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The Prophet Like Moses

Updated on April 16, 2018
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Elijah's life experiences and New Birth revealed the meanings of many religion's metaphors, allegories, parables & symbol-types (MAPS).

Moses Of The Scriptures

Moses was a Hebrew child born during Israel’s Khemet enslavement after Pharaoh decreed all of their boy children be drowned and girls kept alive. That caused him to be put in a waterproof ark in the river with his sister watching him. As planned, Pharaoh’s daughter saw him and his sister inquired if she wanted a Hebrew nurse for it. Following her instructions she called his mother who was hired for the service until he completed his nursing years before returning him to Pharaoh’s daughter as her son, and in turn Pharaoh’s, so she named him Moses meaning “drawn out of water.”

His destiny decreed him to slay a Khemite causing him to flee to Midian, marry and became a shepherd where he had a “spiritual conception.” During his gestating he learned god’s name in both Hebrew and Khemite means I AM THAT I AM before completing his “metamorphosis” that sent him back into Khemet as a deliverer of the chosen multitude of mixed people. Some years after his new birth he was endowed with dominion powers that exceeded the Khemite’s priest’s abilities to the point of consuming theirs. Ultimately he was able to deliver his charge by what is commonly called miracles. The directions he was led caused them to cross the Red Sea without touching the water that killed Khemite’s forces chasing them. It carried them through a desert wilderness where they were fed mamma, watered by rocks, and wonder in the desert until most of the elderly people discarnated. Finally his wife and father-in-law returned to Midian before their entering the land promised Abraham but under Joshua’s leadership after Moses ascended a mountain to die.

The Symbols Of The Moses Story Explained

The first symbol is the name, mean of “drawn out of water” and, in scripture the word water without ending with an “s” usually mean knowledge or understanding and with an “s” it often represents people. That would make the prophet like unto Moses be someone drawn out by knowledge or by an anointing because of seeking his life’s purpose.

His place god instructed him was in the alone setting of a shepherd and his first encounter came from a bodiless voice out of a burning bush. The prophet Like Moses would be required to have a first encounter of being spoken to out of some burning situation like a wet diaper, being left alone or another burning desire such as a disappointment in a love affair to he wanted liberation from.

The terms metamorphosis nor new birth is written in the story but since it transforms creatures of one design into that of another, like tadpoles into frogs and caterpillars into butterflies, but is the same as the same process the New Testament calls “new birth.” It reunited the two attribute Eve’s being “woven” from Adam represents that caused the renaming them and their off springs woman in Gen. 2:24 and daughters of men in Gen. 6:2. So with Moses, a daughter of “men” [men meaning less than god], being raised as Pharaoh’s son, he would have been trained as a priest of men without being initiated because of leaving Khemet. Thus “the spirit” to initiate him into a priest of god with abilities exceeding Khemet’s priests’ shown by his rod turned serpent consumed theirs. So it will be for the prophet like him to morph into someone Rev. 5:12 say will have an “Out of Body Experience” to obtain his powers after living alone before he will be able to liberate spiritual Israel or those who will endure (Mat. 24:13) civilization’s ends.

The Red Sea the Israelites crossed symbolizes the sea of blood shed by everyone not to be protected in Armageddon (Rev. 16:16) during The Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty (Rev. 16:14) and did not get wet by it. That means Armageddon is the safe heaving for the five wise virgins (Mat. 25:1-12) which the foolish virgins don’t enter to become the dead in Christ Revelation 6:9-11 & 14:13 show represents those dying in the wilderness.

The older Israeli's dying off in “wilderness” symbolizes what is called the rapture during the 7000 years for replenishing the earth for the news heaven and earth (Rev. 21:1) which represents Cannon with the prophet like Moses living among until the new civilization begins when he becomes the Alpha and Omega. Mamma for food represents the diet the earth’s replenishers will eat because they will not be flesh and blood but Quickened Spirits (I Cor. 15:45 & Rev. 21:4) whose spirits will serve as bodies.

The water represents teachings that come out of two different teachers or messiahs the rocks represents . The first rock is the first sign (Exo. 4:6-8) and Rod messiah (Isa. 11:1) to historical Israel while the second rock is the latter sign and Branch messiah.

What It Reveals

Yoshua, called Jesus, is Exodus 4:6-8’s leprous as snow first sign and the first rock Moses was told to smite who brought the message of the world’s end in parables to the nation of Israel preventing man-en-mass from knowing exactly what it meant. What is called the immaculate conception eliminated Yoshua's need to morph while the smiting of it mean he would have an out of body experience (OBE) followed by an ascension. He explained his ascension for scouting the Promised Land to show the promised land is not of this earth (John 14:1-3) and all entering it must have bodies his recorded post resurrection revealed. Since He did not fulfill all of the prophecies he was not drawn out of the water which is to say he was not to fulfill all of the prophecies concerning the second messiah. Actually, he presented more prophecies of the second messiah in Matthew 11:1-15, 12:39-40, 20:1-16 and in other locations.

The prophet like Moses has to be someone whose entire life, from time of birth (Isa. 11:10-12) through the end of all prophecy, is scripturally revealed to make him fit the name meaning drawn out of the water. Unlike the first rock’ whose birth place is not known, the second’s place of birth is Micah 5:2 since history and it’s interpretation reveals Bethlehem was in error as to where the first messiah was born. First, there was no town called Bethlehem until about the CE year 100 and with the interpretation it reads: Bethlehem [house of bread], Ephratah [plentiful], though thou be little [originally read ‘last’ but was changed to ‘least’ and now little] among the thousands of Judah [praised ruling nations (Gen. 49:1 & 8-12)], yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me that is to rule in, not over, Israel; whose going forth hast been from old, from everlasting. Thus, that is the nation where the second messiah is to be born.

The wilderness twice smitten watering stone’s first smite represents a metamorphosis or new birth that changed the second messiah’s whole personality as Moses’ did. The second smiting is symbolic of an OBE Yoshua’s smitings was. In Matthew 12:39-40 by his saying the son of man he was speaking of them both but only his own in John 2:19-21 when he said he would destroy this temple of his body. Unlike Yoshua, he will not ascend to allow his skin color to be diseased to snow by teaching him to white but lead those who endure into 7000 years of Environmentally Living and rapture while replenishing the earth for another civilization.

Isaiah 11:10-12 suggests the second messiah would arrive about the time historical Israel was restored in Palestine for the second time after their supplanting (Jacob's meaning) it under the leadership of Yoshua. The first removal was by historical Babylon and later reinstalled to be evicted about CE year 70 before Lucifer instructed Mystery, Babylon the Great to reinstalled them in 1948 (Isa. 1:10-12). Yoshua called the latter restoration the budding of the fig tree and said a generation from that restoration would not pass before all prophecies are fulfilled (Mat. 24:32-34). Psalm 90:10's saying man would live 80 years with much suffering suggesting around CE year 2028 the prophecies will be fulfilled. The following is my prophecy interpretation of how it will happen.

The End Prophesied

Somewhere during the reign of the 43 president of Donald J. Trump, Trump because the 22nd and 24th presidents being the same count as one and William Henry Harrison discarnated 31 days after taking the oath without performing any presidential duties make Trump the 43rd month of Rev 13:5. The messenger we seek Malachi 3:1 & 4:5-6’s Elijah will suddenly enter his temple, the U.S. White House, for ushering in Isaiah 2:2-4’s world peace. The USA is the highest mountain (nation) and world’s lawgiver walking on its own laws (Gen. 49:1 & 8-12) along with those she is imposing on other nations. So Elijah comes replacing Trump to rule the NATIONS with the U.S. Constitution as the rod of Iron (Rev. 12:5). [Note: having gone through the new birth metamorphosis and living as few can or will (Isa. 52:14) he is the woman meaning woven from man meaning he was incomplete prior to becoming the man-child who was kept hidden within himself (Luke 17:21) until about the time of his entering the temple comes.]

Elijah will bring the peace fro allowing the five wise virgins (Mat. 25:1-12) to follow his example as nomads and practice living ecology’s laws (Isa. 7:14-22) which is expected to lasts three or four years before Rev. 13:17-18’s 666 system began being put in place. It will have cause the United States to crumble (Dan. 2:45) and become destroyed by her own weapons (Eze. 28:12-20 & Rev. 18:4-6) before the rest of the world (Rev. 16:15) produces the sea of blood the for ending civilization.


No souls are ever lost. Woman can not be deceived into being quickened spirits as was done doing the great flood is what require all life-forces not destined to be “raptured”, except the 5 foolish virgins who rests for a complete cycle (Rev. 14:13), to discarnate and reincarnate for replenish the earth for Revelation 21’s new civilization. The foolish virgins from the last material world’s termination (Rev. 6:9-11) will reincarnate during the first millennium to help replenish the earth before they are raptured according to the pay master (Mat. 20:1-16) with Yoshua the paymaster who is scouting the Promised Land will do the catching away by calling them one at a time and leave Elijah to be the Alpha or first to comprehend and live the way of salvation and Omega the last to leave the earth after beginning the new civilization.


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