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How to improve personality? Two simple yet effective techniques for personality improvement

Updated on April 4, 2021


The word personality has very deep meaning inside it. Have you ever bothered about thinking that from where this word personality is originated? I am sure most of us never bothered about it. This whole hub is written with an intention to give you an insight of this single word personality along with two very simple yet effective techniques for personality improvement. The word personality has Greek origin and has its birth from the word persona. I am very much sure that after understanding the meaning of this single word persona you will be able to reveal all the secrets of a great personality.

In ancient times, people from Greek used some special kind of masks to cover their faces to hide their originality and to symbolise something else. These masks were called persona there and is the mother of word of personality. Now, most of you have must got an idea about what I am talking about. But wait, I have still lots of other interesting things to share with you, so be patient till I finish this hub.

These masks symbolize different personalities owned by a man.
These masks symbolize different personalities owned by a man. | Source

Now, let me come to the main theme. Till I have discussed only about the word personality and persona only. Now the question comes, how the words personality and persona are interlinked to each other? The answer is very simple but has a very deep meaning and I will be very happy if you will ponder your thinking on it after reading.

Whenever a child takes birth, he has zero thoughts in him and that’s why we symbolise a newborn baby with the god. But as he starts interacting with the outer world, he starts accumulating lots of thoughts in himself. These thoughts are the real masks which cover our originality or in other language, these thoughts are the personas which cover our originality. The most ironical thing is that we always mistook these thoughts as our original personality. But in actual they are nothing but the masks which cover our originality.

Now the most important question which must be hitting in your mind that from where these thoughts came? Again, the answer is very simple but very thought provoking. Our own mind is the originator of these countless thoughts which it generates through the interaction with outer world. Even, at present while you are reading this hub there are countless thoughts running in your mind and which are becoming an integral part of your personality. I think this is the chief reason why people say that your company has eminent role in making your personality as its your company which provides you lots of thoughts every single second.

So, till now what I have discussed is all about the secret behind your personality. Now, I can sense you must be waiting for some simple tips for improving personality. So, not disappointing you here I am sharing some simple but worth reading tips for enhancing your personality many folds. But frankly speaking I will call them tips for finding your originality instead of improving personality. Now, Lets discuss each of them in detail.

Use the power of music to enhance your personality

Power of music can enhance your personality
Power of music can enhance your personality | Source

Music is the most divine thing in this world and I am sure most of you also love to listen the quality music to calm down your nerves. But how many of you can tell me the whole lyrics of a single song out of your all favourite listened songs? I am sure very few of you will give the answer of this question in affirmation.

Here, lies the secret of my trick for enhancing your personality. I am just asking the five minutes from your daily life. Just listen the whole lyrics of one of your favourite songs once daily and after some days you will feel the difference. This seems very simple but in actual it is not. After few second of your listening, your mind will start distracting you and thousands of thoughts will start creeping in your mind. Slowly after the practicing of some days, you will start noticing the origin of your thoughts and will be able to regulate them.

Whenever you walk alone just count your steps to have a great personality

Yes, it seems crazy but very much true thing. The idea of this trick is the same as in the above technique. Whenever you walk alone just try to count your steps. This technique also seems to be simple but you will after counting 10-15 steps that how difficult it is in actual? Even in this technique, after some days you will start recognising your thoughts and will be able to regulate them according to your own will.

So in the end, now I am taking leave from you and hoping that you will take benefit from the above said techniques. So till my next hub, goodbye and have a great personality. All the comments from the readers are invited from open heart and will be well appreciated.


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