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Laws That Cannot Be Broken

Updated on February 19, 2019

Humanity From A Distance


One Man's Opinion

"The further away from your self you get, the more you realize you are not just yourself." - B. Stuart Noll

One of the very peculiar characteristics of the human ego is its thirst for self preservation through separation. Over time then, might it be possible for a human being to believe he or she is totally disconnected from everyone else? In my humble opinion if this were true we would not be here at this very moment, but because there exists laws which cannot be broken, humanity survives and evolves.

In the very well written and expressed hub entitled "Metaphysics: The Twelve Universal Laws Explained in a Nutshell," by fellow HubPages author ChristinS, I made the following comment:

"...The power in this hub, in my humble opinion, is in the first law. "The Law of Divine Oneness." We may not all have the same beliefs, and some may even dispute the following fact; we are all connected . There is simply too much indisputable evidence. Even then, an argument to the contrary will be made.

It is as much a part of our humanity as the power of choice. (The one human characteristic displayed in every individual on the face of this planet) We are connected even though we choose to separate ourselves from each other and thus from the source of all being.

I will bookmark this hub and respond with a hub entitled "Laws That Cannot Be Broken." In our beliefs we may deceive ourselves and each other, but the laws you have so eloquently stated cannot be subverted by an ego. They simply are!

There is a question the 12 laws present relative to our place in humanity and our desire to be as one. It is like that of a partner in marriage; "Do I want to be right, or married?"

I hope in this brief hub to support my comments in such a way as to inspire my fellow humans to consider this viewpoint about our connectedness for the purpose of taking one step closer to peace.

You decide...Is this possible or probable?

Can you put aside your current beliefs...for one moment? This video contains footage of 9/11 which may be sensitive to some viewers.

Many Perspectives, One Viewpoint

Though I strongly encourage each reader of this hub to to consider the 12 Laws outlined in the hub Metaphysics: The Twelve Universal Laws Explained in a Nutshell, I want to focus only on the first, the Law of Divine Oneness.

I respect the right of each person on earth to think and feel what he or she wants, to believe what they wish to believe. How could I make it any different. Yet, even though we have the incredible gift of choice, I challenge each person to consider this point; our view of life always emanates from within. Which one of us isn't behind our skin? Which one of us sees life through another persons physical eyes? Who acts, not on their own emotions, but on the emotions of another human being? Which one of us views their world from outside of their body or mind?

Why is this important? If, for arguments sake alone, this is correct, then our viewpoint has an opposite and that opposite is looking at us from a distance, as if we were looking at our lives from space. The further away we get from earth the less distinct each individual gets until at some point we are blended into one flesh, one planet, one galaxy, one universe, to infinity.

It isn't necessary for us to agree with each other on this point. I know we won't and I am willing to admit that this is my perspective. However, that doesn't change what we have in common that has yet to be disputed in all of recorded history. We are all born; we all bleed; we all die and every individual on the face of this planet is...well...plainly standing on this planet! Please, dispute that! If these things are true, then I would suggest we have have more in common than many religions would allow us to believe. Oh, and by the way, the word religion originated from the Latin religare - meaning to bind...or reconnect!

If we are to bind or reconnect, would that suggest that we were once bound to or connected to a source outside ourselves. I don't know, but if so, were we all individually connected to the same or different sources? Again, I don't know. I love my wife, Sophia, very much and her intuitive mind suggests that "we're all gonna be surprised." Well, being surprised does take some getting used to, so I'm leaning in that direction just for the halibut! (Chuckle, Chuckle)

Seriously though, I think you get my point and as I said earlier, you don't have to agree with me because whether I'm right or not, or whether we agree or not, isn't going to change what is! What all of this conjecture proves to me is that we are indeed one entity, like it or not, governed by the Law of Divine Oneness and that there is so much more for us to learn. Up close and personal we may feel we are very different from each other, but as we continue to step back and consider all of the possibilities we may begin to look very, very much alike...from a distance I'll bet you couldn't tell us apart...kind of like - one being! I recognize this is my opinion. Oh, you have one of those too? Another similarity. How similar do we have to be before we admit we are, essentially, one and the same!

However this turns out, I wish for you peace and I look forward to reconnecting when the time comes, if we haven't done so in this present moment already! It is with great love I choose to share this part of me with you. For the offering and acceptance of unconditional love of the Laws That Cannot Be Broken!

Your Opinion Matters!

Do you think we're connected?

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