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Spirituality and concepts.

Updated on April 2, 2012

Dying is not the absence of living.

We live to die so that we can remain alive for eternity. The experiences that we undergo through our flesh in blood existence are the secrets to eternal life. The spirits are all round us, there are the living dead, influencing the world in their own cosmic ways.

When we speak in terms of spirituality the level of reasoning is diminished because the concept cannot be fully understood logically. Faith is therefore, the dead end of spiritual reasoning.

The first statement that is discussed above is obviously debatable. Those who are most famous for opposing this concept are the atheist. Their main position is that no one can speak on that which is not experienced. And the logic that fallows that concept implies that if no one has come from the dead than how do we know that spirits exist. Can spirits be proven?

In addition, the Atheist is often look upon as being an evil person when in fact the one who claim to be a Christian can be the worst evil. Evil can best determine by actions rather than what one proposed to be. The Atheist doesn’t believe in a God because to him anything that is not tangible is an illusion. That concept of thinking is not evil. The evil will arise when one group hate the other for being different.

Nevertheless, the Atheist view is one that the Christian, Muslim, Catholic and the voodooism opposed. Most religions do believe in the spiritual life. Except that some have exploited it more than another. It is a spiritual ideology that the flesh and blood life is a stage in our lives where the spirit (soul) awaiting to be transients into other dimensions of life forms.

After all, we should always remember the law of conservation of energy that state energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can only be transfer from one form to the next. If the soul could be considered an energy form, than it pays to think that the concept is doubtful.

Therefore, any concept that is doubtful is not completely false, whereas an idea that has no truth is idle. In that sense if there was no truth in the spiritual life, the concept would have been idle. But that is not what we have witnessed, we have noticed that the idea if fulfilling acceptance as more evil in this world are being unfold.

When knowledge is spoken it is heard, it is never vibrated through the air unmindful. In life when a story is told so many times it become common, the understanding can never depicted from the story because it’s repetitive, but the reason to acknowledge will always lies on how it is told no matter how many times it is repeated.

The spirits are all round us, there are the living dead, influencing the world in their own cosmic ways. The subconscious mind is a powerful transmitter; it can transmit any knowledge of a spiritual form if the mind antenna is long enough to propagate a signal of wisdom profound enough to convince the world of its existence.

We live in a multi dimensional world, and whatever happens to us in this dimension is all part of the cosmos. Therefore, do to others as we would have liked done to us is not just a divine law, but also a natural aw. In that sense if we would like evil done to us does not satisfied the logic.

Anyone who wishes evil on themselves is cheating life, removing themselves from the spiritual responsibilities that shape their purpose to achieve eternal life. That is not a person's word, for no one is worthy enough to speak as God, but inspired thoughts from the gospel of righteousness.

Base on the ideology of the gospel, the idea that someone who has escaped from death has cheated death cannot be accepted as being valid. It conflict with the principle that there is life after death. There is no death. Thus, you cannot cheat something that doesn’t exist.

It is reasonable to think that if there is life after this dimension then anyone who took his life has not cheated death. For death doesn’t exist, but instead cheated life, meaning as to taking a short cut to the next dimension by relieving themselves from their purpose in life and that of the world.

Suicid is like taking a sort cut to heaven but only to find out the heaven’s door has been left shut close because the spirit that knocks at its door was not left to complete its purpose as it was intended.

We often hear that our purpose in life is to procreate. An idea that is merely the truth have gained acceptance through the years. Procreation cannot be our purpose in life. Procreation is the combine force of our purpose. Our purpose lies on individual struggle. A struggle for the purpose of gaining happiness which can best achieved when our unified goal is for the betterment of the planet.

It is evidence that the flesh and blood life that we experience on this dimension is relative to other dimensions. The secret is in the putting. As an example: theoretically speaking, let say person X knew a man could earn $500 M by being kind to an old lady who couldn’t help herself.

It is comprehensible that person X would not tell person A what to do and how to be to receive that money. Person X would let person A do what he does best, while watching quietly the quality of the character of person A. Person’s A sense of humanitarianism, love, compassion and respect for others would all be part of the attributes of person A character that would help gained him/her that sum of money.

Well, take this analogy and apply it against the gospel of righteousness for all religions with the exception that religions do inform their members how to live their lives to experience the kingdom of God. However, let it be known that it doesn’t matter how much we've been informed on how to be righteous, the gospel lives within our souls. The only thing that blocks it from manifesting is our ignorance of the truth.

They say Ignorance is bliss and we say only if it leads to total happiness but, when it causes one’s life to blister, knowledge becomes a hopeful thing. They say what you don’t know is bigger than you, which is true - because if all knowledge were known they would be no need for us to communicate.

We believe that all religions have one goal in common. That goal is to rescuer the spirit from the purest form of ignorance. Lack of awareness in that sense is referring to the laws of combating hateful sins. For example: allowing the soul to accumulate hate within the body. Hate is triggered by ignorance, self defense is not. A person who defends himself is acting out of bravery. Ignorance allows a person to hold grudges, and envious perceptions of others well being.

With that said, we can now begin to think of “evil” as being the state of ignorance that fetches hateful sins to the soul. The idea of “Lucifer” being thought as the “devil” is merely the truth for the very meaning of the word is depicted as being the “light-bearer". Therefore, if Lucifer is the light-bearer, than our ignorance must be the "devil" which would have prevented us from seeing the light. Where we got the idea of “Lucifer” being known as the devil is all part of our “misconceptions”?

The illustration that is depicted below is to our understanding a representation of the gospel of righteousness. We can simulate the gospel by visualizing what the soul has to go through to maintain a righteous self. Now, imagine “evil” as being a “fire”, the body as a “pot” and the soul as “water”. So now we have what is considered the three elements of life, fire, water and body which contain air.

Now, let us imagine the trial and tribulation of the soul as being triggered by ignorance which ignite the fire that heats the body to boil the soul. That metaphor is to us what the gospel is warning us about. To be mindful of our ignorance for it is the only evil that exists within us.

Ignorance is truly the only evil that exists within us folks, there is no other evil. And since we are all ignorant we can all do evil deeds out of self interest. Therefore, any religion that preaches the gospel of righteousness from the stand point of enlightenment is reducing on our ignorance and thereby making us less of an evil being - please let us say Amen to that.

There is no man who can judge us for no man is righteous. We’ll know if our course of actions has been righteous at the end of this dimension that will precede the continuation of our lives. However, from a glance in time, those who have came close to experience the afterlife will admit to one thing.

They see a reflection of their entire life passes in front of them while going through these rays of lights that seems more like the reflection of the sun caught in a mist of darkness. Again, we’ve heard this story before, but the reason to doubt will always rely on how the story is told no matter how much it is repeated. And it is from there that we decide to surrender our ignorance for a piece of enlightenment which can elevate our minds one inch at a time.

If what we don’t know is bigger than us, we cannot deny that which we haven’t given a chance to comprehend. All segment of religion is subject to question, but faith isn’t for faith lies in the willingness to do as believe. Whether or not that which is believe is true is irrelevant to faith.

The experiences that we undergo through our flesh in blood existence are the secrets to eternal life. We have to live and let live, taking someone else’s life if it’s not in self defense is a burden. The experiences that would guarantee that joinery to eternal life has not complete its course of achievements, to have dismantled the spirit from the body would not be transcended as a free spirit for its purpose was never completed.

Dying therefore, is not the absence of living for the reason being that if we live to die in righteousness according to the gospel we would have lived a prepared life for the heavenly father. This is obviously not a universal concept, but when a story has been repeated so many times the acknowledgement is no longer in the story, but in the faith of those who repeated it.

The relationship between the voodooism and the Christian in relative with spirits. What is the difference between Loa, Eloi, Loi or Law? The most common to us is “law” or French “loi”. We know that laws are rules set by governments which society must follow.

Likewise, “Loa” which is recognized as a form of spiritual manifestation are also the rules of laws that a person must follow to achieve “Loa”. It is not the spirit itself that is considered “Loa” but the different degrees of commandments that gets the person to the level of initiating contact with “Loa”.

There are different stages of manifestation, but when a person is fully captivated by a particular “Loa” he/she may step out of consciousness if that person is not level headed enough to allow the “Loa” to manifest itlesf in him. That's a person who's not mentally fit because he/she has not followed the commandments of acceptance for that particular “Loa”.

Loa is not just the spirit itself, but the rules of law that a person must fallow to reach the state of “Loa”. When Jesus was on the cross, his last word was “Eloi” which is short for Elohim. And this word Elohim is Hebrew which stands for God of Israel. And what is God? = a spirit.

Many of us when we hear of the word “Loa” we attach a negative conotation to it, as if it's an evil thing when in fact the only evil that exist in us is our ignorance. To define ”LOA” in the most logical concept, it is a spiritual state of consciousness where one acquire knowledge of the world.

There is no man who is worthy of applauding that cannot be thought. The learning experience takes place by putting the institution aside, and admit to ourselves that we are not worthy because of what we know, but instead because of the implication of the knowledge that we’ve been thought.

What is being implied in this thought is that not all knowledge is worthy of absorbing. If what’s been thought cannot be used for the betterment of society at large than whatever that knowledge deployed is not implying anything good.

It is obvious that there are more profound knowledge in the world that can tell us a lot about ourselves besides God, so to just base our relationship on commonality is not enough. The spiritual dimensions of the cosmic world is a world better left untold. That is all I can say on that subject, don’t know enough for a profound explanation.


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    • Fossillady profile image

      Kathi 6 years ago from Saugatuck Michigan

      I followed much of this for the most part and find it refreshing and free of boundaries. Agree with much of what you've said. Thanks for sharing!

    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 7 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Very interesting and sensitive view on life coolbreezing. I feel that there was some sort of power that created all of this. What it is, I do not and cannot know. I do believe that our energy goes somewhere. Therefore I believe it behooves us to do good in the world and not harm others or the earth. My view is a lot like karma. If you do good or evil it will come back at you both in this life and beyond. I wrote more extensively on my views on the meaning of life in an earlier Hub. Great insights. I enjoyed reading about them. Excellent food for thought.