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The Perfect Battle

Updated on September 16, 2013


David’s entrance into the furnace of preparation and God’s shaping of a King.

Let’s take a look at “Authority structure” and our operation within this structure. (Adapted from 1Sam.17)

We all know this story quite well and I am sure could almost speak the entire scenario verbatim.

I would like to expand and investigate a few things within what I am seeing take place in a story that seems to defy our human logic. And it should because this is exactly what happens.

But at the same time there are some dynamic factors that I believe we need to compute. Let’s run through them and then come back and learn their significance.

Vs 8> Goliath’s taunting.

Vs 11> Terror in the Israeli camp.

Vs 16> Been there 40 days already.

Vs 17> Jesse (David’s father) sends David

Vs 20> David leaves the sheep in good hands.

Vs 22> Leaves the provisions with the keeper.

Vs 26> David begins to ask questions.

Vs 28> He is rebuked by his older brother.

Vs 29> He turns away and continues to ask questions.

Vs 31> The matter is reported to Saul.

Vs 32> David’s statement, “Your servant will go.”

Vs 33> Saul’s reply.

Vs 34-37> David shares from his personal resume.

Vs 37> Saul’s agreement and blessing.

Vs 38-40> Unfamiliar attire

Vs 41-44> Goliath’s railing verbal abuse.

Vs 45> David speaks prophetically and in the Name of the Lord.

Vs 46-47> The battle is the Lord’s. David speaks words that are beyond his youthful stature.

I would like to put this into a perspective of our spiritual battles.

There are many battles we encounter throughout our lives. There are the numerous small ones that can happen as we get ourselves into the order of the day and there are the personal battles where we are dealing with the flesh and our desire to be freed from things that hang us up in our walk with the Lord. There are battles within the body of Christ, where others are trying to usurp authority.

There are battles in the spiritual realm that we may know nothing about.

There are battles for the freedom of others, healing, salvation, deliverance, specific and various needs requiring our full attention with prayer and often fasting. There are battles over health, wealth, life and well-being in general.

This particular battle is one of spiritual significance for a number of reasons.

God reveals a man after his heart and even in his youthfulness there is a huge degree of maturity in his faith and character. This young man was to become a warrior, a strategist, a leader, but most of all a submissive servant of richness and love for God and the people. This man was going to become a King of magnitude to the nations and a witness of God’s power and sovereignty to the Jewish people. There was not going to be another King to match his expression of love for God through the written word, songs, praises, and 24/7 worship in the temple.

God through David’s submission shows us a way or structure to which he gives his favor and blessing.

First let’s reveal some important aspects from the enemy’s camp:

1) They relied on one main thing: Intimidation! Goliath stepped out in defiance and shouted for forty days, both day and night.

(1Peter 5.8 “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.”)

2) Accusations: “Are you not servants of Saul!”

(Rev.10, He is the accuser of the brethren, day and night.)

3) To strike terror, “fear” in your heart. Goliath relied on his gigantic stature, size and reputation as a warrior to defy and terrify.

(Pr9.10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom…)

(1Jn 5.4, “for everyone born of God overcomes the world.”)

Our enemy the devil and his minions have no new tactics or strategy. He uses the same things over and over because they work and he has worked them to perfection. He can only manipulate what is in existence and is bound by laws within this universe as well as the laws to life structured by God.

He is given limited abilities. He has no creative power.

He is not omnipotent, and can only prowl about from place to place. He has to rely on a dysfunctional army of misfit fallen angels of different rank and file with agendas of their own.

Every single conqueror throughout history has used these identical strategies in their overtaking of territory. Some have called upon the demonic realm to assist them in their domination.

The sin of mankind overshadowed by darkness wields a mighty sword. So we see that nothing has really changed in all the history of mankind; only its application.

(But we also see how the power of God has prevailed to give us a balance on the earth or we would have been swallowed up long ago.)

And according to Vs 11; the fear tactic worked. “On hearing the Philistines words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.”

DISMAYED> Horrified and in a panic.

How many times has this happened to us? The school bully, the street gang, the threatening stare on the bus or subway or someone following you in the dark. The fear of going to your car, in the underground parking lot or having a vehicle breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps getting lost in an unfamiliar city, and in the wrong part of town. How about; hearing gunshots in your normally quiet neighborhood?

These are but the norm of things that can happen to any of us.

But then there are the exceptions, such as terrorist attacks on buildings, airplanes, buses, subways, designed specifically to bring upheaval and absolute horror and panic.

Here is an arch enemy who is at the ready to overtake the hearts of men who bend to his evil devices. So we recognize that from the time of Goliath to our present day, the differences are only that the players have new names.

The enemy will contest your strength, your attitude, your pride, your agenda, your personality, your attributes, your past sins, your submission to others, your heart, your health, your credentials, and anything else he thinks will weaken you.

Our stand with God and recognizing as David did, that this battle is the Lord’s

is a vitally important factor when facing such a huge life changing incident as David found himself in. It wasn’t about him; it was about defying the living God, the God of Israel.

Let’s walk through some Important facts and Structure to see how David secured the ultimate victory in God’s battle.

Right from the beginning we see that David is obedient to Jesse’s order to go to the place of the battle in the Valley of Elah, and to take provisions.

He is “obedient” and he is, “sent.” (Vs17)

He leaves the sheep in good hands. (Vs 20) “Caring.”

Upon arrival at the battle site “he leaves his things with the keeper of supplies.” (Vs 22) Shows his “responsibility.”

He runs to the front lines where his brothers are and he greets them. “Love and respect

Goliath comes out and shouts his taunts and everyone runs away.

(Vs 26) David “asks questions” about the situation and what will be done for the man who kills Goliath, and he is told everything. He then remarks, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

(Vs 27) Again he is told what the King will do for the man that kills Goliath.

Then David’s oldest brother Eliab gets extremely angry with him and rails at him with a whole mouthful of accusations.

This attitude can sometimes be prevalent within the body of Christ when you happen to come up with a strategy or suggestion when others are floundering. Many times it is family and friends who are the worst for bringing injury to us.

But David is not put off and turns away from the accusations and asks again. He is making such a commotion about this that the King finds out and sends for David. (Vs 29-31) “Persistent”

(We see from the previous chapter that Saul and David are acquainted, as David has been in the service of the King. He has been assisting him with some emotional problems, since the Spirit of the Lord has been lifted from Saul and Saul is being plagued by an evil spirit. We will also see how David will be tested before the Kingdom would be turned over to him.)

But at this precise moment he is before Saul and not feeling intimidated one bit, as he says,

“Don’t freak out any longer, over this heathen, I will go and fight him!” (Emphasis mine) David is available to “serve.”

Realistically we know that this should not be happening, it makes no sense, does not compute and we know without the favor, anointing, and timing set up by God, that these events are logically impossible.

David in “confidence and boldness” goes with what he knows and he executes his resume before the King and explains what God has done through him and how he has killed the bear and lion.

So here we have a calling” and we will see a releasing” by the King. All of these dynamics are being set into motion by God. David is suddenly allowed to go and fight on behalf of Israel. “Commissioned” David is fearless and it shows. He receives Saul’s “blessing”.

Side Bar:

The presumed thought is that David is very young, but there is little support for this. If the latter were true and he is a supposed youth of 10 – 14, why would Saul want him to wear his armor? Saul was a very large man and stood tall above others. We can only consider that he has to be older, perhaps closer to 18 or 20 and husky enough to have at least tried on Saul’s armor. He also wields Goliath’s sword and cuts off his head, returning with it and Goliath’s head in his hands. Thoughts to consider.

Saul wants him to go in his covering or armor, but it is unfamiliar to David. It is not his style. Also the “Spiritual covering” was gone from Saul. (Something important for us to prayerfully consider when encountering warfare on behalf of another.) David although full of admiration and respect, had a “mantle of faith” specific for this encounter.

What about when we join together with others and they have a particular way of doing things, a specific manner, style of praying, doing intercession, warfare, and so on. Are we going to immediately reject their manner or are we going to see their heart? This is especially important when we are together with other cultures; to have a respect for their ways. No one holds an exclusive on the giftings or faith exhibited in others or how they deliver the work of the Spirit.

Goliath is on the field of battle still ranting as David goes to the brook, selects his stones and approaches the enemy with sling ready. Goliath makes a joke of it all and David speaks a prophetic word” of how things are going to go down… He speaks from a heart well beyond his years.

Vs 45-47 "You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will hand you over to me, and I'll strike you down and cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel. All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the LORD saves; for the battle is the LORD's, and he will give all of you into our hands."

Another factor to regard is this; during the whole 40 day event we have no mention of King Saul going to the Lord for any input. There was no humbling on the part of the leadership and there is no mention of God’s prophet being sought out for a word. Saul was a very capable warrior and his army was well respected, but yet here they stood for a very long time in the strength of their flesh, until they were worn down, and humiliated with fear.

How many times are we guilty of going it alone?

Standing day after day without prayer or seeking the Lord through the word or the counsel of others. We will stay until we are worn down by tactics set to destroy us, our families, friends, church, neighborhood, city, and we are huddled in a corner not knowing what to do, while a dark shadow looms over us. I have learnt and seen over the years the absolute devastating extreme prejudicial onslaught of an enemy who is filled with hatred against the things of God. He is no respecter of age, race, culture, and unleashes an arsenal of weaponry against not only the Kingdom of God, but against the weak and innocent across this earth. He uses every form of villainy grabbing up the hearts of mankind that will bend to his hatred.

It is up to us to come as David with a faith and exuberance for the hand of God to be moved on our account. Not because of us but because of the defying nature of the giants in the land.

Although David is an acquaintance of Saul, suddenly he has on open invitation into Saul’s household and to Saul’s table. The killing of Goliath is the entrance-way to his future, marriage to the daughter of the King, and a specific bond and friendship with Jonathan who is next in line for the throne. David will enter and become fully trained as a warrior and leader, all at the hands of the man whom he unknowingly will replace as King over Israel.

This should stir our hearts to the unpredictability of God using us as we step forward and acknowledge his sovereignty upon the earth. Also we should not despise prophecy that has been spoken over us or about us from the heart of God through recognized prophetic voices that are sent from God with a message designed to encourage our entrance into the favor of the King.

Anything can happen as we acknowledge, the “battle is the Lord’s”.

So the conclusion brings us to these facts and “Spiritual Protocol”.

“Obedience, being sent, caring and responsibility, love and respect, ask questions, be persistent, speak up and don’t be put off by familiar opposition, heart to serve, honoring God’s man, confidence and boldness, step into your calling, wait to be released and commissioned, receive blessing, know the favor of God, exercise faith, know the will of God and when it’s his battle, operate in the prophetic and speak for the Lord releasing heaven’s blessing.”

The life of David before he becomes King should be a wonderful example to us all of, godly character, servant attitude, strengthened for war through God’s favor, covenant friendship and spiritual wisdom.

There are many things to take into account before stepping out onto the battlefield. The greatest of course is knowing when the battle is the Lord’s and being sure that his Spirit is backing you.


enjoy: Bethel Live


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