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Tarot Card Reading Made Simple

Updated on October 26, 2009

3 Card Spread

Beginners Tarot Deck

3 Card Spread

Tarot Reading Made Simple

The easiest way to do a tarot card reading is a spread called the three card spread. This is a general reading but done the right way will give the client a clear and concise yes or no reading. This is what is called a yes or no reading. So the questions should be generalized... for more information on a subject go ahead and do three or four of these yes and no readings for the client and go deeper into the questions they want answered. Of course you can go into the larger reading type spreads like the Celtic Cross or the Golden Dawn but these readings are very in depth and unless you are a practicing oracle the general three card spread should suffice. 

Preparing for a reading... always have a cool down meditation before a reading. Conduct the reading after your mind is focused and clear. Use your psychic impressions and feelings about the question and the client. Before you even do a tarot reading have your higher (major) arcana cards separated from the rest of the deck and shuffle through them and ask the client to draw one out of the bunch. Use this card as a marker for the clients current condition or state of mind, then place it back in the deck.

The 3 Card Spread:

  • Shuffle the deck and then fan the deck in front of the client.
  • Have them pick three random cards from the deck.
  • Place them in front of the client.

Reading the Cards:

  1. If the cards are all upright then the answer will be a total YES.
  2. If the cards are all facing upside down then the answer is a total NO.
  3. If the first card is upright then that is a single yes, if it is upside down it is a single no.
  4. If the second card is upright it is a double yes, if it is upside down it is a double no.
  5. If the third card is upright it is a triple yes, if it is upside down it is a triple no.

Reading Mixes:

  1. So what if the first card is upside down and the others are upright? That is a single no compared to two (actually 3) yes aswers, the answer is then yes... but proceed with caution.
  2. If cards one and two are upside down and the third card upright then the the answer is unclear at the time or a maybe... this is because you have three positive answers and three no answers. 
  3. If the second card and the third cards are upside down and the first card is up this is a no answer but there may be other possibilities involved in the situation but the current course of action is going to be a negative outcome.

The readings are pretty self explanatory from there... I hope this gives you a simple and easy way to do a tarot card reading. Also see these two other hubs for palm reading and stone casting written by cow flipper.

What deck should you use? Well there are beginners decks sold on amazon as advertised on this page or you can pick them up at most larger book stores. They will carry a variety of decks and you should choose the one you feel fits you. I suggest for practice you use a beginners deck.  For practiced tarot readers there are so many different ones to choose from it just matters on what deck you feel is the right one for you.

For a more in Depth Look Into Tarot and tarot reading please check out the following books...


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