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The Perfect Human?

Updated on March 30, 2017


Recently, a news article report about what scientists believe is the perfect human, genetically speaking. I wonder if there is such a thing? Also, it bring to mind what is "perfection"? What are the qualities that will make us humans perfect? Can we improve on what God has created in His image? All good questions. I would like to explore this topic in relations to the current discussion of Artificial Intelligence.

-January 2015

Design Specification

If artificial intelligence researchers are working to create the perfect human, the natural question would be - what are the specifications and the objectives?

The only assumption is that it must be able to live and survive in Earth’s environment.

Here are my list:

  1. Mobility - Must be able to move and get around.
  2. Senses - Must have sensory capability.
  3. Think - Must be able to have rationale thought and be self aware.
  4. Make things - Must be able to create and make tools.
  5. Self-healing - Have the ability to repair itself.
  6. Eat nourishments - Enjoy food and drinks.
  7. Reproduce - Be self propagating.
  8. Live a long life - Span of (50-100 years) or three generations.
  9. Curious - Have a zest for life and curious about the environment.
  10. Social - Have a need to socialize
  11. Conscience - Have a sense of right and wrong.
  12. Attractive - Have an appealing form. The golden ratio comes to mind and also the importance of symmetry.


The objective or goals are more difficult to define. If you are a religious person, I would use the Bible as a guide. According to the Old Testament, Man was created to worship God and to be fruitful and multiply and be good steward of the animals and plants. For secularist, other goals might be to "make progress", to learn and explore the universe and to conquer our environment or another word control our destiny. For egotist, the most important attributes may be the color of eyes and hair and a better appearance or a higher intelligence.

My Opinion and Preferences

In my humble opinion, we already have the perfect human - all of us. We are blessed to have been created as we are, so that we can experience life and be able to seek out all the mysteries and to make choices and learn from our mistakes along the way. The journey is a big part of life. Our humanity is what makes us unique and satisfying. In my mind, even if we have the knowhow, it would be hard to improve upon our current state. The idea of trying to come up with the "perfect human" is just the height of arrogance. Dr. Frankenstein and the Island of Dr. Moreau both comes to mind as man's attempt to become gods. I have no problem with people trying to improve their looks either with laser surgery or cosmetic surgery. Where I draw the line is when they try to tinker with our DNA.


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