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Soul Retrievals

Updated on July 26, 2013

About Soul Retrievals


The Monroe Institute in Virginia

Robert Monroe founded the TMI Institute for exploration of consciousness
Robert Monroe founded the TMI Institute for exploration of consciousness

What is a Soul Retrieval Exactly?


Soul retrievals can be known as soul rescues also. They are accomplished by having a compassionate heart, or a desire to alleviate humanity’s needless suffering. Soul retrievals can be learned, or they can happen spontaneously and/or mysteriously. As you do more of them, like anything else, they become less mysterious and more commonplace.

As in anything we may do repetitively in life, the art of soul retrieval can produce an adept in the spiritual realms. Some of us can practice such an art and then forget all about the experience, remembering only if and when you meet another who is doing retrievals or exploring out of body.

It seemed at first important to me not to choose my own retrievals; let me qualify that to mean, this has been my personal experience, that I am escorted to do a retrieval in most cases and in others, a soul portion, or personality I have known before in physical reality comes to find me while my body is sleeping. In any case as a beginning retriever, it became important to me to be guided where I could be of usefulness to another, perhaps due to my mind construct. Perhaps everything that happens is due to my mind construct. Every retrieval is different and so I’ve come to believe we have these experiences within our own unique ways and that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Certain retrievals need specific characters to do the retrieving because it is fitting their belief structures. In this first retrieval I had the motherly nurturing characteristic that was called for, and I was ready to learn the ropes and so I was guided to the boy in the alley even though I didn’t know where I was going or who he had been in physical reality, to say most of the time, for me, I did not have a name given, yet that did nothing to make the experience less real to me and the experience was monumental to my budding spiritual growth.

There are far more adept retrievers than myself and for those more proficient, there comes a time when they no longer need a guide to escort them to the area of a retrieval. They may have found the mysterious grid lines of the invisible to the eye matrix universe where gravity electrons carry them to exactly the right inner location to assist another, to free them from a belief structure where they are mentally stuck and need a hand up to a more comfortable zone of awareness, less limiting perhaps, for belief systems can be quite confining and are only stepping stones on the way to full discovery of mysteries unknown.

I have found you can lead a horse to water, yet you cannot make the horse drink; so I fall back on those who help me to be a messenger, and take over for me, once the message is delivered. You could see retrievers as go betweens then, like you would see a medium as a channeler, but then you could easily see the entire world in this light, a humanity that as individuals we are gophers or go-betweens in our Oneness of cooperative structure.

I relied on a guide to show me around with this first adventure with the boy in the alley. Later in the book I can give a few examples where no guide was sensed at all. In the sense that I speak of retrievals, we can alleviate the burdensome sense of responsibility we may feel towards our fellow man, by realizing that this area is an exploration in consciousness; as such we are all explorers, one and all, the adept, as well as the beginner, and we are in this thing called life, and this thing called death, together. We need each other. There is no ego in that summation.

This first retrieval came about in a surprising manner. I had been experiencing vibrations at night in my body and this was the awakening of my spirit body within the flesh. At the time, I was afraid something was wrong with me. As time went on I began to find a few others who were actively exiting their bodies and exploring outside of it’s constructs. I believe these vibrations are common to many of us. On the other hand we fail to know how to talk about them. The vibrations felt personal, like a secret I could never share, but which excited me to learn more about them. I believe these vibrations are preliminary lift off energies.

They are preparatory; to get you used to them. There are seven energy vortexes, speaking generally. These vortexes spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise. I don’t know about other people, but I found them excruciatingly, enticingly pleasurable, but that’s not why I wanted them. I really thought each time I was woken up with them, I would be able to propel myself up and out of the body, if I could just let the vibrations spin as they would. However each time the vibes reached their crucible my physical eyes would pop open and I would find I had gone nowhere at all and was in my bed wondering why I had failed again to lift off.

Frustrated, I determined to find out why I couldn’t get out of my body. I questioned myself if it was something I should be attempting in the first place. I decided it was just happening to me and so there had to be a reason as it was beyond my ability to control the vibes or the end result. There had to be a lesson plan in it for me then. I will tell about the one time I was consciously able to exit my body at last later on in the book. It had nothing to do with a retrieval, yet that one conscious exit put an end to my striving to go out of body and also the vibrations at night abated considerably and finally ceased altogether.


The boy in the alley

I’ll never forget my first soul retrieval. It was a boy in an alley who had been shot by policemen while running away with his friends after some crime had been committed this small gang had perpetrated.

I had no idea what a retrieval was at the time and my state of perplexed wonderment at what I was doing here and who these people were did nothing at all to make it a successful endeavor. Let me go to the beginning inceptions of this experience. I had been reading Robert Monroe avidly, to get a clue of why I was experiencing vibrations nightly. He too, like me, had thought he might be going nuts, or might be ill with some unknown disease. Monroe was way ahead of me, in that he learned to control his nightly excursions, later founding The Monroe Institute in Virginia, for the exploration of consciousness and assisting many others to come to terms with being more than you think you are.

Back to my first retrieval, I had been reading one of Monroe’s 3 books regarding a small entity he had termed a “curl” which had attached itself to his astral leg while he was out of body one night. This little curl had been a polite little curl. It had greeted Monroe and then asked if it could come along with him for the ride, wherever he was going.

I was intrigued. The curl seemed like a pet dog. A pet dog wants to go anywhere with it’s master, just as long as the master allows it to follow. A pet dog will even follow you room to room just to see what you’re up to sometimes, like a shadow. Monroe’s curl could speak with him telepathically, to ask permission to ride along, and so I knew the energy of the curl was benign and innocent. It just didn’t know where to go.

This seemed strange to me that there was a world out there in the invisible dimensions of life where life forms could be hanging about with no place to go. The incident was quite unlike the structured physical plane where we lived our waking hours. I had no doubt Monroe was a traveler in places most people never go. Another thing that struck me was Monroe allowed the little entity to come with him. He was not threatened by it’s presence in other words, rather it was like he was assisting the curl by allowing it to ride with him. I got all this by observing that the curl was attaching itself to Monroe’s leg.

Monroe was in movement in this dimension, he was exploring. He forgot about the curl on his leg. When he looked down the curl had winked out. He came to consider they had passed a belief system territory that the little curl would fit into and could live there among it’s own kind and among it’s own particular vibratory rate of being. It could have been a type of animal heaven in the afterlife. I am sure there are many levels, just like there are many mansions in the heavens, we eventually can find our particular stations. I am just as certain that life can never be a static situation as all life forms are in evolution.

I remember my intrigue at Monroe’s exploits and I thought he must be a very kind man to let this curl ride along with him on his most important mission in the great unknown. I wondered if I too, could assist a life form, just by letting it “ride with me.”

I wanted to know about myself, my own capability to travel the unknown regions out of body. I must have had the right question to the universe at last, as I was assisted from the body and guided to my first retrieval, I believe so that I could realize I was more than just this personality and this body. I too, could assist life.

I will add that I felt none of the preparatory vibrations for lift off at the inception of this retrieval; rather I was abruptly awakened by a presence; not in the physical room exactly, but in the room of the part of my mind and being, that never sleeps. I was also aware my body was still asleep. A first for me. Not only was I to go on this adventure, but it had been but a day or so that I had put this question to the universe, if I could be like Monroe, if I too could explore the unknown and be of assistance to life in some way. I came to realize retrievals can get you into the doorway of consciousness exploration but that there are always greater adventures once you get your foot in the door. Finding an answer to my capabilities seemed directly related to the strange vibrations I had been experiencing while asleep.

to be continued in my new book entitled Soul Retrievals by Laughing Rain.


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    • LaughingRain profile imageAUTHOR

      Alysia McAlister 

      6 years ago from Arizona

      thank you Mathew. thought provoking comment there. I've quite a ways to go before I could discern between an attachment (assume u mean desire or ambition) and a fixated attachment. I think I am making progress with the book though, and I appreciate your interest. whew. book writing is hard!!

    • mrmathew1963 profile image


      6 years ago from Australia

      G'day Laughing Rain

      Great stuff Laughing Rain

      I’ve recently been writing up about souls recently & one of the things I’ve been writing about is how our souls can become fixated to certain attachments either in the physical or non-physical world. Karma is but fixated attachments which we can take with us into many lives until we become detached again. Fixated attachments can be of the perpetrator or victim of any said experience which we call bad karma I believe.

      I wonder, is soul retrieval showing other souls how to become detached again? If we didn’t have attachments at all we would all know who we really are however there is a big difference between attachments & fixated attachments I believe, I think you help out with fixated attachments, just a thought.




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