the healing journey to Molly’s owner. It seems that about the same time I was journeying for Molly, the owner noticed a change in Molly. Here is an excerpt from her email to me: “We were out with her in the pasture this AM taking pictures of her because she seemed so young and radiant to us (which left us sobbing and wondering if we were doing the right thing). Reading your email blew us away and is giving us another bit of hope for her.”

For a few days longer Molly continued to show improvement. Sadly, she again took a turn for the worse and soon thereafter was helped from this world. You may think in the end that we failed. I believe, though, that Molly received a most profound healing. It was a healing on the etheric level that ended the cycle she found herself in lifetime after lifetime. She showed us, however briefly, that she was, in fact, healed. It was only unfortunate that her physical body couldn’t hold on any longer.

2 Final Words

Try it!


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