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The Color of Hope in Our Life

Updated on August 5, 2014

If hope were a color, what color do you think it would be? My favorite color is blue and my favorite place to be is anywhere close to the ocean, so I might associate the color blue with hope. But hope is as individual as we are, so it would be as many different colors as there are many different people.

Hope, in my life, oddly enough, has come through dates (Calendar dates). I figured that out just recently. There are people associated with the dates, but the date itself (I believe) is where the hope is found. How can a calendar date be a sense of hope? (You might ask); well, the answer rests in the chain of events that had to take place in order for me to be in possession of the things that harbor those dates. There is no way I would ever question the presence of Divine Help in my life, and that is the kind of hope which can get you through just about anything.

I believe that everyone has the Gift of Hope in their life. For me, hope is found in calendar dates, I didn’t choose that, it chose me, but for someone else, hope would be of a different color altogether, and found in a very different venue. You have to look at your life and figure out where the hope is found. Look at any oddities that have happened throughout the years, maybe hope was knocking at your door but you didn’t recognize it. Think about names or places, events and people who have zigzagged in and out of your life; somewhere along the way, I’d be willing to bet that a pattern of hope began.

The only reason why my experience with hope was so obvious in my life was because it had to be! I’m telling on myself here, but I tend to be a bit of a goofball, and unless something is right in my face, I’ll miss it, so God went to great lengths to make sure I received my gift. He knows what’s coming soon; that my life, for a time, is going to be likened to a female dog, and I’m going to need all the hope I can get.

If I could say one thing that I thought could help someone through a tough time, it would have to be; that there is hope in everyone’s life. And it is not based on what religion you practice (If any), or how good of a person you’ve always been, it’s the simple belief that there is a Power, bigger than you, in charge of the whole kit-n-caboodle, and They are going to walk you through what ever is going on in your life. The Gift of Hope, as I have experienced, is the Hand to hold on to in this journey of life, and that my friend, is a color beyond description.

Be well and always be hopeful!


The Hope Within - Lyrics

When I look deep within myself

The person that I see

Looking back at me

Is crying, “Hope!”

“Hope is what you have”

“Hope is in the little things in life we find”

“The predestined appointed times of God”

There are days when my strength seems to fail

I cannot stand alone

But no one else is there

I cry “Hope!”

Hope is all I need

A gift of hope to raise me up before I fall

The awesome reassuring Hand of God

To some hope may be

A number showing itself repeatedly

Or a time of night when

Your mind is awakened

Always to find

It’s that same time

To others hope is found

In the heart and soul within a singers sound

Or a phone call from

A cousin just to say

Hello to you

Out of the blue

When you find the hope within yourself

You will never be

The person you remember

You’ll cry “Hope!”

Hope is all you need

Your life will never ever be the same again

And Hand in hand you’ll walk this life with God

To some hope may be

A date in time to set a Jubilee

Or a moment you’d forgotten

But now remember

That memory

Is hope in deed

To others hope may well

Be intimate and something not to tell

But no matter where the hope is

It’s forever

It’s there for you

To see you through

How could I look within myself

Knowing what I do

What God has walked me through

And not cry “Hope!”

For hope is all I have

And hope for me, my long awaited Jubilee

The awesome reassuring Gift of God


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