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The Antichrist & The Coming Days!

Updated on April 25, 2015
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Steve Miller a dynamic online writer and video editor who has many years of online experience. Building suspense and informing the public...


The Antichrist is Born

When the dust settles in the upcoming years one will emerge out of the darkness. Bringing light into this shattered world. The time for that day is quickly upon us. One might ask, how quickly could this world we know become the breeding ground for evil. It all started on December 14th, 1982, when a young man was born, since that day he has been awaiting the day of final reckoning. Never realizing the ultimate destiny that would wrap his life in a shroud of turmoil and pain.

Awaiting the years to come many kept their distance from the young boy. Everyone around this child knew that something big was in store for the young boy. Watching the child just sitting back observing every detail of the conversation. Awaiting the day he could use this human interaction as a cleaver tool of the trade. Then on December 14th 2007 the first trumpet of the seventh seal was blown. After this everything would quickly change for the young man. However the beginning is not where I would like to start, as the middle is more interesting.

Humble Beginnings

It began in October, of 2002 with a notebook. Little did the author of this notebook realize it would be the beginning of a new world religion. The adventures of this stunning notebook would round the world, uniting a fire amongst the powers that lurk in the shadows of society. Where did this notebook come from? It is now time to make a long story as short as possible. As it all began on that fateful day in October. First we will go back to where it all started.

While in the Marines this young man was swayed to record his journey. However what was recorded was the beginning of the end for mankind. Eugene not realizing that this notebook will become the manifesto of a new world order, and inevitably a new world religion. Something that if the young man had realized while writing it, would have simply perplexed and amazed him. It was the 6th day at his boot-camp training, and while at the military PX he had bought a journal. He figured he would use the journal to jot things down from time to time, maybe write a letter to the folks at home even. He had seen a few people jotting things down in their journals, at first he thought how girl'y they were. Worrying and writing their fears, and fantasies. Dropping a cry baby letter to the folks at home, it was at that point when he came to the conclusion he would never write home at all. How lame can you get, he thought? These people are pathetic. Little did the young man realize that this single fleeting thought would lead the entire world to it's ultimate destruction.

A Fighting Chance

While watching these boys run about and call each other childish names, he began to wonder how the armed forces were so powerful. With boys like these in which he observed on a daily basis. Mostly made up of spoiled naïve kids who had never been laid, or even been in a fight in their entire life. He knew he was more of a soldier upon entry to boot-camp than these kids would ever be. Until in the throws of war, with bullets, explosions, and bloodshed all around them. With fallen hero's and friends blood and brain matter soaked and clumped to their uniforms. That will make these girls men, he thought. How many will see the likes of that? He wondered. The resentment kept pouring out of his bloody heart, as he saw clicks of rich gold spoon fed maggots clinging together. An evil slowly enveloped him, and he did not even realize it. He soon was moving in and out of the local clicks, attempting to gain the upper hand on his superiors.

He had met some hardened men like himself, who had to fight for every scrap that they had ever had in life. Many of these friendships started from fights, as he seemed to be able to pinpoint the guys like himself, and test them. The first fight occurred when he was in line for the physical training pretest. He had intended to cut in line, and when people complained he merely looked at them as if they were a joke. Gazing at them as if he could merely stomp on them, rather than look at them. However this day was different, the man in front of him was a big man. He had mistook this African American for a suburban uncle tom. When he attempted to slip in front of him the man suddenly pushed out his bellowing chest with a menacing look across his face. "You betta step the hell back son" the man stated. "What are you going to do about it fool." Eugene replied. Soon the bellowing chested man got into his face and dared him to hit him. This ended in a stalemate as Eugene did the same. Until all of the sudden Eugene swung his fist at the black mans face. Then in a stunning spectacle of abuse Eugene turned his fist towards himself, volleying a fanatical attack on his own face. As the blood poured from his nose he sucked it into his mouth and spit it directly into the dark mans face. "You crazy white boy, you messed up" Eugene's foe exclaimed! Eugene quickly struck three blows at his new enemy. Darkness arose in Eugene's eyes, and menacing perils on the part of the Light quickly dissipated in Eugene's mind. Three minutes later both bloodied and bruised, the drill sergeants had broken up the fight. This was the first major friendship of Eugene's boot-camp experience, and it wouldn't be the last.

The Antichrist Manifesto

Eugene was so elated with the bloody battle that he began to jot it down in his newly acquired journal. These people are not all cowards residing in their own fears, this entitled system that has turned billions into rodents to be destroyed, has not yet reached us all, Eugene thought. Then he began to write.

"Who has the power to give life and take life? Man. Who has the ability to decimate every living creature on this planet? Man. Who has the ability to splice life and truly create? Man. Who has this knowledge? Me! I now realize I am a God, for those who do not, well they are mere gnats awaiting to be swatted. We as human beings have been given the power of God, and no one uses this ability or we would have salvation. The only thing keeping us from salvation is the thought that we alone are not enough we look for something more; therefore we act inferior. We are not equal to the other life forms that dwell on this planet, it shows everyday as we slowly bring life on this planet to final annihilation. We have been given the power to save, or destroy. It is time we pick a side once and for all, a New World Religion will have to form, weather the ants of this world agree with me or not. For I have the knowledge of this uncanny truth. Anyone who fails to see this shall be treated as they are they are annoying ants, therefore they shall be treated accordingly. Although I will not give them the dignity of scraping them off of my shoe. If they do not want to accept their heritage of the masters of this planet, then they can go down as the dinosaurs did. The others if they do not want to accept that we are the Gods of this world, shall do our work with the rights of a mere human being. While we the Gods relish in the awe of a new world order."

A New Leader Emerges

Eugene was so enthrilled that he began to preach the words of this manifesto to his fellow enlistees within his ranks. So when the imbeciles go to worship GOD on Sunday I will show others our true power. So he brought together a group of Atheistic followers who lingered in the barracks during the Sunday service, and began to preach, in a way that even amazed Eugene. "We are the God's of this universe we are the protectors of this planet. We have the power to create life, as well the power to destroy life. We have the power to destroy this entire planet. However we do not, is that not the power of God?" He ask his followers. "You are mere ants compared to I, as I can crush you, you are nothing if you do not understand these words in which I teach" He exclaimed! "These terrorist attacks are a mere illusion, they are my illusion as when I tell you to dance, you shall dance." Now going on a rant he stated. "It was I who proposed such a proposition years before, for the one who controls the terror controls the world. When you have the terrorist coming to you then you are the God, and the people are the ants awaiting to be crushed. If you still live then it is thanks to me, and my power. We have the power to destroy this entire planet, I ask you again, is that not the power of God?" He had written in this notebook to such an extent, every page front and back was filled to the margin. In time his rantings turned the stomaches of a few men listening to it. "What is wrong with you, how can you believe such a thing" A young man named Jason asked. "That is the problem with you people, while you busy believing, I already know the truth. For those of you who do not know then you will be crushed, as you are a mere flea to me, and I will flick you away like the pest you are" Eugene explained in a blind furry. That day when Eugene was away Jason, turned the notebook into the Liaison officer. This notebook eventually wound up in the psychiatrist office. The psychiatrist called for Eugene. Well the psychiatrist said, I have had some complaints about this journal you have been writing in. Do you have anything to say for yourself here? "No I do not I was bored and just decided to write in my spare time." Okay the psychiatrist said, you are free to go. "Thanks" Eugene said. When Eugene met up with Jason he glared at him, and said thanks. Later on he would get his friends to put a bar of soap in a sock, in which they proceeded to beat Jason with all of their might. He did not tell his friends why he wanted to introduce a "blanket party" for Jason, other than the fact he had messed up during PT which made all of his friends suffer. However Eugene made sure he also placed a metal ball bearing he had found earlier in the day, into his sock. Then he proceeded to beat him in the thighs and lower back, with all of his might. While telling the others to go for the head. Jason left boot camp on a Chapter 13 a few days later.

The Secret 7

Eugene did not understand the entirety of what was going on behind the scenes with his journal. It turned out the liaison officer was the son of a powerful man. This man was part of the infamous seven. These men are the men behind the scenes calling the shots in this human world for as long as humans can remember. They control the economy, and have the power to make and break entire nations. "This is the man we have been looking for." Micheal stated. "Have you read this journal? It is the new world religion we have been awaiting all of this time. It was written by a mere 22 year old boy, from Kentucky. I think it is time for the council to once again conjoin." Let me see this so called journal." Stated Gabriel. "It speaks of the coming together of the God's." Gabriel acknowledged. "Who wrote this?" Gabriel inquired. "Well that is how we know he has finally arrived." Micheal said. "His name fits with the numerical sequence, of 666. His name being Steven Eugene Fuller. As it also fits with the seven, we have been awaiting. He was one of the seven men chosen from the Hellenists. As well the name Steven is who we have been awaiting. The one "full of grace and power" he is the awaited king." stated Micheal. "He is poor, and he is a nobody, this cannot be the awaited king in which we seek." Gabriel exclaimed! The council agreed, this poor boy cannot even fathom the world to come, let alone rule it. The council will not disband, not for this mere boy the council is still united and awaiting the chosen one. We are not to disband until the chosen one arrives. "Now if there are not anymore conjecture we shall reunite next year." Stated Gabriel. "You are making a big mistake Gabriel, as for the council coming to this final conclusion I know exactly why you have. You fear that in the time of the chosen one you will all lose your power and control. I ask you, is this not what we have been awaiting? Perhaps generation after generation awaiting the end, you have become to content with your power. You will see, I am right. I am done with this meeting we shall reunite during the next session next year. However I feel I will see you on the chosen date of April 30th. Good riddance, you are all making a dire mistake." Gabriel exclaimed in disbelief.

Life Seems To Be Falling Apart

The Marines had not been going well for Eugene, as he was having more and more trouble with what he perceived as ignorant people within his unit. He had gotten in three fights already and it had only been 4 weeks. Christmas leave was coming soon, and he could not wait to distance himself from what he perceived as the spoiled babies he had to deal with on a daily basis. The last fight was from a man who was laughing at him as he was attempting to fasten his supply belt. He could not take it anymore. Eugene being in the last row of soldiers plowed through three rows of people like a bowling ball cutting through the pins on a perfect strike. He hit the heckler with all of his might, knocking him right off of his feet. Slamming him down onto the hard pavement and landing with his arms around the hecklers neck. Eugene felt the blood boiling within his veins and felt how easily he could drain the life from this ant with no remorse. Stop, get off of him, the crowd shouted, voices coming from everywhere. Eugene was stuck to him like a fly stuck on a fly trap. Locking his arm around the hecklers neck, face to face with him. Please I am sorr... the heckler could no longer speak. The crowd tried with all of it's might to release Eugene's grip from the heckler with no avail. A-TEN-HUT, the drill sergeant exclaimed with full force. Eugene quickly released his grasp and jumped to attention, as if nothing had even happened. "Fuller" get your sorry ass over here now!", the drill sergeant exclaimed. Yes sir drill sergnnnt. Eugene echoed. "You just earned yourself 3 weeks extra night watch duty" said the drill sergeant. I do not care, Eugene thought to himself, I will just sleep during it anyway.

The time for Christmas leave was quickly approaching and Eugene was anxiously looking forward to getting home and rethinking his life. He was ready to go to war already, as 9-11 had just recently happened. He was looking forward to unleash some payback to the scum suckers he so despised. He did not care about the terrorist, he wanted to unleash payback to the ones who he felt had wronged him. This was his fellow Americans and Muslims alike. He had a plan of domestic terrorism, however this plan would never see flourishion as the powers to be, had more important things to ask of him.

The time for leave had finally arrived. Eugene was packing his bags to get ready for leave. He had noticed some odd things going on around him lately. His instructors had went from mocking him, to going out of their way to keep him out of trouble, no matter what he did. His fellow friends of his unit had become more and more detached from him. As well high powered members of the Military were moving about the base. He began to wonder what was really going on around him. Little did he know his questions were soon to be answered, and the answers were life altering.

The Awakening

The Meeting

"Hey Eugene, 5 minutes until boarding hurry up!" his friend he called Mani yelled. Eugene had been sitting at the terminal listening to a new CD he had just purchased.The terminal was busy and the low constant roar of pedestrians was almost unbearable. So Eugene turned up the volume. When he soon noticed an older man causally observing him. Things are getting strange Eugene thought. Why is this guy starring at me? He then noticed Mani yelling at him, and pulled off the headphones. "3 minutes and the plane is leaving man, come on!" Mani exclaimed. Okay I am coming, I'll meet you up there man. "Okay do not forget your notebook, its under your chair, you would have left it. God forbid, that journal may just change the world as we know it, I will meet you on the plane" Mani stated. As Eugene bent down to pick up his journal, the older man had moved in blocking him from turning around. "You son are a rather hard man to find." The old man exclaimed. Yea old man, you're in my way, I have a plane to catch. "Where are you headed son, back to Kentucky?" The old man asked. Am I supposed to be impressed, so who the hell are you old man? Eugene said in annoyance. "It matters not who I am, for who you are, is the only thing that truly matters" The old man stated. Enough with your riddles old man, I have to go, so move on! Eugene exclaimed. "Just the attitude I would expect from a boy like yourself. Why are you in a rush for Kentucky the weather is dreary this time of year." Old man you are really getting on my nerves right now. Tell me who you are and what you want from me, or move on! Eugene once again exclaimed. "To the point boy, okay I am Gabriel and I want to converse with you" Gabriel stated. Gabriel, what kind of name is that, have not heard that one in a few centuries old man. What do you want to converse with me about Gabe? Eugene inquired. "Do you see that journal in your hands there son? I have a copy as well. I have been reading it lately, I have learned a lot about you." Gabriel explained. I knew that quack wanna be therapist lied. He made a copy. So what, your a therapist and think I am some insane cult leader or something huh. Have you come to throw me into the ward. First let me explain Eugene stated. It was a script for a book, or movie I have not decided yet. Eugene explained. "On the contrary" Gabriel stated. "Can we go somewhere else and have a little talk?" I have a plane to catch Eugene said. "Your plane has already left the terminal look." Gabriel said, half laughing. Looking out the window Eugene watched as his plane hit the tarmac and went into the air. You just ruined my day, now what the hell am I to do? Eugene yelled. "Calm down, calm down boy, we need to talk. Perhaps my private jet would be more subtable anyway." Gabriel stated. Shifting his focus out the window towards the tarmac revealing a stunning BD-700 Global Express jet. Well I guess we can work that out, you did make me miss my damn plane! Eugene stated. "Well come, come, we have a lot to talk about Eugene." Gabriel stated.

The Beginnings

Now We See

Fateful Revelation

"So Eugene, what do you think will happen on 12/21/2012?" Asked Gabriel. What Eugene asked? The world will come burning to an end, and we shall perish? "Think Eugene, put what you have come to understand to use, what would you do Eugene?" Gabriel asked. Well you really want to know what I would do huh. I would build up the date thru mindless propaganda, and the closer the date comes the more it will invoke rumor, thus creating more panic, and more fear. So that humanity is always awaiting something for 2012. Then I would use a false flag alien invasion. You know the technology you power brokers have. You have alien looking craft all around, and you know it. Building up mass UFO sightings around the world, awaiting the day. Then use that technology to carry out attacks on major cities around the globe. Just in case the bible is right, if there are good aliens flying in the sky's then we must unite the masses against them. So they would even seek to destroy the messiah himself as he comes from the heavens. At least that is what I would do, if I were attempting to unite the Gods of this world once again. "It seems you already know then" Gabriel stated. "You know what the problem is now days?" Gabriel asked. "The problem is we even myself are too powerful, we have too much wealth and no longer fulfill the destiny in which we have been appointed long ago."It was easy in the late 1920s, the group had meaning, the group sought to bring in what they had so longly awaited for. However after Hitler the group started to change. They really thought Hitler would be the final and last one to unite the world, for the most part he did. However Hitler was only a stepping stone and we knew it, we just could not accept it. So now we are content, much to content merely collecting the wealth of this age and ruling it. This however is not our duty we were given. The rest of the group now serves their power, not their creator." Wait, wait, wait. Eugene exclaimed. Who is this group? "I am sure you know exactly who we are, you know more than most your age, do you not? Do you feel like you already know what is going to happen?" Gabriel asked. Yes I do, and from what you have said, Gabriel I know you speak the truth. Gabriel went on with stunning implications for Eugene. "We are what is left of several groups in this world, we have taken one from the 7 groups. You may have heard of some of them, each of our 7 leaders lead one of these groups, together united we are the Illuminati. It is your destiny Eugene as you are going to destroy the Illuminati, because by the end you will see us just as you see the world, as annoyances that you must decimate. We have been guarding this knowledge for the millenia, and now the rest of us are afraid. This is why they refuse to acknowledge your power. For they know it means the end of their wealth and power, as it shall be relinquished to you. I am ready; however for I have been waiting for thousands of years for this moment that is soon upon us and will not stand by idly while the others bask in their own prestige. So what do you have to say Eugene?" Gabriel inquired. I have not the hate in my heart for this, I think you have misread my words Gabriel, I wrote those words to show humanity that we can persevere and save ourselves and our planet if we come to these great truths. Starring out the window Eugene sits in silence for hours, looking down at a world that could very well be his own. The one you seek, seeks to destroy everything we know, our very way of life Eugene exclaimed! "Fate is written in the stars. Eugene you will fulfill your destiny, even if it means great misery and sorrow to come for you, my friend. You do not only believe in the occult, you are the occult. Your truths are what the world needs to hear, destiny is a double edge sword. Yes great horrors will be committed, however they are unavoidable. As well when you arise the beacon will begin to shine, and then what you truly want, will be attainable. You must look beyond the suffering and into the light of redemption, for it is then you will understand your destiny. What you must understand is we already know what is to come, we have been informed of the future thus we know what is to come, and these things cannot be changed, weather we are involved or not. Why did you join the Marines? asked Gabriel? I joined after the attack on 911. As I was disgusted that the most powerful military in the world would just sit back idly as these bastards would seek to destroy what my four fathers have created. I joined to act, not to watch our loved ones die. "We know, as we know that this attack would reveal the chosen one, and you Eugene are standing before me now, are you not?"

The Fruits Of Our Labor

This is just too much to comprehend, I am what the Antichrist? So what must the Antichrist do to take power? Eugene asked. Gabriel went on to explain. "There are things that you must do, first of all leave the Marians immediately as you will die if not in an IED explosion." What Eugene exclaimed! I cannot just leave my destiny. "This is not your destiny" Gabriel explained. "You will have an opportunity on your Christmas leave, use it wisely, we will do the rest from there. As we need to make sure there are no loose ends, we will get you out on good terms, just do what you loved to do before you entered the marines, just party on New Years eve, regulation will do the rest. Then we shall handle it from there. A mix up in your paper work should suffice. We wouldn't want this to tarnish your reputation now would we?" This is ludicrous Eugene stated. If I do this I see exactly how I will become so embittered that I could be capable of anything. I will disappoint everyone who means something to me. So it is you who shall bring me to the brink of destruction, I do not think so. "You know what you will do, as the seed is planted you shall do the rest, I shall see you soon," Gabriel stated. As the Antichrist has been born. Little did Eugene realized just how right Gabriel would be, as the stress of those words led him to a New Years eve party. Where he would drown out those fateful words in drugs and alcohol. Which led to his separation from the Marines after a dirty urine test. As well, just as Gabriel predicted Eugene's paper work was mixed up. Eugene just knew this would serve a purpose later in his life, to what extent would be the question.

Troubling Times

Six years had gone by since Gabriel had spoken those terrifying words to Eugene. Eugene had, had his troubles over the past six years, and never thought about Gabriel's words since that day at the airport. Since getting booted out of the Marians Eugene had been in and out of trouble, and forgotten about that day so long ago at the airport. Little did he know that the past was about to catch up to him, and catch up to him with a vengeance.

April 20th 2010. 9:45 PM

Hey Eugene its 420 wanna get blazed? His friend Josh asked him. You know I am done with that stuff Eugene told him. I have grown past the pettiness of getting high, fighting, and cussing people out. We need to use our minds, not drown them out with drugs and ignorance, Eugene stated. "So what are you doing here?" Josh asked him. I am looking for a book I left here when I got evicted last month, have you saw it? "What that red journal?" Josh asked him. Yes have you seen it, where is it at? "I put it over there" Josh stated. Pointing to the damp dusty corner of the trap house. A house Eugene had spent the last six years living in since being separated from the Marines. Drowning his sorrows out with drugs and alcohol. Staring over at the musty bed breathing in the smell of stale cigarette smoke and women. Reminiscing about all the tale he once had in that nasty bed. Well thanks Eugene said, I gotta get out of here to many memories. "Well see you on the flip side" Josh exclaimed. Eugene would never see Josh again, as he was about to walk down a whole new road, a road that no one who knew him ever expected.

April 21, 2010

Eugene had a whole new routine now, he loved to sit down at a new internet cafe that had recently opened and drown his new founded sorrows out with cappuccino. While surfing the web he could hear the headlines on the TV but was too busy to take notice. At approximately 9:45 PM eastern standard yesterday time an explosion rocked the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig in the Gulf Of Mexico. Reports out say there are still 11 men missing in what scientist are calling a major disaster and perhaps one of the biggest disasters on record.....

So what jobs are available today? Eugene thought while surfing the internet. "Excuse me" a dark haired man exclaimed sitting down next to Eugene. Wow the courtesy people have today, Eugene though, not even the dignity to sit in all the other empty seats around here, just had to sit on top of me. "So what do you think about that?" the man asked pointing at the television screen. What, Eugene asked. "Really you haven't noticed?" The man said. No I actually am kind of busy, so if you would, I'm busy looking for a job, you know with the economy and all. Eugene said. "The economy, yes its troubling isn't it." The man stated. Yeah so if you would, I am kind of busy here. Eugene exclaimed. "Well sorry to bother you Eugene, perhaps I could help you find a job." The man stated. Okay who are you, how did you know my name? Eugene asked. "Well you are typing it into that application right there, I take notice of those things. As for who I am, just call me Val." The man stated. Val huh, thats a first you related to Val Kilmer? Eugene asked sarcastically. "No" the man exclaimed. "I said you could call me Val, the name is Valient Thorr." The man exclaimed. Valient Thorr? What is that some 1950s comic book name? Eugene thought chuckling under his breath. "No, I do not read comic books" The man exclaimed. Now the thoughts of the airport flooded Eugene's mind, overwhelming him to the point he started to tremble. "Do not fear me." The man said softly. Fear you? Eugene exclaimed. "Your fear is overwhelming, fear leads to conflict, conflict leads to pain, do you see where this road will take you." Val asked. What do you want from me? Eugene demanded. "To give you a message." Val went on. "Today marks a turning point, a turning point for many men of your world. While you and your people may not yet grasp the fullness of the situation, it will soon be clear. When you look at that screen when I leave you remember one thing, this was a calling, a trumpet so to speak. With the sounding of this trumpet many will soon gather to take their places, and claim their places in the days to come. You my friend must be ready."

Ready for what? Eugene exclaimed. Crash an explosion suddenly drew Eugene's attention away from Val. How did that happen, Eugene's cappuccino had fallen to the ground and burst into thousands of pieces. Crap excuse me someone I need help to clean this up. Eugene exclaimed. So anyway, ready for what? Eugene looked back to where Thorr was sitting, however he was gone, no sign of him in sight. What the hell was that? Eugene wondered. Wow this withdraw must be making me go insane. Eugene thought. As Eugene looked over to where Val had been sitting and saw a blank card. He quickly flipped it over, and found nothing but a URL. He quickly typed in the URL, but nothing happened. Just a login screen. Oh well Eugene thought as he walked out of the shop and threw the card in the trash.

Hopi & Bible Predicts Black Seas & The Death Of Birds & Fish


It Has Only Just Begun

April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

"Someone just typed in the URL" exclaimed Grimm Baldr. "What do you know of this Gabriel?" Asked Baldr. What makes you think I know anything? That is a link directly to Val which we shut down when we heard he was back yesterday. Gabriel stated. "He knew that I have a feeling I know what is going on here." Stated Baldr. "The computer was coming from a terminal in Kentucky. What can you tell me about that Gabriel?" I will get on it right away Gabriel stated as he was rushing out of the facility.

"So Micheal is Gable still on that messiah kick with that young kid?". Gabriel has no clue and since he is an outsider he does not need to! Micheal stated. He was born of inferior blood, that makes him one of them, not one of us, remember that. Micheal went on. He has his purpose soon his time will fade. Just don't go messing things up like last time Baldr! Micheal stated sarcastically. "So what is this kids purpose here anyway Micheal?" Asked Baldr. The kid is the false prophet. Not much has changed from the last time, so let us not deviate from the plan here Baldr. Stated Micheal. The kid will dig up the messiah and things will quickly fall into place. Micheal stated. Now enough with this we have work to do. Did you get the fall guy ready for the media Baldr? "Yes the event was on the precise date just as planned and the media will be lynching the fall man any day now." Good, perhaps they will send him to Siberia to save his life. "Yes its underway, within the month he will disappear. He will stay just long enough to put a face on this thing." Baldr replied. Yes just as expected things are going to start to pick up now, let us all be ready. Micheal replied. "Ready to go the dates are in place, and the dominoes will be falling as expected." You are dismissed Baldr, and remember what I said watch your actions we do not want a repeat of last time now do we? Asked Micheal. "Do not worry my death will not be in vain, and it will not have the same ill effect as last time, for this I am sure." Stated Baldr.

Gabriel landed in Kentucky on a wet cold day in the bustling metropolis of Lexington. It spells of exhaust and trash here. I cannot wait to get back to my ranch in Texas.Thought Gabriel. Leaving the airport Gabriel entered his limo and proceeded into the heart of Lexington.

What was that guys problem? Thought Eugene. What the hell kind of name is that, Val Thor you have to be joking, ha ha ha. Eugene chuckled out loud as he was walking down the busy street to his new job at the Lexington Herald. Talk about a nut, wow I will never forget that. A long shiny black stretch limo caught Eugene's attention. Wouldn't be nice to have that kind of money Eugene thought. Here I am cleaning floors when I should be writing. Just as Eugene was crossing the street the limo cut him off. What are you doing asshole? Eugene exclaimed! "Get in." Gabriel stated. Oh here we ago again Eugene. Stated half enthusiastic as he stepped into the limo.

"So Eugene. What have you been up to?" Gabriel asked him. Are you serious why are you here Gabriel? If you really want to help why don't you just give me 10,000 dollars and let me be? Asked Eugene. "Eugene money is nothing, it will come trust me. Have you not heard about the incident yesterday Eugene?" No I have heard nothing. Did the Antichrist come out today? Eugene asked smirking. "You are a funny man aren't you Eugene? You will use that to your advantage. As the next prophet will not be a Hitler." Hitler? Eugene asked. What you knew the man? "That does not matter, he was merely a puppet and perhaps I did pull the strings. But that was then and this is now. Like I said you are far from a Hitler." You know you really depress me with your incoherent rantings, Gabe. "And this is exactly why you have been chosen, unlike Hitler you will reject such powers. Until the day you realize that "You" can change things not these fools in Washington and the CIA and other ignorant initials. You will soon come to embrace these powers." Gabriel stated. So what were you part of the Thule society or something Gabe? If so why would I trust you at all, look at Hitler. If you are who you say you are then you deceived him and you are here and he is not. Eugene stated. "This is why I like you Eugene you are wise, little do you know you have the knowledge of the universe at your finger tips." Gabriel explained. "So you really had not heard of this oil disaster the other day Eugene?" Of course I did! The whole world is talking about it. Why did you have something to do with it? Eugene asked. "Of course not we do not alter human destiny, that is up to you. All of you, not just yourself." Now you are speaking in third person what is going on here? Eugene asked. "That is why I have come here, you recently met someone, Eugene?" No I am not answering that until you answer my questions now! Eugene exclaimed. "What is your question?" What is going on with this oil thing? Who is behind it? "No one." Gabriel explained."It was an accident, and it will not be the last, but you know that already don't you Eugene? Asked Gabriel? "Something about dates register in your mind Eugene? Does the date mean anything to you?" Asked Gabriel. Gabriel wrote the date 04/20/2010 onto his notepad and showed Eugene. Okay I will play your game Eugene stated. That does look familiar. "Here amuse me." Gabriel stated, write the date of the next major disaster to come. How am I to do that? Eugene asked. "Easy just follow the pattern. Just guess then Eugene." Okay give me that damn tablet. 03/11/11 Eugene wrote. "Good Eugene so I guess I will see you then. Driver pull over here. Have fun at work Eugene, don't get too comfortable." What about Thor? Eugene asked. "That's all I needed to know Eugene, have fun. Now goodbye." You son of a.... You know that man? Eugene exclaimed while getting out of the limo. "Goodbye until next time Eugene. Be ready to go next time as well Eugene your time to shine is near."

Eugene left the with an understanding that his life was about to change. It would appear these people are working for something other than humanity. They want to destroy everyone and it is not a game. Perhaps everything I know is just their lie, and if this is the case I want no part of it.

The End?

Eugene went home to think about what the implications of all of this could truly mean. He sat down and decided there will be only one choice that can be made given the situation at hand. While these old fools feel I am some sort of important person I know the truth. These people have been deceived. He came to the realization that perhaps he did have a place in all of the chaos. He knew his purpose was to show them the error in their ways. A monumental task; which the answer came to him on a bright sunny day in his backyard. The powers have been tricked; through their own trickery they have unleashed the beat which will consume them. However the ones which they have preyed upon have a savior for if Christ had not died for them then people as myself would be unable to see through the illusion. I understand that they are playing the same old demonic game played over ages and throughout times. For in the end there will be not one antichrist there will be many.

Having realized that there will be many false Christ, I have now arrived at the great truth waiting to be revealed. That the blood of Christ will awaken within all those who seek salvation through the lord. So what these powers are doing is waking their own salvation someone has to show them for whom it is they really serve, "As those at the top of the pyramid of illusion already know". They will have their day of judgment, they have come to me and I tell them I do not work for you. It was not until I approached the incarnate of evil that I see the truth, the truth..... The truth is as the Bible stated long ago; Christ is now in us as his sacrifice gave us eternal salvation and soon will be the time when the spirit of Christ will awaken in those of us who wait.

It is in the time of the great awakening of Christ that the powers which approached me will have their hell with which they seek. We however, we will merely pass through the reality which man inspired by demons created. Straight into the light of God to be one with our creator as God intended and begot his only son to live in us that we one day unite to create the world which the most high intended. Soon a new beginning will appear, we have no need to live in their fear as we will merely pass through it during the time in which God intended. When the hands on the clock line up we will pass through this hell they created into something new. Something Christ who is Good has been working on for some time now, we wait we shall endure. Eugene now knew the truth, to apply that truth up the ladder is now his purpose. I know many have not been allowed to know the truth, and now I can speak to these people, now I now my errors, now I know my destiny. Now the time has come.

How Ironic.

Do You Want To Know More?

Should I Go On?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love your hubs they are all so interesting and look very they way you continue to spread the truth. God has a unique way of uncovering there lies each day. More and more will come out until every corrupted thing they have done or plan to do will be exposed. Thank you have a great day.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      4 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      We must all remember to follow no man who claims he is good! Follow the spirit of Christ and stay in tune with the holy spirit, the holy spirit will guide you not a man. Always be weary when the masses starting to look to one man for an answer. Don't fall for the great trick.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      crawled out from under a rock and evidently she is a genius'

      ' so tell me Jill since you re a genius pump up your asinine reasoning for making that comment,i would be so relieved to know YOU are the "ONE" even Moses stuttered.

      Go play

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      7 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Did I miss something here Jill? Where do I claim to be a "genius"? I guess you came up with that all by yourself Jill, I thank you.

      However you must have taken it back and now claim I am not a genius. When the thought was yours not mine to begin with. My grammar? Grammar makes you a genius? I thought some of the most famous geniuses had good editors? Maybe you are that editor Jill, please help me then, lol.

      Thanks Jill I am still confused. I just reread my entire article here and found no place where I call myself a genius. But you have, and I thank you for that Jill.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I would like to comment on your "genius". Your grammar is proof alone that you are not a genius... Good luck on that one... Other than that nice piece..

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 

      8 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      This world shall become worse and worse.One will need more strength and stability to face the coming trials and tribulations that shall beset this world.Supernatural occurrences shall increase,Dictatorship shall become more dominating and wide spread,sickness and plagues like the black death,that kill millions of people shall return,the household shall become more separated and violent,and the power of nature shall increase in destruction.

      As it is written,there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since since the world begin.These things will take place during the process of future times.

      Only certain ones shall be the victors during those times.Everyone was not predestine to believe nor to be prepared.The good shall be more hard to find than it is now,and violence of every kind shall beset the spirits of humankind.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      8 years ago from On the edge

      I hate to be one way and selfish about all of this but, firstly, I'm covered and try as I can to make others aware of what they need to do to have the peace that passes understanding and two, if the world ends today and I actually dusted and vacuumed behind all of the furniture ... I'm going to be PISSED!

      Seriously, this is a wonderfully written, thought provoking hub, as per your usual.

    • Apostle Jack profile image

      Apostle Jack 

      8 years ago from Atlanta Ga

      It is in the world now.The 2 beasts in the book of Rev will be the leaders.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting scenario.

      I'm guessing the chaos that broke out was the

      Japan disaster,which I feel is the catalyst to

      major changes coming.


    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Sorry I was right in the middle of finishing this story when chaos broke out, I will finish it as soon as I can. I managed to hit a decent stopping point though.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Remember this hub is not over it has only just begun. So before you get so offended wait and read more, as the ending may just surprise you.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      Or is the 21st century a breeding ground for grooming false prophets and anti messiahs? In this day in age you can take anyones personal life experiences and given the right parameters give them the ability to see themselves of having godlike or Antichrist like delusions. Either way this one is a doozy.

    • steve8miller profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Miller 

      8 years ago from Ohio Great City of Dayton

      How will the end come? This is the story we have all been waiting to hear. Assuming it is true these events are unfolding However that is based on a pretension assumption.


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