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The Book of LIFE ( Patience)

Updated on July 29, 2015

the Book of LIFE ( Patience)

The Book of LIFE

Love your Mother as she Cherishes your Father.
Remember your first thought on Earth.
Your Destiny is in your Hands and the palms
Of those that build you and support you.
Do not resist nor fight circumstances that oppress
you.‎ Grief and hardship build character in the
mists of trails and adversity.
Let everyday be a memory that is unforgettable.
You are Precious and your existence has a
purpose ‎greater than today.
Do not be led astray by foolish desires.
When your laughter is not followed by guilt
Your Motives and pureness in ‎spirit is still in
Pray when in doubt.
And worship when in a jubilant state of affairs.
Look not upon the demise of your foes, gratitude
is born in the rise and fall from glory.
Remain splendid in your ways.
Never look back with tears of frustration and
regret , what you can not change has already
shaped you in ways you can not imagine.
Your FEARS come to life, when you are
emotionally attached to a situation or when faced
with a decision to make, take your time some
mistakes can not be erased in our lifetime.
Regret will not change the PAST, nor will it make
you feel better, it will only deepen the hurt
and you shall shed bitter tears of resentment.
Do not pick up habits that alter your state of MIND
You will lose yourself and a lot of money,
opportunities wasted, if only I was more cautious
And saved the pennies I had.

When all is said and done what you do with your
Life determines weather your name will perish
as dust gathers on furniture, perhaps your
face will be printed on a hundred rand,pound
dollar or euro note in your lifetime.

Nothing is impossible.

If a thought has come to life in your MIND?
What ever obstacles may stay in your way
find a way around them. Do Not let ‎your
Dreams perish, as only your soul possess their

When you seek Love and it hurts because your
spouse fills your head with paranoia and doubt.
The relationship is like a cloud of doom.
In the foot step of dark shadows, pray and find a
way of salvation, save your soul and happiness.

Be aware of what Lies in your heart, mind,
thoughts, motives, dreams and nightmares
for ultimately that is your reality.
What would make you happy?
Are you happy?
Are you depressed, clinically or due to
relationships and circumstances life has thrown
at you?
No matter how dark it may GET.
No matter how cold the room may be.
No matter how lonely and useless you may feel.
How it seems nobody Loves YOU.
You may not have anything to look forward to.
You may not have been created out of Love
between your parents, yet the Universe, God
allowed you to come on this earth you were born.
Given a Name Surname, and yes you LIVE.....
Give the world SOMETHING to remember
You by. Start a FAMILY, name your children after
Saints and may their Surnames be Bright and
Colourful ‎as the HOPE which life is born within.
Save the little pennies you have.
Buy a musical instrument and make music which
Humanity will be fond of. The angels will be
pleased. Perhaps you may bring yourself good fortune.
Do not have PITY that will aggravate your
Depression Poverty and Suffering.
Look forward to tomorrow, by making militant
Fruitful decisions today.
Anything or Anybody that brings you down
eliminate through progress and gradual success.

The easiest to conquer all negativity is seeing the
goodness ‎and fruits of your hard work and
compassion your Soul has bought to LIFE.
Have FAITH never stop believing in the goodness
Of your existence, that is a reflection of your
Greatness and GLORY .
You are Alive You the POWER to be whatever YOU
Want to be.

All you NEED is Time.
All you NEED is to Believe.
Gods Poet Nkosi


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    • profile image

      Nkata 2 years ago

      The Mother (Community of God = men women and children)

      The Father (The Word and Spirit = Truth of God)(God = everything that is good)


      Peace be with you my brother