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The Twelve Suggestions

Updated on April 7, 2016

All religious leaders can agree to these suggestions.

All religious leaders as well as atheists and humanists can agree to the following suggestions. A command from the Lord must be obeyed, but a suggestion allows free will. The Ten Commandments were actually suggestions.

1. We are not fact witnesses to events of the distant past.

None of us alive today were witnesses to events of the distant past. None of us can testify as to what actually happened or what was recorded. Come to the realization books were written by people outside of our presence.

2. All ancient books were written by a person.

All ancient books were written by or through a person and are subject to the authors' prejudices. All ancient books which are translated are subject to translation error. Even in modern times the same language is used differently in different parts of the world. Words may change meaning even within the span of one lifetime. Ancient languages must be translated. The French have a saying, "To translate is to deceive."

All Holy Books have been "translated."

All Holy Books were written by or through a person.
All Holy Books were written by or through a person.

"Holy Books" and translators

Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Arameic and Greek
Ancient Arabic
Priestly class
Priests, Ministers

3. Our ideals should be Peaceful.

The ideals we hold or the goals we set for ourselves should be Peaceful and never violent. Our actions tend to follow our ideals. We may fall short of our ideals, but we are headed in that direction. Follow leaders who speak of diplomacy rather than violence. In our personal life, do not speak harshly of another. Find alternatives to conflict.

An Ideal is a standard of behavior. It is also a mental concept which is part of the spiritual. To set your ideal, break it down under three headings: Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Analyze your daily activities and motives behind these activities. Your ideals change as you become either more spiritual-minded or more material-minded. Mind is the builder and what appears must first be conceived in the mind.

4. Any depiction of God should be Peaceful.

Any description of our Ideal/ God/ Yahweh/ Lord/ Krishna/ Allah should be peaceful. Violence does exist in the world and we must learn to cope with it, but the ideal to which we strive should be depicted as peaceful. Any "Scripture" which depicts God, the Ideal, as violent is false. A "Scripture" which depicts God as violent is not scripture at all. Depicting The Lord/Yaweh/Krishna/Allah as violent is a form of blasphemy. A "Scripture" which depicts God as vacillating between peaceful and violent is schizophrenic.

We are energy.


5. We are energy and so we are eternal.

We are energy beings or light beings. This is proved by the existence of telepathy. See #7 below. Science has proved this at the quantum level. Our energy cannot be destroyed. This is also called the spirit. All religions assume there is a spirit or we are spirit. Also see verified Near Death Experiences. See Hub, "Near Death Experiences and What They Mean."

Dr. Norm Shealy on Energy Medicine

6. We are attached to the material.

Our energy bodies are attached to our material bodies as long as we are a person. Our material body is subject to evolution because it is part of the material world. When the spirit or energy body detaches from the material body it is called, "Death." In truth we do not die but only appear to the material senses to die. We actually continue to exist as an energy body and those who do not believe this are filled with doubts about an afterlife.

7. The is no separation among us.

There is no separation among us or our ideal. We are all interconnected. This is proved by the existence of telepathy. See, "My Telepathic Experiences" which is another Hub.

Telepathy proves our interconnectivity.

See, "My Telepathic Experiences."
See, "My Telepathic Experiences."

8. We are responsible for ourselves.

We are all responsible for our own actions. Likewise we are not responsible for the actions of others. This means that another person cannot "Save" us. We must save ourselves. Death or sacrifice does not remove "Sin," only forgiveness removes sin. Do not follow any leader (president, king, pastor, rabbi, priest or Imam) who teaches violence.

9. Judgment may cause psychic pain.

Do not judge another to the extent of creating psychic pain or distress. Judgment may occur due to fear, anger, pride, jealousy, or another negative emotion. We must make decisions or judgments in order to live in the material world, but we should not make judgments to the extent of causing psychic pain in our own mind.

Jesus said, "You judge by human standards; I judge no one." John 8:15

10. Forgiveness removes psychic pain.

If you have fear, anger, jealousy or another negative emotion; associate it with a specific person and find a way to forgive that person. Forgiveness removes your psychic pain (sin). Forgiveness is instant once it is applied.

Jesus healed with forgiveness.

Our brain and the universe.

We are part of one vast energy field.
We are part of one vast energy field.

11. Do to others as if they were a part of you.

Do unto others as if they were a part of you, because they are. Everyone is connected by some form of psychic energy. See capsule on Telepathy above. Some of us are more emotionally and spiritually mature than others. Assist the people who are less mature with patience and understanding. Just as a small child grows up, so will all people eventually mature.

Jerusalem is Not Holy.

Land is not alive. Land cannot form the thought process of being sacred.
Land is not alive. Land cannot form the thought process of being sacred.

12. There is no Holy Land.

There is no Holy Land because land is not alive. Land cannot form the thought process of being sacred, people can. People are alive and may be more or less holy, but not land. Sacredness is a projection of the mind which can form the thought. You become what you project.

No land becomes Holy because people fight for it. Place human life value over the value of land. No one is permitted to shorten the life of a material body causing the energy body to detach. Each energy body attached itself to a material body for an education in the material world. No one is allowed to deny another the chance to further their education.


Intellectually honest people will agree the Holy Books which form the basis of the largest religions in the world are flawed. The Holy Books retain some merit, but they should never be interpreted to promote violence or dissention. It is useless to fight over these books.

Instead turn to what binds us together, Telepathy. See "My Telepathic Experiences" or the Edgar Cayce story.

Violence Voids Vedas.

Is a depiction of God/Lord/Allah being violent false?

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