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The Floating Dimension Of The Mind

Updated on December 28, 2015

What We Cannot See May Exist

Have you heard of the “floating dimension”? Of course, you have not. For as far I know, there is no such concept being introduced or coined by any intellectual or spiritual expert. The “floating dimension” is my personal idea of the dimension which we live our lives. The “floating dimension” is invisible to the naked eye, but pervasive in the mind. Our mind floats in this dimension; the “floating dimension”.

We have heard of the fourth dimension and “spacetime” concept. Frankly I don’t know how to experience fourth dimension, neither do anyone of you. This is because our faculties can only relate to three dimensions. So we are familiar with three dimensions or 3-D, because we have the faculties to experience the world in three dimensions. What we cannot experience in real life does not mean they are not in existence. Take for example, radio waves and micro waves. We have no physical faculties to see these waves, but we know they exist because we have benefitted from harnessing the potentials of these waves. Physicists believe that there are at least 10 dimensions in existence in this universe. However, we will never get to “see” them simply because our brain can only compute in three dimensions or commonly called 3-D.

The Pervasive Floating Dimension

What are you thinking now? The moment you answered this question, it is no more the truth. For the thought you were thinking a moment ago had past. New thoughts pass through our mind in nanoseconds. So rapid that they seem to be continuous in our mind, just like the film projection. The film projection shows a seemingly continuous flow of actions, but in actual fact it is a rapid projection of successive individual frames which create a false notion of continuity. Another example; the “seconds” hand of a watch. The “seconds” hand ticks away in a space of one second each time, but we usually view its movement as continuously ticking away.

An ordinary person’s life centers on his thinking pattern. He literally floats around in his inner world and projects his invisible dimension into what we see him as a physical person, his attributes which embrace his personality and character. This is his projection into reality from his “floating dimension”.

We Are Forever Floating Around

We are forever floating in the “floating dimension”, even in our sleep, which we call dreams. Have you ever wonder, whenever you perform certain thing, your mind is still wandering in the “floating dimension”? Even performing a simple chore like washing the dishes, we may be physically busy washing the dishes, our mind still floats in the “floating dimension”, thinking of this and that, hating this, loving that, and a myriad other floating fantasies and thoughts.

In a sense, we are not living in the moment, the present moment. When we perform “X” our mind wonders to “Y”, and when we attend to “Y”, our mind wonders to “Z”. Take this example; when you enter a room to take something, you first switch on the light. Then you complete the task and walk out of the room, forgetting to switch off the light. You are not being mindful of what you are doing. You are in your “floating dimension”!

The Problems With Floating Dimension

Literally, if we float around, what will happen to us? We will not be in one place at any time. This is the same with our mind. If our mind is not in one place, our thoughts will wander and float around aimlessly. Do you know this? Our mind leads us to nowhere. We think of the past, we think of the future. We hardly are mindful of the present. We worry over our future, what will happen to us if…. The “ifs” never end! We regret our past, or feel guilty over our past actions. In a way this thought pattern of the past, future and present is three dimensions. The process of this thinking pattern is the “floating dimension”. Our thoughts float around the past, the future, and less of the present. This “floating dimension” includes day dreaming and night dreaming.

Since it is “natural” to float around, what is the problem then? “Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean good. When we “float” in the “floating dimension”, we allow stray thoughts to dictate our lives. We cannot live in the past by thinking about the past. We cannot live in the future by thinking about the future. Only when we concentrate on the here and now, can we direct our lives effectively. It’s no point regretting the past or fear the future. The action is here and now. Real life is “here and now”. Another problem in the “floating dimension” is injecting poisonous thoughts into our system. Thoughts of hatred, resentment, jealousy, anger, revenge, and all their negative derivatives are poisons to our physical bodies. Over time if we allow these floating poisons to take roots in our mind and body, without our knowledge and realization, our immune system will gradually be weakened and diseases will manifest in our bodies.

How To Reduce “Floating”?

The method to reduce this “floating” around in our thoughts is to train the mind not to float around. It is in this mind training that we can still our thoughts and be more mindful of our present moment. Initially we need to tame our wandering mind, then we can train our mind to “listen” to us, instead of we listening to it. In other words, we no longer become the slaves of our own mind, but their masters. We no longer “float” around but stay put firmly on the ground. The positive results will be less mindless reactions to conditions, and experiencing inner peace within us.

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