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How to Control Anger? 10 Simple Techniques for Anger Management

Updated on April 5, 2021

There is a very old and common saying that anger is the biggest enemy of human being. This holds true to a very extent. Nowadays, stressful modern life is testing our temper at every step. You must have noticed in your vicinity that now threshold for anger has decreased significantly among the folks. Deeds done in anger have always negative consequences as thinking power of an angry person declines to zero.

You must have also seen people apologizing for their words said in anger. But, one must not forget that word once said or deed once done can’t be taken back. So, it has become of utmost importance that we should learn to control our anger to save our self from awkward situations.

Different expressions of anger

To control the anger it becomes mandatory that first we should understand the word anger. If I am asked to give the simplest definition of anger then I would define anger as synonym of ego. Ego has a big role to play in the origin of anger; if a person is angry then it simply means that his ego is shattered. There can be difference in the threshold of that ego and that is the main difference that why some people have more patience than others.

Basically, there are 4 types of anger responses among the people.

1. Straight response in anger- This is a very common type of anger response. There is ton of adrenaline flow in the blood vessels in such situations which result in the provoked response. People express their anger in such situation either verbally or non-verbally (in a violent fashion). The only positive outcome of this type of response is that it restrains you from any negative feeling.

2. Indirect response to the anger- This type of anger response is provoked when a person is not able to express his anger directly to the originator of the same. In such cases, anger is expressed by the person on other person or thing close to him.

Anger response of a student to the scolding of father/teacher is the best example of indirect anger response. As a child can’t show his anger directly to the teacher/father so he expresses his anger either on his peers or other members of the family.

3. Restrained anger- This type of anger response is most harmful to the individual himself. In our vicinity, person with restrained type of anger is considered as patient human being. But in reality, he is not patient in true sense as he also the same adrenaline running in his blood vessels. The true patient person is the one who rarely has anger in his kitty of emotions.

4. Foreseen anger- There are certain situations when you also must have felt that a feeling of hunger is developing inside you. This type of anger is defined as foreseen anger where you are not sure about the cause of your anger but still can felt the presence of anger inside you.

Foreseen anger usually occurs when something against our wish happens is happening in our vicinity. This sends negative feedback to our unconscious mind which results in the foreseen anger.

Simple tips to control anger

After discussing the types of anger responses, the main question which hits the mind is that how to control anger? Here I am discussing the ten simplest yet most effective ways of controlling anger.

1. Change the tone of your breath and you will feel the difference

Remember; here I am not saying you to take deep breath but to change the tone of the same. Let me explain this in detail, every emotion has its own tone of breath. This simply means that your tone of breathing is different in your jolly mood as compared to your calm mood.

Similarly, in anger mood you have a different rhythm of breathing than other types of emotions. My solution to control your anger is to focus on changing the rhythm of your breath and you will the difference by yourself.

2. Go more close to nature to get away from the anger

Mother Nature has solution of all your problems
Mother Nature has solution of all your problems

Mother Nature has cure of every problem in her kitty. The closer you will go towards the Mother Nature more will you find that you have better control over your anger. To make a habit of morning walk daily is a very effective idea to curb your anger. Also, to plan some surprise vacation also makes your mood light and helps to control your temper.

The nature has a very simple formula. More you will explore nature more natural you will become (that is of course when you are not in angry mood).

3. Change the environment in which anger is created inside you

In simple language, anger is nothing but sudden rush of adrenaline in our blood vessels. This adrenaline shots can be controlled easily if you will change your environment where anger is originated.

The simple logic behind this is that our mind is very specific to every situation and environment. So, as soon as you will change the environment, your mind will interpret that situation has changed and will curb the adrenaline flow inside the body. This ultimately leads to controlling the anger in simplest way.

4. Always keep telling yourself that you are the calmest person of this world

There is a very old saying that whatever you think in your mind, you will become the same in the future. This statement has a very deep meaning inside. Whenever you alone or doing some work just keep telling yourself that you have very much patience and can maintain the calmness in even worst of situations.

The message sent by you to your mind will be impregnated into the subconscious mind and will be reflected in your personality after some days. You will yourself feel the benefit of this method after few days.

5. Use the weapon of humour/ smile to eradicate the evil of anger from your life

Always try to participate in humorous conversations as it will provide you the reasons to cheer. The more humorous you will become better will be your control on your anger. A humorous nature is not so difficult to attain, it can be attained just with in a span of few days through actively participating in humorous conversations around you.

Also, whenever you feel that your nerves can be out of your mind anytime, just try to have a smile on your face. You will find yourself that all your anger will vanish off automatically. A smile is the biggest enemy of the anger.

6. Take the help of meditation to give you the will power to fight against the anger


Meditation is nowadays considered as magic remedy for almost every mental ailment. This also holds well in anger management. Anger provides calmness to your nerves and hence enhances the threshold for anger many folds.

Apart from anger management, meditation also has certain other merits which explores out your best persona.

7. Do some physical exercises to keep you anger free

As we all know that healthy mind stays in a healthy body and a healthy mind is must to have an anger free persona. So, keep regular exercises to have proper blood supply to the brain which keep brain fresh and more resistant to emotional breakdown.

Regular physical exercise also helps to enhance your immunity and keeps you disease free. And we all know that person suffering from any sort of ailment tends to become more susceptible to adopt anger mood.

Also, along with physical exercise you must keep in mind to take proper sleep or rest. As a good sleep is must to keep your mind active after heavy work out.

8. Power of music is highly beneficial to control your anger

Music provides calmness to the soul. If you are a short tempered person then I highly recommend you to just listen to your favourite music daily. It will provide a sense of satisfaction to your mind and you will feel more calmness in your nerves. After few days, you will find yourself that you have better control over your temper.

Do you know that you can also use the power of music to enhance your personality in easy steps? If not then read this article, you will find some simple yet effective techniques of improving your personality.

9. Make a habit of diary writing to control your anger

Diary writing is a highly appreciable habit but very few of us know that it can also help us control our anger. Whenever you feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood, just write it down in your diary. It will help in controlling your emotional outburst in two ways. First, your anger will be expressed in the diary in a beneficial manner. Second, after some days you will come to know the real origin of thoughts which makes you angry. After knowing the origin you can easily remove that to live an anger free life.

10. Do not forget to pray to god to give you an anger free life

God is the almighty of mankind. Just daily devote five minutes of prayer to him asking him to give you the inner strength to control your emotions. Remember, here I am not asking you to become coward and just ask god to take care of all your emotions but instead I am saying to ask for the strength and rest will be your responsibility.

Also, never forget to thank the almighty to give us such a beautiful life to cherish.

The whole process of generation of anger is quiet complex one and no one knows which single thought can provoke anger response in any one. The only thing which we know is that methods of controlling anger. If you are also one of those guys who lose their temper easily then you must try anyone of the above technique according to your wish and will.

All the comments regarding these techniques will be highly appreciated and will be accepted open heartedly. If you also have any simple technique to curb the feeling of anger then please feel free to jot it down in the comments.


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