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Would you Date a Telepathic Person from an Extraterrestrial Civilization?

Updated on February 13, 2015
Kepler 22b is a candidate for Earth 2.0 -- or for Planet Dowz. The picture is a work of art,
Kepler 22b is a candidate for Earth 2.0 -- or for Planet Dowz. The picture is a work of art, | Source

Corny joke #1

Question: How does an aluminum saucepan communicate with a cast iron skillet?

Answer: Metal telepathy.


Don Adams, playing Maxwell Smart, aka Agent 86, in the 1960s TV series, Get .Smart. He never goes anywhere without his iconic shoe phone.  The Cone of Silence is another gadget used in the show. Unfortunately, it never worked.
Don Adams, playing Maxwell Smart, aka Agent 86, in the 1960s TV series, Get .Smart. He never goes anywhere without his iconic shoe phone. The Cone of Silence is another gadget used in the show. Unfortunately, it never worked. | Source
Doghouse plus occupant
Doghouse plus occupant | Source

Privacy vs telepathy

Communication is an essential ingredient in any relationship. But would mutual telepathy carry a good thing too far? Not necessarily.

Everyone on planet Dowz is telepathic to some extent. And believe it or not, some degree of privacy is possible in a telepathic relationship. In order to send a telepathic message, Dowzers imagine that their thoughts are coming from the upper halves of their brains. Just as they do when they're speaking out loud. It takes conscious effort to speak -- or to send telepathic messages.

On the other hand, no effort is required to have an ordinary thought. When Dowzers are having private thoughts, they naturally feel that these thoughts are coming from the lower halves of their brains. There is no secret to having personal thoughts on Planet Dowz.

If at any moment, you are having an uncharitable thought about your significant other, she is not going to read your mind, and send you packing to Siberia. Maxwell Smart notwithstanding, sitting under a Cone of Silence is not necessary for you to enjoy 'cave time'.

Empathy is a different ball of wax. Spouses and romantic partners can often sense what the other person is feeling. This is true on Planet Dowz and on Planet Earth. Most of the time, mutual empathy is a good thing; it's a part of intimacy.

Heads-up for men: If your emotions, speech and actions are not consistent with each other, you may end up doing the doghouse. With or without telepathy.

How would you rate your partner's empathic ability?

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A Japanese couple savoring a romantic moment on the beach at sunset.
A Japanese couple savoring a romantic moment on the beach at sunset. | Source

A tale of two telepathic civilizations

Most people are at least a little nervous on their first dates. We are eager to make a good impression on our potential girlfriend or boyfriend. We may even feel like we are on a job interview. And in a way, we are.

When we're under this kind of pressure, it's difficult to be ourselves. We may even say stuff that we don't truly believe, for the sake of fitting in with her values and interests, while she is doing exactly the same thing. Dream dating to the rescue! At least on Planet Dowz.

Dream dating has two components. First, there's a high-tech aspect, which is optional. Then there's the telepathic aspect.

Genetic research and information technology on Planet Dowz are both more advanced than on Earth. You can get your entire genome sequenced for the price of dinner in a nice restaurant. And you can get the results the next day.

The next step in your search for the perfect mate is online dating. Post a recent picture, a short bio, and your genome. The dating service will match you up with candidates having complementary genomes, which will maximize the probability of having a healthy child.

Of course, you can skip the first two steps. You meet someone while vacationing in a national park. The two of you really hit it off. You mutually decide to take potluck on the health of your future child, and advance to the next step: the actual dream date.

Two things are necessary for dream dating: telepathy and the ability to have lucid dreams at will. In a lucid dream, you are aware that you are dreaming. And you can manipulate the content of your dream.

The two of you agree on a suitable night for your dream date. Then you get together for a romantic moonlight walk in a virtual version of your neighborhood.

What? You both live in rough neighborhoods? No worries! You can order up a pride of virtual lions to chase away all of the bad guys.

You are much more relaxed in a lucid dream date than on an American-style first date. Less pressure and less game-playing.

If all goes according to plan, you schedule a second Dream Date. You discuss unresolved marriage-related questions that came up during the first dream date. Then the two of you go for a motorcycle ride on his virtual Harley in the beautiful virtual countryside near your city. And yes, virtual motorcycle riding is safe during lucid dreaming.

Plejaren, the citizens of Erra, another planet noted for their telepathy, have occasional lucid dreams, but lack the ability to summon them up on any given night. These people have an alternative form of courtship.

Mutual friends may fix up' the couple with each other. Or the couple may meet on the Internet, or in the supermarket. The woman invites her date to her apartment, for an evening of intimate telepathic conversation. Just to be on the safe side, she also invites some of her men and women friends to act as chaperones. It's understood that the woman's friends will be talking with each other, rather than with the couple in question. By the way, the people of this other planet believe in love at first sight.

On either planet, iff there are no red flags, the couple has a brief marriage ceremony as soon as possible, Then they ride off into the sunset, and live happily ever after. Or do they?


What could possibly go wrong?

The divorce rate on Erra, the second telepathic civilization, is only 20%, as compared with America's 50% divorce rate!

However the divorce rate on Planet Dowz is 75%. And most of the remaining marriages are not particularly happy. What's up with that?

An American-style date has one advantage over a dream date; it happens in the real world. Ditto for a date on Erra. Now let's look at a typical American-style first date.

The two of you eat dinner at a nice restaurant. Heads up, guys! Your date is multitasking you. At the same time that she carrying on a pleasant conversation, she's making clinical observations of your behavior. Here are a few of the red flags:

•You show a dismissive attitude toward the waitress. Then your date will come to the reasonable conclusion that you will treat her the same way, five years down the road.

•You eat whatever is on your plate, finishing one food at a time. Obsessive-compulsive, are we?

•You chew with your mouth open. However we are sophisticated HubPages readers, and wouldn't be making that mistake in the first place.

•Now let's advance to Stage 2 of the date: the movie. Does he take you to see Plan 9 from Outer Space, without asking if you're a serious science fiction buff?

Singles on Planet Dowz need to rethink their courtship traditions. Yes, a dream date is a great first date. After that, it would be best to go with American-style dating in the real world. Again, there's nothing wrong with dating a telepathic person.

There are a few side issues. For openers, biocompatibility could be a question for Earthers who want to have healthy children. Second, if your spouse was seriously injured in a car crash, and needed a blood transfusion, would any of Earth's blood types be safe?

Third, what about Earth's viruses? Would an ordinary case of influenza prove to be deadly for your extraterrestrial spouse?

Back in the 1950s, there were urban legends about 'Nordic aliens', aka Plejaren. Billy Meier has tried to keep Plejaren in the public eye, although they have been eclipsed by the 'Greys' in recent decades. Bily is free to speculate about Plejaren, and so am I. Although Plejaren are supposed to look pretty much like Swedes, there could be serious biological issues for Earther-Plejaren couples.

Would you consider dating and/or marrying a telepathic person?

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Corny joke #2

Question: Why is it considered bad luck to eat melon on your wedding day?

Answer: Cantaloupe (can't elope)

Double groan!

Stray telepathy

All telepathy is leaky. Yes, eavesdropping is possible. But there's a bigger issue at play.

Some people on planets Dowz and Erra have extraordinary telepathic ability. To the point where an ability becomes a liability. They are overwhelmed by stray telepathy. When this happens, they may go berserk, and launch violent attacks against innocent people in the streets. There are some partially effective safety precautions they can take. Here are two of them:

•Wear a cubic zirconia ring. However cubic zirconia is yucky stuff. Since I have Sensory Integration Disfunction, I'm very sensitive to cubic zirconia, and to all sorts of other things, which most other people do not even notice.

•'Go dark'. Sometimes I do this before bed when 'people pressure' is delaying my sleep. Here's how:

Sit upright in a chair. Put your feet directly under your knees. While keeping the front of your feet in contact with the floor, lift your heels, using only the muscles in your lower legs. (These are the Soleus muscles, in your calves.) Do five repetitions. Yes, this is pretty wimpy, but it's not intended to be a body-building exercise.

There are telepathic trolls on planets Dowz and Erra. 'Going dark' is a partial defense. But on Earth, imagined telepathic attacks can indicate emotional problems. If you are experiencing possible telepathic attacks, and if 'going dark' does not decrease the intensity or frequency of these attacks, please consult a mental health professional,

The 'going-dark' exercise is not particularly good for my intuition, or for the REM phase of my sleep. As is the case with most mind-body techniques, (not to mention medications!), there are trade-offs. I use 'going dark' only when needed. Unlike the upper leg strength training I do in the morning, 'going dark' is not a part of my daily routine.


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