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The Loaves and Fishes- A new view of Jesus's Love.

Updated on July 26, 2014

Stop, Stay, and Pray-Don't Run Away!

The Story:

We have all heard the story of how Jesus, the Great Teacher, fed thousands with a few loaves and fishes. Did you ever ask yourself what the point of this story was? I did once and it was revealed to me. What was the point? That Jesus can perform miracles, that we should break bread together, that Jesus cares about our physical needs?

The Surprise:

No! Jesus had already turned water into wine at the wedding, so we already knew that He could perform miracles. We already were told that Jesus loved us! We already knew the value of communing with other believers. So what was the significance and underlying message of this story? I am glad that you asked!

The Message:

Do you remember what the Great Teacher said to the Apostles when they said "

Send them away, that they may go into the country round about, and into the villages, and buy themselves bread: for they have nothing to eat"? Jesus said"H ow many loaves have ye? go and see". And when they knew, they say, Five, and two fishes. "And He commanded them to make all sit down by companies upon the green grass." There is the message! Do not let them go away! "I am the Bread of Life... Whosoever comes to Me shall not hunger". How often do we keep ourselves busy out of fear, pain, grief, anger,self pity, and the like? I do it! How often do we need something to eat in the morning or to check our emails or to let the pets out before we pray? Jesus says to "sit down". Why? He is what we need! Time spent with Him, is time spent being fed.

Many times I would have a busy day planned or be late for work, and would not spend time with Him in the morning, and my entire day would suffer. I had problems with anger, fear, jealousy,envy, despair etc. However, when I take time to pray AND meditate and ask God to help me to see where I can better love, be patient, be kind, be consoling, and to be obedient, I see His presence in my day. I have learned that prayer is asking and meditation is listening. If I pray and walk away it is like asking you how you are and walking away immediately! I ask God for knowledge of His Will and I then need to listen and hear Him! Meditation is not clearing one's mind for relaxation purposes, or for fun. It is to make us able to listen, to learn. Spend time with Him who strengthens us, because it is Him who is all that we need!

After spending time with The Master, we must then walk on His Earth and live the message and be the light for others to see. How can we show others what God's Power can do, if we do not receive it ourselves? I do not always act like a Christian. I don't! I must stay close to God and be shown what His Will is and receive strength to do what pleases Him. I need His Strength to do this, not will power, not my own discipline, but Him. So instead of "running around" I have found Power and comfort in sitting down with Jesus, and having Faith that He will provide, and not I.Let us never forget who is the Almighty Shepard, and who are the sheep. Since He is love I must spend time with Him, get fed and THEN get up, go forth, and love and "feed" those about me!

A Prayer :

"God, My Master, show me how to better love my fellows, and give me the strength to resist temptation. Thank you for loving me, and providing what I need! help me to be brave, but not so, that I stray, to be kind but not that I will gain from it, and to forgive, because you forgive me! Please give me strength to live as you would have me.


Sit quietly and listen. Then

-picture all fear, especially that of your needs and wants not being met, leaving you like a dark cloud over a town or a lake.

-envision those you will see today and stop. Let God show what His Will is.

-get quiet again and listen, watch with your eyes closed. LET HIM GUIDE YOU. He cannot show us where to go, and what to do, if we won't allow Him too! Even Saul, who was thrust from his horse had to listen to His Voice!


Try sitting quiet today and spend time with Jesus. Then, break bread with other believers. Tell them of your fears, anger, and other shortcomings. Then, ask how they are doing. Arm yourself in this way, and Satan will fail in his attempts on your life. Accept God's Love, Strength, and Will, and you shall not fail!

Thank you for spending time with me!


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    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 

      5 years ago from Washington State, USA

      Mike - I write about things, that ultimately don't matter all that much. Thank you for sharing your faith and talking in an open forum about our Saviour. YOU are a great writer!

    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you! It means a lot coming from a great writer!

    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 

      5 years ago from Washington State, USA

      Thank you for writing this, and writing it so very well.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 

      7 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Jesus is amazing! Just when you think you know Him, He surprises you with something so loving and so new. Great hub. Voted up!

    • Dardia profile image

      Darlene Yager 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      Nice hub! I think he may have also been saying, "God takes care of you and there is always enough." But also just as important, I believe he was saying, "Share your gifts and no one will go without."

    • Sky321 profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for the great inspirational lesson.

    • Mr. Smith profile image

      Mr. Smith 

      7 years ago from California

      Cool, Mike. Thanks.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Mike, Thanks for bringing me here. I was thinking about this passage in the early morning hours today as 8 of us closed the final hours of an all night prayer vigil. I was thinking about the testimony of answered prayer and the ways in which God has taken the offerings of this core group of people and has increased it so that others could be fed. You are right on target. Time spent with the Lord is time that we can be fed sooooo fully.

      I also appreciated the "Practice" portion of this meditation. This is exactly how we ended our time this morning. We each shared these kinds of struggles and as each shared we gathered around and prayed for each individual - speaking truth and strength and the wonderful power of God's life into each person's life...



    • kimh039 profile image

      Kim Harris 

      7 years ago

      The thing that strikes me about this scripture is that Jesus recognized how tired, hungry and in need of rest he and the apostles were, and suggested some alone time where they can take care of themselves and refuel. They were able to rest even though the crowds followed them to their resting spot. While the apostles rested, Jesus saw that the crowds were also hungry - spiritually - and he began to feed them by teaching them. While Jesus fed them spiritually, the apostles were concerned about their physical hunger, and wanted to be sure they got to where there was food before it was too late. I always thought of the loaves as spiritual food - and that the source of spiritual food is endless. It also occurs to me that because Jesus understood hunger, he recognized it in the apostles, and because the apostles' needs were recognized and met, they were better able to recognize and meet those needs in others, after Jesus' instruction. It is also comforting to know that the Lord is aware of our needs and is able to provide for us - even when we think we can't.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 

      7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Your Spiritual understanding is awesome; God speaks! So often we do worry about life and busy ourselves with other things, or we spend so much time with God other things go by the wayside. What a beautiful message to minister to both situations. If we just seek Him first, and HIS righteousness, ALL these things will be added unto us. He is the Truth and we can rest in Him.

      I love the example you gave of prayer, meditation and practice. Awesome!

    • Aiysha17 profile image

      Aiysha Jebali 

      7 years ago from UK

      Beautifully written and clearly Spirit inspired.

      I really enjoyed it and I agree it is something we often forget: to just close our mouths and listen to Him for the guidence we so certainly need. And the beauty is, that God provides.

      God bless and continue learning and listening to God, and your sharing His teachings with your Fellow Brothers and Sisters is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks be to God.

    • Treasuresofheaven profile image

      Sima Ballinger 

      7 years ago from Michigan

      Hello MikeSyrsutton, you put this piece together very nicely. I really like your revelation of the fish and loaves. Jesus is saying, "sit down don't go away, spend time with me and I will take care of you." You delivered a powerful understanding and wisdom to carry out this message. Fish and Loaves is more than about Jesus performing a miracle. I will adhere to your instruction. I felt the Spirit of the Lord while reading. Vote Up All The Way.....Amen! Amen!

    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Mark 6:30-44.

      30 And the apostles gathered themselves together unto Jesus, and told him all things, both what they had done, and what they had taught. 31 And he said unto them, Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while: for there were many coming and going, and they had no leisure so much as to eat. 32 And they departed into a desert place by ship privately. 33 And the people saw them departing, and many knew him, and ran afoot thither out of all cities, and outwent them, and came together unto him. 34 And Jesus, when he came out, saw much people, and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things.

      35 And when the day was now far spent, his disciples came unto him, and said, This is a desert place, and now the time is far passed: 36 Send them away, that they may go into the country round about, and into the villages, and buy themselves bread: for they have nothing to eat. 37 He answered and said unto them, Give ye them to eat. And they say unto him, Shall we go and buy two hundred pennyworth of bread, and give them to eat? 38 He saith unto them, How many loaves have ye? go and see. And when they knew, they say, Five, and two fishes.

      39 And he commanded them to make all sit down by companies upon the green grass. 40 And they sat down in ranks, by hundreds, and by fifties. 41 And when he had taken the five loaves and the two fishes, he looked up to heaven, and blessed, and brake the loaves, and gave them to his disciples to set before them; and the two fishes divided he among them all. 42 And they did all eat, and were filled. 43 And they took up twelve baskets full of the fragments, and of the fishes. 44 And they that did eat of the loaves were about five thousand men.


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