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Solfeggio Ascension Frequency UT 396 Hz

Updated on November 26, 2009

The Solfeggio Frequencies have been around for centuries and are said to have originally been used during Gregorian chanting. There are 6 basic frequencies in total and each one serves a specific purpose in relation to the body, soul and chakras. The Solfeggio Frequency we are discussing at the moment is 396 Hz which will help you alleviate fear and guilt at the core level. Even if you think you haven't got anything to feel guilty about, believe me, you've got guilt and fear somewhere deep inside just waiting to be eradicated by this healing energy frequency and your body will notice the difference. It may take several sit-downs with them, and it may take more than that, but you should feel an improvement from the first or second time you do it. You can download the Solfeggios for free at various internet sites, or you can watch mediation videos on YouTube -- I have included a few of them in this article. You may also want to look into the subjects of singing bowls and tuning forks.

Solfeggio Frequency 396

This is my favorite Solfeggio 396 hz meditation video. I like the smooth, subtle incorporation of the frequency into a relaxing maze of background music. I find this style to be both peaceful and comforting. And yes, I did feel noticeably better when I was done listening to it. If you enjoy this video, be sure to check out the others in their series. And if you like, the company sells a longer version on their own website which you can get to via their YouTube profile.

Solfeggio 396 Hz

If you enjoy watching mediation videos as much as you enjoy listening to the sounds, then this 396 Hz video will be of great interest to you. It's very creative, very colorful and very hypnotic; it's a great relaxation tool even if you're not interested in the frequency itself. The music is quite different from the previous version and you can listen to them one right after the other without feeling bored.

Solfeggio Frequency 396 Hz

Ok, this Solfeggio 396 Hz video is not for everyone. I have this track downloaded on my iTunes and sometimes it can be difficult to listen to due to the binaural beat in the background. Some people find the sound pleasant, some find it quite the opposite. To be fair, I often feel quite good after listening to it but if this type of sound bothers you, stick with the others.


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