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Sleeping With The Enemy

Updated on January 20, 2017
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Ayonna is a Inspirational Author and Blogger who is passionate about serving others. She loves writing and serving as a Lyft driver.

Everything you have wanted and desired it right at your fingertips and you are reaching out to grab it, but it appears something is holding you back. Whatever has a hold on you, it will not allow you to reach further to grab it? It’s not in your heart, because your heart/soul is telling you to go for it. Is it in your mind and is your mind talking you out of everything you have ever dreamed of? What exactly is your mind saying to you? Maybe your mind is feeding you with doubts and fears of how and why what you want and desire cannot be achieved.


Ying and Yang

When I was younger, I can remember watching my Saturday morning cartoons and while I cannot remember exactly the cartoon, I do remember when the character needed to decide on an issue there would be a white angel and red devil sitting on their shoulder prompting them to decide.

It is my belief that the white angel is the soul because the heart/soul already knows the truth and the red devil is our mind/ego. Your heart/soul is where faith, hope, love, joy, freedom, happiness, kindness and peace reside. When we live from our soul we live in our true state, and there is an abundance of this positivity. Your mind/ego is where doubt, distrust, fear, misery, bondage, depression, ungratefulness and chaos reside. When we live in our minds, we overthink everything and we tend to miss out on the blessings that are there ready for us to take hold of. We are a soul first and when these earthly bodies perish we will return to a soul, so where did we get these ideas, beliefs and mindsets?


Two Wolves

Change Your Thinking

Many if not all of us come from a lineage where our ancestors were raised on the premise of religion and the rules that govern religion. We are told that yes there is a God that loves us, but this love is based on conditions. That condition is if you don’t follow a certain set of rules and live your life the way the bible instructs you to live it, then you will burn in hell for not doing them. Religion has created this fear in us, and so we are afraid because we are taught our God will only love us if we are good. This will make anyone fearful and afraid that if they are not perfect then they will not be loved by God or anyone else, because if God does not love us then we are surely doomed for anyone else to love us. Religion tells us who we should be, what we should think, what we should do and how you should do it.

This is a form of slavery, because when you are a slave you are not allowed to think or act for yourself. It is known in times of slavery many were not allowed to learn how to read, so they were told what to believe. Religion is a slavery and it’s been trapping our families and generations for years, and I don’t believe we were created to let others tell us what and how to think. I think we were created with a mind of our own so we can think for ourselves and for us to learn and grow. I believe religion was created to be our compass to point us in the direction of spirituality and the bible was meant to be our teacher or guide, giving us examples of people who are just like us who have endured through trials and tribulations. To be a teacher and guide us on how to handle the obstacles and challenges that we are sure to encounter on this journey called life. The bible is filled with wonderful stories and examples of people who are no different from us, who endured pain and suffering to fulfill their purpose.

We all are here for a purpose but we get stuck with someone telling us how and what to think instead of going in search of the truth ourselves. We get stuck in the tradition of religion, because it is what we have always done and the generations before us. We get stuck with comfort even when it is not working, because we are not able to shake this doubt, fear and misery. We get so stuck letting others define us and control us and we miss the whole spiritual experience and connection with our greater source. I choose to call that source God, but many others prefer our energy life force, the universe, mother earth, divine god and many other names. However, you choose to identify this greater source which resides within you, is your preference. Source has never been outside of us, because we are created in the image of source.


We were created and therefore we are creators, so everything we think, dream, imagine or say creates and shapes our world. Therefore, we are the creators of our own heaven and hell, so when we live in a constant state of worry, fear, doubt, negativity, ungratefulness, hatred or selfish ambitions, we are living in the hell we created. If you choose to quite the mind and go within to find the true state of your soul which is love, joy, peace, happiness, kindness and goodness this is when you will live in your heaven on earth. How do you get there you may ask?

It takes faith and trust in source and you must have faith, trust, will and determination in yourself. We were raised in dysfunction where we were defined and labels placed upon us. Personally, I was told YOU ARE selfish, YOU ARE evil, YOU ARE a bitch and so many more unpleasant things to describe who I WAS NOT! These are negative affirmations, so, when you are on a soul journey and a mission to “change your thinking” you must overcome these labels which have been placed upon you. You do this by speaking positive affirmations over yourself, until you have “reprogrammed” who you believed you were. I AM and YOU ARE, are two of the most powerful statements we can say to ourselves or say to anyone else. Some positive affirmations are: I AM enough, I AM worthy, I AM love, I AM giving and I AM amazing are good affirmations to start with. As you progress in your journey and begin to fall in love with your soul, you will add more to your list. It is our responsibility to "reprogram" our minds, because although this is what we were taught to believe about ourselves, it does not make it the truth. I titled this article Sleeping with the Enemy because the only enemy to our soul is our minds and we wake up and fall asleep with this enemy every day. This enemy is keeping us from realizing our true potential, living our dreams, fulfilling our purpose and living in our heaven on earth.


Say Goodbye to Fear

© 2017 Ayonna Suttles


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