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TRUE GHOST STORIES - The Invisible Visitor

Updated on May 31, 2011

Who was the ghostly stranger talking to my daughter ...

My husband Terry and I bought a lovely home from a widow who was moving into a retirement village. Little did we know that when we bought the house, we also bought an invisible visitor along with it.

“Would you like to keep the TV unit? It’s too big for where I’m going” the widow offered. “My husband made it himself and it would be a shame if it was to be tossed out”. It was beautifully made and suited the family room perfectly, so we agreed to keep the unit and thanked her profusely.

Soon after moving in though, I noticed that the room with the TV unit was always cold. When friends visited they would invariably ask if we had the air conditioning on, but I’d tell them that it was just this one room that was cold.

I spent most of my days alone with my three year old daughter Kelly, and I’d often hear the upstairs floorboards creaking as if somebody was walking about. We’d also find the lights on downstairs in the mornings, even though we always made a point of turning them all off at night.

One day, coming home from a busy morning of shopping, I was too tired to take Kelly upstairs for a nap so settled her on the couch in the family room. She snuggled down with her blanket and drifted off to sleep quickly.

Suddenly Kelly sat bolt upright. “Hey, what are you doing here? Why are you here? Who are you?” she asked, pointing to someone that I certainly couldn’t see.

Dumbfounded, I was about to ask Kelly who she was talking to when the phone rang. As I took the call, Kelly continued talking to the invisible visitor.

“My name’s Kelly and I’m 3” I heard her say. “Yes” she said repeatedly, as though answering questions.

I cut the phone call short and approached Kelly, who was still nodding her head enthusiastically in the direction of the invisible visitor. “It’s ok Mummy. The man has gone now” Kelly said.

I didn’t want to frighten Kelly so I didn’t question her about who she was talking to and what they were talking about, but I wondered to myself who our invisible visitor may have been.

The following week I was clearing out a cupboard in the laundry when a handful of old x-ray films slid off a shelf and landed on the floor at my feet. I bent to pick them up and could see from the name on the label on the x-rays that they had belonged to the widow’s husband. I knew within me instantly that this was the identity of our invisible visitor. Maybe he had come back to look for his wife and was surprised to find a little 3 year old toddler and new people in his family home. I asked out loud, “it was you wasn’t it? It was you who was talking to Kelly the other day.” There was no response, but two days later our invisible visitor returned.

I had just given Kelly a bath and was kneeling down in front of her towel drying her hair and getting her pyjamas on for the night, when all of a sudden Kelly stared over my shoulder and pointed somewhere behind me, saying “Why are you here again?”. I turned quickly to see who Kelly was speaking to, and of course I saw no one.

Goose-bumps ran up my arms and the back of my neck tingled and I noticed that the temperature in the room had dropped dramatically.

I stood up and faced the direction of where Kelly had pointed. I tried to keep my voice steady as my heart beat fast in my chest and my legs quivered. “Hi Kevin, my name is Theresa and this is my daughter Kelly. Your wife Brenda moved to the retirement village in town. We bought your beautiful home and we do love living here.

We also have your beautiful TV unit as you can see, and we appreciate it so much. You don’t need to be here anymore Kevin, so please go and visit Brenda ...” I said it all in a rush without a break as though it was all one sentence.

The temperature suddenly warmed and went back to normal and Kelly looked up at me and said that the man had gone. The room felt different somehow and I relaxed and hoped that Kevin had taken the hint and wouldn’t be back.

Five years later we moved to a bigger home when we had another child and today Kelly is 16 and has no recollection of the ghostly invisible visitor (who thankfully never returned) - but I remember it vividly.


TRUE STORIES - Ghosts, Angels and Spirits

A collection of True Stories gathered from clients and associates, friends and family and various others. All stories are true as told to me, as per written by their original authors and submitted to my websites.

Send along YOUR True Ghost, Angel or Spirit stories ...


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