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The Correlation Between Religion and War

Updated on March 24, 2018

Understanding our human heritage of hatred

Can man move beyond its own ignorance?

We must first learn how and why we maintain our human heritage of hatred and pass it on generation after generation.

We must stop this war with ourselves before it is too late.

Religion and Wars vs reality

Ignorance causes war and conflict
Ignorance causes war and conflict | Source

A continuous War:

There is a war in progress on this planet at all times.

A war that is real, frightening, and endless.

A war in which there can be no winners.

This virtual war game is being played on a daily (second to second) basis in the minds of all earthly inhabitants.

Fueled by "negative" energy:

This is NOT a theory, or speculation. It is painfully evident to those who will open their mind's eyes and see the reality of their psychic influences on others around them.

As these negative energies grow stronger, so does the devastating effects on this planet and on humanity itself - wars, strife, social unrest, intolerance and hatred - are all the fuels necessary to continue this war on ourselves.

How did we get here and why?

As ancient civilizations arose around the globe, materialistic values grew faster than intellectual values. Instead of taking a humanistic direction, value was erroneously misplaced on amassing material possessions as an indicator of superiority, success, and power.

Superstition provided the first seeds of religion. Superstitious beliefs and their practice came out of ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic, or chance, but mainly a false "conception of causation".

These led to an irrational attitude of mind, toward the supernatural nature, and the creation of 'gods', resulting from this superstition. A notion accepted, maintained, and nurtured, despite evidence to the contrary. Creating and causing an acute emotional abjection to be planted into humanity/mankind itself.

The accepted abjection of mankind unwittingly unleashed this subversive mentality of sinking to, or existing in, a low state of condition, (a cast down in spirit), showing utter hopelessness, resignation, expressing, or offered, in a humble and often an ingratiating emotional disposition.

For example: when crops were destroyed by any "natural" cause such as floods, storms, insect infestations, blight, et al..., it was perceived that it was some kind of punishment for something mankind did to displease a wrathful god.

All adverse phenomenon was then seen as a 'punishment' for something man did, or did not do, that upset their gods of harvest, the sun, the moon, the seasons and so on - ad infinitum.

Coupling these superstitions with the aggressiveness of other tribes, or individuals within their own tribes, who desired to control others and amass social commodities for personal gain - allowed Greed to set in, take root, and flourish.

To compensate for, or justify, these new psycho-social mechanics that caused feelings of inferiority, loss of control, or failure in any one field; they adopted a counterbalance by increasing their investments in another area - that being their superstitions.

The people themselves, being the downtrodden by uncontrollable circumstances, saw themselves as the victims of forces beyond their control. Forces that could only be set upon them by some unseen being. They named those negative unseen forces 'Satan' and 'evil'.

The 'innocent' people became the "good" and those who represented their oppressors became the "bad".

In order to justify their inability to overcome adversities beyond their control there was born this mystical battle between "Evil and Good".

To make it more realistic the magical stories of a "God versus Satan" concept was born.

To make this 'concept' even more real - religions were born, enhanced, and sold as truth, generation after generation. (The true concept of the adage that if one tells the same lie often enough they begin to belief it as truth).

That sickness of the psyche has become more complex and sophisticated today; but nonetheless, just as powerfully controlling and fueled by the same motivators, are the leaders of the thousands of religions that arose throughout our history, all across this planet.

And very few for altruistic reasons. Wealth, control and power over people by any means necessary was, and still is, their basic mainstay, and brainwashing from the time of birth - their greatest weapon for insuring its continuity.

Today in our "civilized" world, superstitions still rule, and ruin, the lives of millions of humans through that same fear of the unknown, unfounded guilt, unfounded hatred, ignorant intolerance, lust for power, and amassing material possessions.

So there is a war going on today that started during the early stages of man's development. The growth factors since early times were, and still are, selfishness, greed and control - greatly fueled by psychological abuses handed down generation after generation.

Can mankind rid itself of these shackles that hold us all captive to this suppression of our own making?

It is painfully doubtful.

Shedding Old Ideas:

These ancient growth factors have become a necessary and essential part of our society and may indeed be the ruling factors for thousands of years to come unless humanity destroys itself in the process, which seems the most likely prospect for the future as indicated by global behaviors in today's world.

As long as ancient beliefs are maintained, that there is an ongoing war between good and evil, and religions to make sure it remains; wars must be an intrinsically indelible and intractable part of humanity's heritage.

Religions themselves have become the enemy of the people, the guardians of hatred, the executioners of truth, and the shackles that bind us to the past.

The evolution of the creative forces in the universe move forward unrelentingly and mankind stagnates and wallows in its own fear and self doubt.

"the earth is but a stage and we are all just players on it - we must learn to let the show go on, as nature intended!!"

by: d.william

Life - The show must go on

© 2012 d.william


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