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The Supreme Power

Updated on February 20, 2020
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Can you get pregnant at 35 or over 35 Today we're going to talk about age over 35, an advanced maternal age.

There are no unseasonal rains. The heat isn't blistering. Neither does the God of death, await you. Since you've arrived at this athering be happy and smile. You have your entire life to be lonely. So this opportunity that we have can be fully utilized only when you understand what I'm going to say from within.

If you try to use your mind then it will confuse you further. There is one thing. And there's a thing which is clear.


It's All About An Energy

There has to some energy, power. Energy, which has created the Sun. There has to be some energy. It wasn't formed on it's own. Some energy is behind it's formation. There's some energy which created the earth. Because of some energy these trees and plants exist. It's because of some energy that grain is harvested. It's because of some energy that the earth is spinning and Moon exists. Isn't that clear? Take the Sun, for example. Do you have any doubts or do you have any question related to the Sun? About this Earth or where you reside? No, right? This is the same Sun that shines in America. It's the same in South America, Australia, Canada and everywhere.

Even then, why does a human argue whether such an energy exists or not? Why? Why? It's because, instead of perceiving this matter from within he tries to perceive it, using his mind.

Holy Element

Where are your ears? Are they on your head? No? Aren't they on your head? Where's your mouth? What is the distance from the mouth to the ear? It's not a lot. The mouth is here, while the ears are here. Do you have both of them on your body or not? It's not like your mouth is placed on someone else's body. While your ears are placed on someone else's body.

When you're thirsty do you drink it from your mouth or do you pour it in your ears? They are all connected to the same body. But pouring water in your ears won't quench your thirst. You have to drink it.

In the same way if you want to understand him and find out that holy element then you have to understand it with your heart not with your mind. No one is aware of their own death. Things are 100 years old, but we're unaware of what's happening now. This is all because of your pride.

What is an illusion?

This is mine, that is yours, that's illusion.You can see it everywhere. This is mine, that is yours. This is mine, that is yours. This is the cycle! And everyone is a part of this cycle. Nobody is spared.

But when I say, I'm there, I'm here! What happened next? I could see him everywhere. It's not that you can perceive what will happen tomorrow or the day after that. You can not know whether money will be flowing in or out of your house.

Everywhere I see, it's you. Because you exist. It's not that you don't exist. You exist. That's why you're visible. But where was I looking before? I was lost in my pride.

What is Pride?

You cannot understand it. When a buffalo is fed medicine they coat a bamboo pipe with oil and put the medicine in then they open his mouth, so that he drinks it. When you give medicines to children, you add some sweet so that he'll take the medicine, since it's sweet. This is the case with stories.

There was once a king. He had an intuition what pride is. So he commenced his search. He told everyone what was pride according to him.Somebody told him to go to a real teacher. He will clear your doubts. So the king wandered around and met quite a few people. They kept saying, Pride is not good.The king said that he already knew it's bad. But what is it?

So eventually he reached another place and a teacher was sitting there. So he sat as well. So the teacher asked, what was wrong? Why have you come here? The king told him that he had a doubt. What is pride? He told the king that he would clear his doubt but there's a problem. I'm digging this well. But I can't dig it. Unless this well is dug. I don't have any spare time. Once the well is dug then I will clear your doubts.

The king said that he had many people under his command who can dig the well, if you allow me .The teacher was pleased and said, in this way, I'll clear your doubts quickly. So the King ordered his men to dig the well. They asked him where to dig. The king replied, he'd already started digging, you can continue. But what can they dig?
There was a rock there which was as strong as iron. Even a hammer would break. But nothing happened to the rock. Even the shovel when used, broke.There were many tools there already. So they kept on digging and digging and there was a pile of tools. But that rock wasn't affected at all.

The King told the teacher, he had no idea when this well would be ready. He said, I'm in a bad state. I have this doubt. Please help me out. The teacher replied, the well is being dug so that we have water. Water is the joy of this life. In order to acquire it, we're digging this well. This rock is pride. And this pile of hammers and shovels all the broken tools are the intellect. Till the time this rock is unaffected no intellect will work. Even the best explanation by anyone, anywhere will amount to nothing. It will not affect this rock. That is pride.

Who is a human being?

If someone sits extremely close to you, what will you do? You have to maintain your place. Isn't that what happens? You're made of six elements.Oxygen, Hydrogen,
Phosphorous, Calcium, Carbon and Nitrogen. You're 70 percent water. What is a buffalo and puppies made of? The same elements that you're made up of.I'm trying to tell you that the ego with which you move about and call yourself different from others.

In reality, you're not different. You're the same as everyone else. This is about the outside. The matter within is different. What resides within you? If you understand what
=resides within you then your life will change. Is there anything any supernatural power which will take us to the other side? That life where we can break this rock of pride and accept the joy of that water in our lives? There is, yes. This era we live in, is filled with a void of darkness, and in this void of darkness there's a lamp. That lamp is so powerful that the darkness which resides within human beings by lighting that lamp that darkness can be diminished forever.

The people who have the knowledge must light the lamp. Until you add oil, in the form of practice, truth, serving others then the lamp will keep on burning without fading out. The wick that we make for the lamps once the oil burns, it'll burn even quicker. Very quickly. But while there is oil, the flame will be stay on. We have to keep adding oil to it.

The people who do not posses the knowledge I have some good news for you.What is the good news? That I keep on giving. That knowledge with the help of which you can experience that supernatural power within you.

Don't Hide Your Happiness

The most important thing is to be successful in life. If you come with devotion without any chicanery and ask to provide knowledge. You should laugh all the time because you have your entire life to be lonely. If you live like this every day then your life will change! And your life will be filled with peace. So, peace is possible because it already resides within you. Don't hide it. Let it come out. Make your life a success and experience happiness in your lives.


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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 pratik987


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