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The U.F.O. Truth Files, Part II, What we already know....!?!

Updated on March 23, 2017

In 1978 a pilot was flying a Spanish Caravelle Jet when he reported an object that chased him for more than 90 miles. Its bright red lights were blinking the whole time. Eventually the pilot was forced for an emergency landing.

Signs of extraterrestrial activities on earth covers quite a large stretch of time. Stories from the Bible have also been linked to extraterrestrial visits. Dr. Barry Downing who is a theologian describes the complex vision of prophet Ezekiel in 600 B.C. The Prophet gives account of a cloud that was fire like and had wheels. It was driven by human like creatures and he was taken by them to see another world. This is quite similar to the abductions described by people today. This might lead to the conclusion that humans have been abducted by aliens in ancient times too, which would be a longer time than we think.

According to National UFO Reporting Center, which has been investigating UFO sightings since 1974, the following are the number of sightings since July 2016 :-


One night in December 1975 in Arizona, Travis Walton saw a ‘Forest Department’ car, parked near some trees in a forest. As he stopped to investigate he suddenly saw an object hovering over an area with no trees. He described the object having a diameter of about 20-25 feet. Travis heard some strange sounds such as hissing and buzzing coming from the saucer like object. According to Travis the object was hovering only at the height of about a meter. He wanted to go near the object and touch it but decided otherwise. As he was trying to leave the area in a hurry, he experienced a jolt as if he had been struck by lightning. Travis explained that his body went numb and he became unconscious. But a more bizarre fact was put forward by him. He claimed that when he regained consciousness he found himself inside the craft where human like creatures conducted experiments on him. Travis went through a lie-detector test in order to prove his claims to be true but the results were not clear enough to prove anything.

One night in November 1976 Mrs. Bols and Mr. Prett were coming back from Winchester, South England by Car. Both of them saw a bright orange light in the sky. That night many other people had also seen it. Suddenly the car went out of control and pulled over on the left side of the road. The engine started emitting a strange noise. Mr. Prett was driving at a speed of only 40 MPH. The car banged into a mound and stopped. At that time both of them saw a cigar-shaped object hovering over them. They saw a lighted cockpit in front of the object and three figures sitting in it. Mrs. Bols saw a figure climbing down the craft. As this figure neared her she heard a deafening whistling sound as if it was echoing in her own head. Prett did not hear this sound. The figure slowly came near Mrs. Bols’ window and peeped inside the car. The creature she described was wearing a one piece suit and had very sharp yet bright eyes, pink in color.

In January 1981 Renato Nicoli heard some very high frequency sounds like whistles at Trans en province in France. He saw two UFOs in the sky which had a flat base and curved top. These UFOs landed nearby but before Renato could go near them they flew away. This is an example of an encounter of the first kind. Many such petty encounters have taken place. All these and hundreds of more reports, to some extent help us to say that there really exists some extraterrestrial intelligence but the mystery still remains unsolved. The question that is on the top of the list of mysteries is, ‘Is there really life on other planets?

There have been numerous incidents in which the witnesses have either seen the aliens or have been abducted by them. These reports have created turmoil all over the world.

There has been a report in which two American fishermen have claimed to have been abducted by aliens in october 1973. Both of them named Charlie Hickson and Kalvin (surname not available) were interviewed and their report was considered to be a genuine one. With the help of computer technology, the UFO photographs taken by many people have been extensively examined. Some of them have really passed the test and have been labeled as, ‘bona fide UFO sightings’.

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