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Thankful for Hotdogs

Updated on January 30, 2013

Even without the Bun

Well, I guess we all have to admit that at times we are unthankful.

I have been guilty over the past month. It's easy to look at the bills piling up and the lack of groceries and think, Lord, what am I doing wrong? You can start to question things that you shouldn't question. You can get grumpy and downright ungrateful.

For me, it seemed pretty simple. I murmured to myself saying such things as this:

I am so sick of eating nothing but spaghettios, peanut butter and crackers, and hot dogs. I griped about that for about a week to myself. I'm sick of the same old stuff.

At the end of the month I always run pretty low, but at the end of this month, I've been running really low. I didn't even have the spaghettios, peanut butter and crackers, or hot dogs. I had basically some saltine crackers, refried beans, and shrimp ramon noodles. And not much of that. So I spent a 3 or 4 days eating saltine crackers with refried beans for almost ever meal, and an occasional ramon noodles treat. Let me tell you, I was beggin for the Lord to let something sell on ebay. I was out of gas, and had no food to speak of. I was like, Lord, I'm really hungry.

So then.... Right after I prayed this prayer... Lord, please let something sell, I need something to eat. Right then something sold on ebay. You can bet I was saying thank you Jesus.

I got up quick as a rabbit hopped in the car, got some gas and then went to Dollar General,where I bought, hotdogs, peanut butter, cheese and crackers, and even a tostitos pizza. On the way home I was eating cheese and crackers and hot dogs like it was a steak and a potato.

I said, Lord, I am thankful for hotdogs. I said I appreciate Cheese and crackers. I felt pretty silly about that time. I also thought about the homeless people under the bridge on Tuesday nights and decided I really need to get involved in that. I am blessed beyond measure compared to those people. What right do I have to complain? None.

You know else murmured about their food? The children of Israel in the wilderness. They were mad because all they had to eat was manna. I've read that story a million times, you would have thought it would have sunk in. I have a feeling I'll pay more attention to it this time.

I am thankful for my manna!!


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