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Demonic Truths

Updated on August 21, 2022
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Rodric's opinion of the Restored Gospel's doctrines change as more revelation comes. In the meantime, reasoning and perception rule the day.

Understanding the nature of God includes understanding the nature of His creations. All creatures were organized and placed on the Earth in preparation for the coming of humanity. Stars in the sky and planets in the solar system were put in place to create the cosmic forces necessary to make life possible on this planet. Along with some of those creations came the dark side of things. For every yin, there is a yang. In this article is written information about the dark angels.


Demons and Devils

One-third of the spirits of heaven that rebelled with Satan fell to the earth after the war in heaven commenced. These spirits are siblings to humanity and were deceived into thinking that Satan actually had a plan that could work.

They rebelled against the Father with the idea that the Plan of Salvation was a choice and not the standard. Due to their rebellion along with Lucifer, these spirits would never be born with bodies of flesh and would never know the glory of God because they rejected Him before He could even institute the plan on this Earth.

As a part of their fallen state of existence, these spirits were cast to Earth where they tempt men and women away from the truth and tell them lies. Because they did not experience a veil to block their minds like the rest of humanity, these spirits remember each human and know things about them from before their fall from grace.

These demons hate all things that God has created, have turned away from any good, and are eternally lost--all because they used their agency to follow the great deceiver who even deceives himself, Lucifer who became Satan.

Demons, human siblings, are not strange alien creatures depicted in movies or written about in books. They are people who will never get to be born and have the option to reach their full potential.

Depiction of Lucifer

Demons Do These Things:

1) Pose as dead relatives and appear to Family!

In life, we have the option to live holy lives no matter what the religious persuasion we have. If during life we choose to embrace mostly darkness, evil spirits will dwell with or even possess the bodies of those so inclined. Demons can become so adept at mimicking loved ones who passed that they can pretend to be that person. Seances and Spirit (Ouija) boards are tools that some spiritualists use that demons will also use to deceive the living.


The dead are allowed to contact the living. The wicked dead are NOT given that privilege. Only the righteous dead are permitted to contact the living if it moves God's plan forward.

2) Pose as Angels and deceive Believers!

This is a very common occurrence, unfortunately. Most humans are spiritual people even if they do not believe in a god per se. With the faith of mortals, devils can appear to them mimicking angels of light. Once a demon does this, it will tell 100 truths to get one deception in to frustrate God's plan for as many mortals as possible.

3) Possess the bodies of mortal men and women!

Demons are unembodied spirits. They can possess mortals, but only with an invitation. Ways that mortals invite demons to possess them is by the choices we make in our lives. All possessions are not like the ones where people are chanting and convulsing. That type of possession is rare. Normally demons convince people to do what they already are inclined to do and urge them on from one level of wickedness to another until they feel powerless to change.


Demons are the offspring of God and inherited some abilities just by virtue of that association. They, however, do not have power over mortal people other than what we invite them to do. Even someone who outright worships the devil has to invite evil spirits to possess them directly or by how they live their lives.

4) Convince people to focus on supernatural phenomena to prevent them from focusing on the truths about God.

Not all people will respond to a visitation by a spirit good or evil. Demons work with what they are given--just as God works with what we give Him. Demons do have control of certain elements of the environment and can lead people down paths that keep them from ever focusing on Jesus Christ's plan in this life.

5) Imitate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit save peace or love because they do not know these things being in conflict.

The scariest thing that demons can do is imitate God's power. Faith is a powerful human tool, being that we are the offspring of God. Each of us has the potential power in us to create and grow. Look at human society for proof. Demons can provide revelations and the gift of tongues. They cannot give peace, which is what Christ informed His disciples would be past understanding as recorded in St John 14:26-27.

6) Encourage dispute and religious persecution!

This is a given. The war in heaven has not ended for demons and devils. They will use each opportunity to sew seeds of discord.

What Demons Want

A demon's greatest triumph is to persuade a human to believe there is no God or devil and all that exists is mortal life.

Ultimately, their goal is to have all people worship Satan as the chosen son of God, because that was Satan's purpose from the very beginning: to be adored and worshiped without putting forward the love required to persuade all creation to worship as did the members of the Godhead.

These spirits are terrible and dangerous, but anyone who possesses a physical body has power over evil spirits, and the name of Jesus Christ will usually send them howling.

These dark brothers and sisters do hate all of humanity. It is their desire to take their bodies. If they can bend a person's will to their designs for a moment, they will take the opportunity. They never rest.

God is fair and just

He will not interfere in the affairs of men against our wills individually. As a group, He will always warn humanity before He blesses them or pours out wrath for wickedness. Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost, [1] or in other words, the Holy Spirit will be present and carry their words to human hearts.

It is a key to discerning if the spirit is one sent from God or a demon posing as a messenger from God. Joseph Smith taught that if an evil spirit is offered a hand to shake he or she will take it and reveal themselves because they are so desirous to connect with living flesh. Just or righteous spirits will make no movement towards flesh knowing they have a right to it through the resurrection of Christ.

The end

In conclusion, I hope that you use the things I have written as a tool. None of what I wrote is law, but observations I have made from my studies of the Gospel. Prayer and study will always help to separate the good stuff from the chaff. Again, what I type here is not Law, but information based on my understanding of the doctrines associated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ via the Restored Church of Jesus.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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