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The Balance

Updated on July 14, 2016

Nature Will Always Balance Itself Out

This is not a question of good and bad, but a question of acceptance and belief.
This is not a question of good and bad, but a question of acceptance and belief.

The Religion of Acceptance

This is not a religion that tells you what is right and wrong. We all have a general understanding of some pretty simple things we shouldn't do; such as murder, rape, steal, etc. There are also many things that depend on culture and era within which you were raised, as well as previous religions you were a part of or somewhat exposed to, that set different standards of what is right and wrong.

You can be a part of any religion to begin with, and you can agree or disagree with all of the views that I personally share. The only thing asked of you here is Acceptance. So, let me break this down and explain.

There are black tiles and white tiles for weighing the energies on the Earth. Black tiles are negative, and white tiles are possitive. If it were the case that all things considered "good" in the U.S. were considered good everywhere else, and vice versa, and that all bad in Asia were considered bad in the rest of the world, then we would have already achieved ultimate balance. The Earth would also be very boring.

So then there are gray and brown tiles.

Gray tiles are tasks, life goals, life events, natural occurances, thoughts, etc. that are generally considered good in nature by a vast majority of those who influence you.

Brown tiles are tasks, life goals, life events, natural occurances, thoughts, etc. that are generally considered bad in nature by a vast majority of those who influence you.

The reason these tiles are brown and gray, is that they are only viewed as good or bad by you, and the people that influence you, because of the influence that you have recieved. There are many people who believe differently than you and your family, or friends. But collectively, these tiles help to balance the scale in our lives and in nature.

The reason this means that this is the religion of acceptance? Well, let's get into a touchy topic.

Remember that we all generally understand that rape is bad? Some people are raised believing that rape is actually how you are supposed to behave toward a person, because of things that may have happened to them when they were young. The rape is still wrong to a majority of us, but to that person, it is not. This moves rape from an ultimate black tile to a brown one for you, and a gray one for that person. The tiles are placed on opposite sides of the scale and... Balance.

I'm not saying to condone rape. I am saying that you must accept that some people are evil, and others are misguided. You must also accept that no matter how hard you try to get rid of things that you view as bad, they will always continue. This is what creates the conflict that makes living so exciting, in either a good or a bad way. Do all you can to protect those that you can, but when you find you can not, you need to accept that.

Integrated Nature

We're trying to integrate nature into our unnatural world instead of integrating our inventions into nature.
We're trying to integrate nature into our unnatural world instead of integrating our inventions into nature.

What Balance Means In Life

For every action is an equal and opposite reaction.

It is very likely that you have done both good and bad things in your life. And it is also likely that while you were bad, someone else in the world was good. And while you were good, someone else in the world was bad.

We see good and evil as a fight, generally. We view them as being opposing forces, and one is trying to win over the other, and most of us want good to win.

But in fact, good and evil are best friends, walking hand in hand. When a bad deed is done, someone somewhere responds with a good deed. And when that good deed is done, sometimes bad deeds are done back to them, and other times, the bad focuses somewhere currently more succeptible. They are not fighting each other, they are simply volleying a ball back and forth, using us to hit that ball.

Once you can accept this, you can accept that you can change your course of life and someone else will fill your role in your previous life. You can also take a deep breath and say, "All is well" when bad things happen to you.

Balance is good. Evil is necessary, but you don't have to be that person.

Some of the main religions

The main points in these religions are similar sometimes, but not the same as Balance.
The main points in these religions are similar sometimes, but not the same as Balance.


The Balance is an open spiritual acceptance rather than an organized religion. You may believe in any one existing diety or multiple dieties and still apply these principles to your life. You can also not believe in dieties, whether you are athiest, or you just believe in spirits around us, these life principles can still apply to you.

Having said this, acceptance of the existence of all religious beliefs is not the same as the support of all religious beliefs. As long as the religion, in general terms, is not a harmful one to those who belong to it, or those who do not belong to it, then it is "okay" to support them. But if there is a cult or subcult within or against a religious group that causes harm to their followers and/or to schools of thought with opposing views to their own, then the open support of those groups are not "okay".

Again, you can accept that all of these religions exist, but supporting violence and hatred, especially on this blog, will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with according to severity of offense. There have been no issues currently, but if any were to arise, I, Sagi Ren, do have the authority to do something about it.


Likewise, any sort of discrimination against religions, race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, etc. will also not be tolerated.

To explain in greater detail, and leave no question, here are the following bulletpoints:

  • The support of Isis, Al Queda, Taliban, or any other radical Muslim group will not be tolerated. However, not all followers of Islam belong to this group, and I expect that, unless someone is pledging their allegience to Isis, commenters will all be respectful of Muslim commenters or people who appear to be of the Middle East.
  • If you are an athiest and one or several of the other commenters are religious, it is expected that you are respectful of their beliefs while adding your own opinion. Likewise, if you are religious and one or several of the other commenters are athiest, please do not try to force your beliefs onto them.
  • If there is someone who is openly homosexual, bisexual, pansexual (or any other of the many preferences), it is perfectly fine to be openly heterosexual, but not alright to be homophobic. And, if you are homosexual and notice heterosexual people, whether they are acting homophobic or not, do not intentionally make them uncomfortable.
  • If anyone identifies themselves as a gender other than the gender they were born as, or a gender you have never heard of, no hate speech against them. And of course, those of you who identify as a different gender should not act like those who are cisgender are less than you or beneath you somehow.
  • If someone is not the same race as you, do not say derogetory remarks about them. This includes white to black, white to asian, white to hispanic, black to white, black to asian, black to hispanic, asian to white, asian to black, asian to hispanic, mixed to white, mixed to black, mixed to... You know what, just don't be racist, okay? It goes in all different directions, everyone suffers from it, though some more than others, but please don't.
  • Sexism. If you like being a stay at home mother, that's great. If you want to marry a woman that is a stay at home mother, that's fantastic. But not all women want to be a stay at home mother, and you need to understand that that is awesome, too. Do not demean a woman simply because she is a woman. She is not less smart, less capable, or less human for being a woman. Likewise, not all men are sexist pigs, and you shouldn't immedietly believe so, so no derogetory remarks against them, either. (Side note, feminism originally and still stands for equality. Every feminist is not a "feminazi". A "feminazi" is someone who thinks that women are actually better than men, while a feminist is just fighting for equal rights for both sexes. A "meninist" is a man that either doesn't understand this difference, or really doesn't want a woman to have equal rights.)
  • Lastly, nationalism. All of our countries have flaws. Most of the people you will be conversing with, especially here, have little to no control of which county they live in, as most are born as a resident to the same country they will die a resident of. They also, mostly, will have little to no control over their government. So, no country should be a defining trait of a person, and do not insult people according to where they were raised.

Remember, equality and acceptance.Thank you for your time.


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    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 21 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A very interesting point of view. Balance is natural.