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TRUE GHOST STORIES - Haunted In New York

Updated on May 31, 2011

Haunted apartment ...

* As told by Kylie.

Staying in New York for a week-long art exhibition, I needed to find an apartment quickly. A friend of mine I’d met on my travels, Sue, came to my rescue. “The apartment used to be my brother’s” she said sadly, “but he died. You’re welcome to stay there if you want to.” I was grateful for the offer and moved myself and my meagre belongings in that very afternoon.

The following night the curator of the exhibition (Jennifer) came by to discuss the final details of the show. I’d met her many times over the years, so was comfortable to invite her in.
After settling on the couch with hot coffees, Jennifer commented on the apartment and asked me how’d managed to find it and who it belonged to. I told her that I didn’t know much about it other than it had belonged to my friend Sue’s brother, and he’d passed over. I hadn’t asked Sue the details of what had happened to him.

Just as I said the words, there was a bang and clatter from one of the bedrooms.
Jennifer and I looked at each other wide-eyed for a moment. “What was that?! Is there is someone else here?” she asked.

I shook my head ‘no’, but the look on her face made me feel obligated to go and check out the source of the noise - but something inside made me feel reluctant and I hesitated to stand up and make myself walk. Jennifer noticed so clamped my arm with her hand and she’d come with me.

We opened the door to the bedroom where the noise had come from, but the room was empty other than a bed and a guitar propped in a corner. Walking back to the lounge-room, Jennifer and I chatted aimlessly, both of us relieved to have found nothing, but still intrigued about what the noise had been.

Not long after settling back to our coffees, we heard a distinct bang, then the strumming of a guitar. Then it stopped as quickly as it started. Fear shot through me, and we both sat paralysed, staring at each other. It was silent - too silent. We waited for another bang or strum, but nothing came. In time we settled down to talk about the exhibition, but a strange atmosphere lingered in the room. It was cold, heavy and creepy-feeling in the room for the following half hour or so, and I wondered if Sue’s dead brother was watching us.

Jennifer left soon after, still unsettled and concerned for my safety here alone in this seemingly haunted apartment. I assured her I’d be just fine, although inside me I dreaded the night by myself and feared more disturbances.

The following night I was expecting a friend, Wendy, over for drinks, when I heard a polite knocking at the door. A little surprised, as I normally had to buzz people up to my place on the fifth floor, I opened the door.

Nobody was there – but a cold wind swished past me. Scared, I rang Wendy to see where she was. “I’m 10 minutes away,” she said. “See you soon.” I hung up hoping that time would move quickly.

Somebody knocked on the door again, and I stood there not wanting to open it. I backed away fearfully as the knocking continued, harder and louder.

“Stop!” I screamed ... and it stopped immediately. That frighted me all the more.
I decided to meet Wendy out on the street and go to a bar instead, so grabbed a coat on my way out, not wanting to spend a moment longer than I had to in the apartment ... and I dreaded having to come back later.

Nothing happened the next night, and no strange noises or knocking took place - until the final morning after I’d finished packing my few belongings and tidying the kitchen. A soft rhythmic tapping started up on what sounded like the bedroom wall. I stopped washing the dishes, fork in mid-air, and stood rooted to the spot. The tapping persisted, building slowly to a loud knocking, then banging. I dropped the fork in the sink. Put on my coat, grabbed my one and only bag and left. I locked the door behind me and never looked back.

I was relieved to leave that haunted apartment, but thanked Sue for letting me stay there. I never mentioned what happened to her, as I didn’t want to upset her. I just assumed her brother loved living in that apartment so much that he didn’t want to leave.

* As told by Kylie.

TRUE STORIES - Ghosts, Angels and Spirits

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