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Testimony of God's Faithfulness

Updated on November 7, 2020

Testimony of God's Faithfulness

God is there for me when I think he has left me alone

God is watching over me in my thoughts and in my home

God has continued to be my everything when all was almost gone

God I continue to thank everyday when everything is right or when everythings wrong

I called my bank a few days ago to check my balance. The automated system told me I had negative $220.00. I knew this was all my fault because I hadn't written down all my transactions like I should have this week. All though I knew I made a mistake I got mad and thought about all the times I put in my tithe in church. Why am I always broke I asked? Why am I always the one without money? I got angry. Then a voice in my head said"o.k. you knew you should have written all transactions down you can't get mad at me,your going to have to deal with the consequences." "How can I bless you with more when you can't even be faithful with a little."

I stopped and knew that it had to be God talking to me. I continued to think about what I had did wrong. I opened the fridge and there was barely any food. I had some beans left in the cabinet that I made for the kids and they lasted about two days. The kids started complaining saying they were hungry. I told them they need to slow down on eating the food because we only have a little left. A few days passed and on Saturday it was really bad there was a handful of cereal left a cup of milk and three children and two adults to feed. They ate the lillte that was left and we left for the day. I got mad again and yelled at my children for always wanting so much food. I told them don't ask me to buy them anything while we are out because mommy does not have the money. They got quiet and I could see the disappointment on their faces. I knew they wanted more to eat but we didn't have it.

At that moment I began to pray and first of all tell God I'm sorry for being so disobedient when I did have money. I knew I was going through this because I didn't keep track of my spending and it wasn't God's fault. I asked him to please just provide some food for us when we get home because I was hungry and so were the children.

I started to cry and get worried again as the day progressed. I called a good friend of mine just to talk and while I was on the phone I thought about the few beans that were left in the fridge and the two frozen hamburgers I could defrost. I pulled up to my house and there were boxes of food by my front door. I yelled out thank you are a provider...I told my friend how good God had been because I thought I was coming home to empty pots. I ran up to the porch to see all the fruit and snacks left for me and the kids. I was so happy.

I realized my older brother goes shopping about once a month at Sams club and he sometimes buys food for the kids. This was one of the days he went shopping. It came right on time. We needed it at that moment. I continued to reflect back and remembered earlier that morning I remembered a pastor on the radio preaching about God's faithfullness. One thing I remember him saying was "when you get to the point when you think you have lost the battle and you throw your hands up in defeat ,that is when God steps in and helps". This was my moment when God stepped in and blessed me in his time.

My message to you is that just when you think the battle is lost and you shed that final tear,God will step in and bless you.

Keep tithing and keep praying. God answers prayers!!!!


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