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The Broken Hallelujahs...

Updated on June 16, 2015

The Broken Hallelujahs…

I have hesitated to write this blog literally for months thinking that it would be a hindrance to the young Christian or those who are seeking Christ Jesus… reluctant to truthfully convey that simply because you are a Christian that your troubles are not over. As a matter of fact, you troubles will increase and every time God gives you the power to overcome… more troubles come, akin to cutting off the head of the Greek Hydra.

This constant having to overcome is what Satan and his minions do because the Devil knows that if you continue to believe in the primacy of Christ Jesus - as the only son of God and that He raised Him from the dead - in all aspects of this life that your reward is so great that it cannot be articulated in spoken or written words, even if you have swallowed Webster’s latest version of the dictionary. Satan knows that there is no Christ coming to redeem him like how Christ came and redeemed the world for father Adam’s fall, provided that we formally accept JESUS-AS-SAVIOR. Yet, although we know what to do or should do when the troubles of the world come, we are impatient and we convict ourselves for those troubles we supposedly brought on ourselves, lingering in guilt, which then result in our prayers becoming like broken Hallelujahs.

To the young Christian or even to those of who are seasoned pilgrims, know by now that you will stumble and you know that the very vices you pray for Jesus to take away come like floods; and if and when you falter… the great advocate, which is Satan operating in the flesh, will mock you and make you feel unworthy of Jesus’ grace and sometimes the guilt will become overbearing. Another aspect of serving Jesus is that the very thing you craved before you accepted Jesus, which was illusive, all of sudden shows up to be had - do you think that it is a coincidence.

Years ago, before I became a Christian… at the hospital where I worked as a security guard, I pursued an Egyptian doctor to no avail. I left the job and went to law school and in the interim I gave my life to Jesus, but when I returned after the first year to visit my best friend on my former job, the doctor seems to be interested. My best friend seeing her interest said to her that she did not want me when I worked security, but now she was interested because she had heard that I left to be a lawyer. The truth is that it was Satan using the very thing that I coveted to entice me to engage in fornication - do I lie to my Christian brothers and sisters and say that I was not tempted, even now when I purport not to drink milk, but eat the solid food of the Gospel of Christ Jesus… of course not… because I would be lying to the young or even to the seasoned Christians.

The Word says we ought to pray for each other and so to those who read this blog that are Traditional Christians - meaning that if certain behaviors were wrong when Christ walked the earth, they are still wrong now - pray for me to have the very convictions conveyed in this blog when He wakes you 3 A.M. in the morn. Pray that I have the forgiving spirit like my beloved mother whose husband 31 years ago left her with three kids and literally told the divorce judge on the island of Saint Croix that he wants out of the marriage because my mother was a Christian and that he was unable to go to secular parties/dancing with her now that she was an avowed Christian. This man is now paralyze and when he came to New York recently for treatment, my mother who never remarried went and took care of him and minister to him because she said that is what Jesus would want of her.

Is my mother perfect - of course not because it is rather humbling to hear my mother asking me to pray for her when she is struggling and engaging in what amounts to the manifestations of broken Hallelujahs… even though we know that to Jesus that there are no broken Hallelujahs. I pray for all of us to remember Christ’s Word that says: “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning….”


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 years ago from New York

      Thanks... anything to support and motivate the body of Christ.....

    • Nikki Major profile image

      Nikki Major 5 years ago

      Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me that although i am christian, we all fall short of his glory. But most of all thinks for reminding me that we don't have to beat ourselves up and we can get back up and keep serving him. This race is not given to the swift or neither the strong, but the one that endureth to the end. Be Encouraged.