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The Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen

Updated on February 27, 2013

Patron Saint of Fishermen

Every July the Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen is celebrated in Tenerife. For Catholics she is a patron saint and protector of fishermen and sailors.

Statues of the Virgen del Carmen, as she is called in Spanish, are taken out for boat trips around the bays of seaside towns and villages.

One of the biggest festivals in honour of the saint is held in Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife when thousands of people gather at the sea front to celebrate the occasion.

Photos from the Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen

Fiesta of the Virgen de Carmen in San Marcos
Fiesta of the Virgen de Carmen in San Marcos
La Virgen del Carmen
La Virgen del Carmen
Dancers at the fiesta
Dancers at the fiesta
A band on stage at the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen
A band on stage at the Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen

More about the Fiesta of the Virgin of Carmen

The Virgin of Carmen is also known as Nuestra Señora de Monte Carmelo ("Our Lady of Mount Carmel"). The festival is often simply known as the Fiesta del Carmen.

The Virgin of Carmen's actual day is 16 July but festivities are carried on all the week that date is in and into a second week in some places.

On the special day the Virgin is taken out from her home in the church to embark on a boat. Thousands of people gather to watch this event which is one of the high points of the year's religious celebrations.

San Telmo is another patron saint of fishermen and sailors and he is honoured in the same way as the Virgin of Carmen.

In many places where the fiesta is celebrated stages are set up and bands, singers, musicians and dancers perform on these. Traditional Canary Islands folk music is played by the acts that appear as well as rock and pop music.

Very many local people and others from nearby towns and villages arrive to enjoy the Fiesta del Carmen.

Plenty of food and drinks including wine are provided for those taking part in the festival. And like at all fiestas on Tenerife the entertainment and festivities are free!


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    • Tenerife Islander profile imageAUTHOR

      Steve Andrews 

      6 years ago from Tenerife

      Muchas gracias!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Linda nuestra Madre

    • Tenerife Islander profile imageAUTHOR

      Steve Andrews 

      8 years ago from Tenerife

      Thank you for posting, Kaie!

    • Kaie Arwen profile image

      Kaie Arwen 

      8 years ago

      Religious festivals are based on belief and tradition; it good to see that Tenerife holds onto both of these things............ Kaie


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