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The path to Enlightenment

Updated on September 17, 2015


Has society changed? Can we really look at ourselves and say that humans have developed from the primitive, violent people we once were? Honestly, not really. Yes we have technological advances that make life easier for us but have we really evolved beyond what we once were even 1000 years ago? I often ask myself why we haven't moved past the selfishness and greed. If you look back to Roman times, we're not a whole lot different from them. They were advancing their technology and pioneering democracy, but yet they still felt that they had to spread out and conquer. They still felt the need to witness gladiators get slaughtered in the arena and religious persecution was ever present. Greed, corruption, scandal, all things that we as human beings can't seem to live without. The question is, why?

Why do we feel like we have to kill each other? Why do those in power become corrupt and greedy? Why are we still governed by the all mighty dollar? Why do we still feel like we have to rob the Earth of all it's resources in order to survive? It seems like the answer is simple, but it isn't. I often ponder the idea that people that are enlightened or awakened seem to get it. They seem to recognize and understand that the human race is digging itself into extinction. It's as if they are on the outside looking in, powerless to stop the downward spiral. They know what will fix the problem but the bigger issue here is that people who haven't figured it out, don't want to. Those who do want change, are fighting a losing battle because they are severely outnumbered.

Those that are in power usually start off with good intentions. What changes? Everything. I could go on for ages about who is really running the world. The regular working class person sure isn't. The wealthiest are the ones running things. It isn't the people we voted in running things either, they are just figureheads. Why are we still dependent on oil? Because the oil companies sponsor the politicians millions of dollars so that they vote down any opportunity that would progress us beyond using oil. The same can be said for anything that is stopping progress. It isn't until we make major changes in how we do things in this world before we see any results.

So what's my point in all this? It's simple. People that are more in tune with their spirituality, that have a much deeper understanding of the universe are more open to change. The more people that understand this, are more likely to promote change and help our species evolve into something better. I must be clear in explaining that being religious and being spiritual are not the same thing. I'm not talking about the people who go to church, or follow a bible or equivalent. I'm talking about the people that just innately understand the way the universe works. Who understand that the universe is much greater than ourselves. That within each of us is something fantastic, huge and exciting. We are more than our material gains or "stuff". The world will not stop the violence, greed and poverty until people start to realize that the major causes of these very things are religion, money and power. Get rid of these things and the human race might just have a chance.


Spirituality vs. Religion


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