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The Utopian Blackout Poetry Channelings

Updated on September 9, 2016

Uranus entered Aquarius...

Channeling is a modern form of spiritism or mediumship. Through automatic writing or, in my case, through "found" and "blackout poetry", a spiritual entity will enter the body of the medium, and use it to interact with other people. I was doing some experiments with Google and blackout channelings following the footsteps of my friend, the fringe author Philip Coppens. And then, suddenly, it looked like I was receiving messages from Thomas More, who 500 year ago published his book Utopia.

From a blackout:

Uranus entered Aquarius (...) and we saw an unprecedented surge of the Internet worldwide and other communication devices increasing our interconnectedness. The world is shrinking. We are now in a Communication Age. The children born during the powerful Uranus/Pluto conjunction of the 60's, most of whom were brought up around computers and television...

I am a child of the 60's...

Thomas More wrote Utopia when Neptune was in Aquarius. What will it take for us to become an enlightened humanity? Some metaphysical teachings speak of a new root race of greater light and potential, in touch with the superconscious, whose time has come and who are destined to embody in South-America. These may be among the children being born even now!

For me, it all started with this strange little message:

come to life


mystify them

The Utopian Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Out of the blue... something strange in the sky. He also claimed to receive messages from the 16th century.
Out of the blue... something strange in the sky. He also claimed to receive messages from the 16th century.

A Saint With Balls

the Work is

entertaining and educational

alive with the politics of the era

and the anecdotes about his man

referred to

as "a saint with balls"

Look within for answers

Challenge us to raise our eyes

to the heavens - to look

within for answers,

imagination and vision:

artist - mystic - madman

in no-man's-land

deal with realms

of consciousness

Henry VIII's Chancellor, Sir Thomas More was imprisoned for refusing to accept the king as Head of the Church, beheaded and later made a Catholic saint.



to understand the realm

of the subconscious

unconscious and

superconscious as well

Dream deeper

feel the tides

see the handwriting on the wall

the signs of the times

prophesied by M for so long

see, touch, experience

the nature of time

the true nature of Cosmos

"Utopia" by Thomas More - audiobook Librivox

More had to discover

how to deal with our fears

of a future

we cannot define

so observe your dreams

of peace and prosperity

preceded by

tremendous turmoil

More the Awakener

will work almost imperceptibly

on your feelings at

subconscious and unconscious


slowly molding

attitudes and beliefs

fear and fear's

conqueror, faith

The Awakener and the Dreamer

conjoin in Utopia and coincide with Renaissance
conjoin in Utopia and coincide with Renaissance

M may be waiting

for us at the pyramids

on Mars.

To the scientist-philosopher

who seeks knowledge...

truth is stranger than


M is More:

I am

very old


unruined condition

Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Utopia Is Rising!


I will send you

on a quest

on an inner-dimensional journey

Call me

and I will tell you how


I entered this life to reveal

my message and my mission - to help direct

true seekers toward their homeward flight

now is the time

After years of bemoaning Atlantis...

Now, with Technologies of the Gods, Utopia is Rising
Now, with Technologies of the Gods, Utopia is Rising

The Utopian Museum of Science

is pleased to announce the discovery of tangible archaeological evidence
is pleased to announce the discovery of tangible archaeological evidence

Secrets of the Utopian alphabet

composed of "holy" letters of special significance and superhuman origin.
composed of "holy" letters of special significance and superhuman origin.

Thus, we are much indebted to Mr. More for his book.

Only someone who has wrestled

with his deliberately obfuscated

and mind-expanding teachings

could begin to convey

the dimensions of the myth.

Go on to tell the story of M and his secret

Underground City
Underground City

Most students are unaware...

that M founded a secret high-tech city

in 1895

was known to perform exotic experiments

including some in anti-gravity, aboard

a floating super-laboratory, from which

he sent signals into space


after faking his own death

mysteriously vanished

Nine scientists

have built a city in an extinct volcanic crater

created cosmic energy

and discoid aircraft with

gyroscopic anti-gravity

they have remained isolated

working to foster peace

and a clean, ecological technology

M, supposedly dead, continued experiments

in the future and the past!
in the future and the past!

That mysterious man is a Myth

More, my master, to capture the essence of thought, he practices the Work.
More, my master, to capture the essence of thought, he practices the Work.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Channeling More!


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