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Hubbook: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain

Updated on June 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain

This is my second hubbook and my topic is Artificial Intelligence and the Human Brain. The chapters jumps around a bit but I'm hoping it will make perfect sense at the conclusion. I am open to comments and opposing opinions. Let me know what you think.

-Jack Lee

Yorktown NY

Jan. 2015


This hubbook is my attempt to make sense of our current world in the year 2015.

Recent news in the headlines speak about artificial intelligence and warns us these advanced technologies may impact our lives.

I question those predictions, mainly because of my 60 plus years of experience on this earth. I have seen many predictions come and go.

I have a background in engineering and logic and science. I have a good sense as to what is feasible and common sense. I have not always been right but I have a good track record when it comes to technology and its limitations. I am also a spiritual being. I understand and believe that man is not in control all the time.

I believe in a supreme being, a higher power if you will, that created us for a purpose. He guides us and inspires us to be great. We are unique in this earth.

It is up to us to make the best of what we are dealt.

I wrote this such that each hub (chapter) can stand on its own. But, I envision a connection that ties all the hubs together to make the case for our unique and miraculous world. Let me know at the conclusion if I succeeded. I welcome any comments or feedback or contrary opinion. These hubs are meant to illuminate, create discussion and perhaps lead to new solutions and understanding of our complex world.

In chapter 1, I describe the recent encounters with artificial intelligence. I call it a “hitchhiker’s guide….” because it has a nice ring but also because I started thinking about this while doing mountain hiking. It is one of those activities that clears the mind of mundane stuff and leads to pondering of nature and “the big picture” such as why are we here? In the course of writing on this topic, I found many resources and readings that are illuminating. I tried to relate to subjects that I am deeply knowledgeable. In the workings of a Document Imaging Service Provider, I know what a person is capable of and I also know what a machine system needs to do to replicate or replace these type of work.

In chapter 2, I explain the difference between what is “intelligent” and “technology”. There is a common belief among some scientists that increasing compute power is all that is required to solve all our problems. That is not the case. Perhaps, a better understanding of how our own brain works will lead to better machine systems.

In chapter 3, I identify some technologies that are wrong for us. Just because we have the knowhow to do something does not always mean they should be done. There are unintended consequences that seems to crop up.

In chapter 4, I describe some problems that are a good fit for “intelligent systems” to tackle. These will have dramatic effects on all of us and it would be a positive thing. I challenge some of the current leaders in technology to focus their attention to address these problems.

In chapter 5, I try to make the case for a unique world that is so happen to fit like a giant puzzle. It is hard to image that all these things came about just by chance.

In chapter 6, I return to a discussion about the human brain. It is a miracle in my opinion that our brain functions the way it does.

In chapter 7, I try to imagine if it is possible to create the “perfect human”. What specifications will be required and what would the end product look like? Can we improve on what God has created in His image? Points to ponder? A good exercise for Artificial Intelligence designers.

In chapter 8, I want to address some scientists (in specific, atheist scientists) not to be confrontational but to appeal to their logic and open minds. There is so much that we don’t understand and that science and nature just cannot explain alone. There is a supernatural world out there and by definition, it is outside the area of nature.

In chapter 9, I address my view on the purpose of life. This is not to proselytize but to explain where I’m coming from and my view of life. I have travelled all over the world and I believe I have gained a good perspective. I always believe that you can’t force someone to believe in God or anything else. It has to come from within. By the same token, you can’t force someone to not belief either. In a way, I believe I am blessed to receive the “calling”, not everyone is so lucky.

Hope you enjoy this journey. Peace be with you.

Hub Wheel

A Final Challenge

Here is a thinking exercise. This is for all people whether you are a believer of God or not.

If you were God, and you can do anything you wish, what would you create instead of Man that would be an improvement of what we have today?

What is your opinion?

Will we ever achieve Artificial Intelligence on the level of human intelligence in our lifetime?

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