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The New Testament as The Workbook for True Followers of Christ

Updated on February 19, 2017


In the NEW TESTAMENT, which is THE SCRIPTURAL GUIDE FOR THOSE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST, there is no such thing as a "pastor". THERE IS ALSO no such thing as a building called “a church”. The true church (ekklesia) is made of living stones, people, Christ's residence is in HIS people. There is NO NEED TO GO ANYWHERE TO WORSHIP HIM. As His abode is IN HIS people and He goes WITH THEM wherever they go. We worship Him in Spirit and Truth wherever and when ever we desire as He told us to do,

There are elders in the body of Christ but they are NOT RULERS, THEY ARE SERVANTS OF ALL.


Anyone that is anointed of God understands this but those anointed of man corrupt this.

THE FALSE THING, the modern church system called the “church” does not exist in the new testament church (ekklesia). It is an attempt by apostate men to regain power over the people of Christ, that brings them back into the bondage that He has delivered us from. Do not fall for their trick, lies and false application of scripture. The priesthood (pastors etc) was done away with at the cross. There IS NO CLERGY and no laity in the new testament, all are equal.

No man is over another man, the HEAD OF MAN IS CHRIST and the HEAD OF WOMAN IS HER FATHER OR HUSBAND, father if single, husband if married.

At the cross Jesus FULFILLED ALL that was given only to Israel and only until ALL WAS FULFILLED, therefore it was ended when the veil was rent opening the most Holy place for ALL to enter. With Christ's resurrection ALL THINGS BECAME NEW, hence the NEW TESTAMENT. ALL AUTHORITY ON HEAVEN AND EARTH was Given to Christ the SON OF GOD until the end when He returns it to The Father and takes His seat in submission to the Father- GOD.

In the NT those anointed of GOD (through Christ His Son become SERVANTS OF ALL)

The false church system of men has been and is usurping the place of Christ and is an ABOMINATION before GOD. All involved in it are those scripture says will be told go away, I never knew you. Come out of her MY PEOPLE is CHRIST'S CALL to His people.

AS all authority on heaven and earth has been given to THE SON OF GOD, until He returns it to the Father at the end.

Time to wake up , read and correctly understand the scriptures for yourself and follow them, NOT MAN, if you desire to truly follow Christ. Do not follow the apostate men selling invalid fire insurance. While they are putting you back UNDER THE BONDAGE THAT CHRIST DELIVERED MAN FROM. We are to SERVE CHRIST ALONE. WE ARE TO HONOR CHRIST ALONE, NO MAN IS WORTHY OF HIS HONOR.


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  • PlanksandNails profile image

    PlanksandNails 12 months ago from among the called out ones of the ekklesia of Christ

    This is direct, to the point and a relevant message to all who are willing to listen. The lack of Kingdom principles is missing in most messages today. May we take heed and follow the example of Christ and the apostles.

  • profile image

    KingdomCome 12 months ago from those of the Ecclesia

    Outstanding. Great article celafoe. The sad part is very few believe it. One thing I would like to spell out to all. There was 10 Commandments and The Covenant handed down for God to Moses. So too did Jesus Christ gave a New Commandment with the New Covenant. And here it is:

    Matthew 13 34 (NKJV) 34 " A NEW COMMANDMENT I give to you, that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another."

    This commandment was given by Jesus Christ at the Last Suppper the evening before He died on the cross. His death brought in the New Covenant. So. a New Commandment with a New Covenant. The point is, very few seem to notice this. Jesus Christ has all power and authority given to Him by our Father in Heaven. Christ IS King. The ecclesia are His citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

    It's a shame the false church system doesn't seem to understand this. Thank you very much for this outstanding article that is full of truth.

    God bless.