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The glory and celebration of the cross

Updated on April 8, 2012

The only means for the resurrection of all men.

The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated yearly by many Christians across the world, every Easter. Although the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has been debated by some scholars and other schools of thought yet many Christians accept it as fact and, above all, as a victory upon which is based the foundation of their Christianity. This is because many Christians claim that the victory over death (over the cross) is significant to their faith because it shows, to some of them, that they serve a living messiah.

It is a known fact that Jesus Christ is the most celebrated in the world today. That is why I wrote the hub, “The greatest crown ever made by man” and like I mentioned in the hub, some men worked and earned a crown.

The cross significances sufferings, pains, struggles, and denials. Many people passed through the cross in their journey through live. Some people are still on the cross and they wonder how it is going to end. The pains of the cross is difficult to bear that is why some people cannot carry their cross because, most at times, it is not an easy task. Just like it was mention in my book, “it is time we truly know why Jesus wept” ( Jesus felt the pains. The pains were too much for him to bear that he even got to a point where he shouted ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ yet he did not give up. He held on till the end because he knew that the glory, the reward and the result of the cross is greater than the pains.

Over the generation, men had carried one cross or the other in their effort to help us live in unity. Men fought for the freedom we enjoy today. Men fought for your right and for your liberty and the independence of Nations. Men fought to end racism and slavery, a battle that is still being fought today. Men fought for the right of women and children, a battle that is also being fought today. Most of these men started the fight alone, they carried the cross alone and some died for its sake. Some were assassinated yet that did not end their desire.

Most of these men were honored only after humanity understood the need of their struggle. They were given honors and crowns made of gold and other expensive materials but today we know that the most celebrated crown is that crown made of thorns. Yes, the crown was simply made that all they did was to twist the thorns. Today that simple crown is the greatest crown ever made by man. However without the resurrection, there would have been no glory and victory over the cross. That is why we must resurrect if we want to achieve the greatest victory and reach the highest height attainable by man. This is because not only are many of us on the cross and need the courage to hold till the end but most of us are dead just as this excerpt from the book “Most perfect exchange: the cost of liberty” (a conversation had on an Easter day) read: “…“I don’t think it is right for a mortal to dance with an angel.” “Oh! I see,” she exclaimed,“ you are wrong because that should be the dream of all mortals, but it most be earned, just as only few are found worthy to sit among kings, queens, and can freely go to the presences of God. So come on let’s end this party with a dance.” “You must be right because not all mortals know how to talk to God,” I agreed, as I reluctantly followed her and wondered if I had earned the right to dance with a heavenly being. “Come on,” she dragged me gently, with a sweet smile, “let’s go and celebrate his resurrection together.” Yes, we have to celebrate his resurrection because one day we shall resurrect with him. One day, love, peace, unity, equity, and justice shall resurrect in us. Then we shall belief that we are all the handwork of the same creator. This I strongly agreed with her in my thoughts because resurrection comes only after death. And I was certain that we are now dead, so must we be resurrected, someday, in a land of liberty…”

We must resurrect before we can earn the glory and reward of the cross, our cross. It is only through our resurrection that we shall live forever receive our crown and it is by our positive works for humanity, a work that should not be based on selfishness. Jesus is celebrated because of his resurrection just as some few men are also celebrated for their works and achievements so it is that we can also resurrect by moving ahead despite the shackles on our path as we journey through life.


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