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TRUE GHOST STORIES - The Little Spirit Girl in Blue

Updated on May 31, 2011

* As told by Corinne

One day my cats Brandy and Bindy began behaving oddly. They would walk across the room then stop dead in their tracks as though they’d hit an invisible wall. The cats would walk around this unseen obstacle and keep on walking. This happened time and time again and I was perplexed by their behaviour.

During my meditations I would hold crystals, but I found over time that these would go missing - only to turn up in plain view days later. My keys would go missing, my hairbrush and my wallet would be found in the oddest of places, and even the refrigerator would be rearranged on occasion. I seriously wondered what was going on in my own home.

A friend of mine suggested that I attend a spiritualists meeting to both help me with my meditation skills and to answer my queries about the missing and reappearing objects in my home.

Once there, a woman approached me at the door and introduced herself as Helen. She quickly went on to tell me that there was a little spirit girl in blue standing right next to me and that she’d come along with me.

“She looks to be around 8 years old, and she has reddish hair, blue eyes and freckles. She’s wearing a blue, old-fashioned, pin-tucked dress and stocking and boots,” said Helen. She then called over another medium who promptly came over and instantly acknowledged the little spirit girl in blue. She gazed intently at something I certainly couldn’t see, then went on to tell us that the little spirit girl used to live on a farm in the area where my home now stands, and that she liked living with me and my cats.

“Has she been hiding my keys ... and my crystals?” I asked the ladies. “She’s giggling, so I take that as a yes,” replied Helen. I sat down in shock and tried to absorb what I’d been told.
Helen brought me over a cup of tea and took a seat next to me, placing a plate of cookies on the table, encouraging me to take one. While I drank and ate (still shaken), Helen suggested that I do a simple ritual to send the little spirit girl to the ‘light’, if I didn’t wish for her to attach herself to me any longer. I agreed that this would be a positive solution for all involved, so Helen explained some simple techniques and methods to use.

Later that evening, after meditating and asking for guidance and assistance from the angels, I addressed the little spirit girl out loud and asked her to come close and listen to me. I couldn’t see anything, but had a sense that she was in the room and near me.

“As much as I enjoy having you here with me and my cats, I think you should go to the light. Your mother must be waiting for you, wanting to be with you. I would be if I was your mother ...”

I sensed a movement and felt a slight shift in energy ... then nothing. I believed that she’d gone.

After that night, my cats Brandy and Bindy behaved normally again, and my keys, hairbrushes, wallet and crystals stayed where I put them. The little spirit girl in blue never came back, and I only hope that she met up with her mother at the source of the light.

* As told by Corinne

TRUE STORIES - Ghosts, Angels and Spirits

A collection of True Stories gathered from clients and associates, friends and family and various others. All stories are true as told to me, as per written by their original authors and submitted to my websites.

Send along YOUR True Ghost, Angel or Spirit stories ...


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