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The Human Aura and How to Study it

Updated on February 23, 2011

After you have studied the auras of magnets and plants, you should turn your attention to the auras of living, human beings. Children may easily be studied, and their auras are exceedingly interesting.

Developed clairvoyants are enabled to see several different auras, - each of them being composed of a number of sub-divisions, and each sub-division having a different structure and colour. It is a good plan to begin the study of the aura by the aid of the chemical screens, before mentioned, in semi darkness : and then to practise viewing the aura without the screens, and, as the eyes gain sensitiveness, to admit more and more light, until it can be clearly seen in the daylight. In this way your psychic sight will be gradually and naturally developed.

How to decode the aura color meaning:

The "aura," surrounding each animate object, and particularly human beings, varies greatly in color and also in structure. We must now inquire first into the nature of these colorings, and secondly try to solve the question "what do they mean?" How are we to interpret these colors, realizing that they are but symbols of something which they merely express?

The color of every individual is doubtless somewhat different, and with the same individual it differs at various times, according to his state of health, the mental and psychical changes, etc. The majority of highly-developed clairvoyants agree that the following colors may be distinguished, and that they signify the existing physical, mental and spiritual conditions, as follows:

THE MEANING OF THE VARIOUS SHADES OF BLACK: indicates hatred and malice; anger and hate thought-forms are like heavy smoke.

RED: deep red flashes on black ground show anger : lurid red indicates sensuality.

BROWN : dull brown-red shows avarice ; dull, hard brown-grey selfishness; GREENISH BROWN: with red or scarlet flashes, denotes jealousy.

GREY: heavy- leaden shows deep depression ; livid grey shows fear. CRIMSON : indicates love.

ORANGE : pride or ambition.

YELLOW: shows intellectuality; duller tints show it is used for selfish purposes.

GREEN: deep blue green shows good qualities, deep sympathy, while grey-green shows deceit and cunning.

BLUE: dark, indicates religious feeling; light blue shows devotion to a noble spiritual ideal.

WHITE or near white, shows high spirituality.

DULL BROWN and blue show selfish religious feeling; dull yellow, low type intellect;

APRICOT shows pride;

BRICK RED indicates selfish affection and avarice.

LIGHT and BRIGHT RED show pure affection.

GREYISH- GREEN, with reddish tinge, shows deceit.

The health aura is clearly visible to the clairvoyant as a mass of faintly luminous violet grey mist, interpenetrating the denser part of the physical body and extending very slightly beyond. " It is easy to understand how almost infinite may be the combinations and modifications of all these hues, so that the most delicate gradation of character, or the most evanescent of mingled feelings may be expressed with the greatest accuracy. Many of the colours are unknown to our physical faculties, so that it is impossible to picture them with psychic hues."

When a clairvoyant sees these colours in the aura or surroundings of an individual, therefore, he may feel that the characteristics indicated are present; and the same thing is true when they are seen in the "surroundings" of a returning spirit.


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    • Zabbella profile image


      7 years ago from NJ-USA

      Thank you for enlightening me about this. Years ago, a friend had told me about my aura being all messed up and I knew things were not going well in my life at that time. Since then, I have tried to live a better life. Somehow, she was on to something! I wrote an article about it.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      7 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      LOVELY hub. I have dreamed of learning how to read aura's...mine included. Thanks for your talent.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I have just for the first time successfully tried to see my aura.

      The first time when i saw it, it was misty and smoke like.

      I am still practicing for to see aura's.

      Could you please tell me what should be my next step.


    • perfumer profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      Hi Imani,

      Most people can't see auras. The reason that you are seeing human auras is due to the fact the frequency of your energy field is slightly higher than most. This is certainly not a bad thing, but it can be really perplexing if you don't clearly understand what it is and what it is all about.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      very few that i have grown to care for have proven to me that aura means alot and i have realized thru time that this (aura studying) means more to me than i actually realized so i want them two to review this and see why i feel so tied up with this because ive been experinceing lots n lots of aura upon diffrent individuals and im still new to it all so its hard for me to understand it

    • perfumer profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from California

      Hi Trisol - Thank you so much for your comment and the thumbs up. I really appreciate this. I am sure you will also like my other hubs on human aura colors.

    • triosol profile image


      8 years ago

      very googe article. voted up


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