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A world in Crisis: Christianity in America. Terrorism from within.

Updated on February 19, 2017


Over the past several years there has been a proliferation of attacks on, and by, Christianity in America.

Out lives are not a parable. We must simply live our lives in harmony, peace, and love. But most of all stop passing judgements on others.

We must learn to:

  • enjoy the beauty around us
  • strive to learn new things
  • not dwell in the past
  • stop living in fear
  • and stop living with unfounded guilt.

The Creator is not to be feared, but respected as one would respect any superior. We must learn to let 'ago' go (stop dwelling in the past).

Ignoratio elenchi ( a fallacy in logic of supporting a point proved, or disapproved, by an argument proving, or disproving, something not at issue).

This is the clearest definition i can find that perfectly describes anyone trying to have a debate, or discussion, on religion and quoting from the bible to justify their points of view.

One cannot quote from the very source of contention to prove that that source is valid.

This article was (spawned) by the myriad of questions being asked by Christians lately.

It is difficult to ascertain whether these questions are for validation of individual beliefs of for support in those beliefs from others who are like minded.

Or perhaps they seek some kind of positive affirmation to justify keeping those illogical fairy tale beliefs alive.

Appeasing the Gods

It is frightening that "believers" , in any religion, really think that by their attacks on others they 'believe' they are scoring points with God. One would suppose that the greater the wound they inflict the more points they score. It is not quite clear how this scoring card works.

Apparently those actions taken against others who do not 'believe' as they do is way more point scoring than compassion, tolerance, love and understanding.

This mentality is shared by many major religions. Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all the others, resist each other, but are fundamentally the same in their over zealousness to please their gods. Each sect says there is only one God, and yet each one seems to worship a god with the same need for subservience and vengeance, but in different ways.

It seems that to destroy others - gains more points. The Muslims do it literally (suicide bombers) and the Catholics do it figuratively (attack the gay community). The base concept is still the same and so are the results.

Delusions are dangerous

Delusions of indoctrination

This video clearly explains the falsities of the indoctrinations of ALL religions, not just Christians.

If one is brave enough to listen with an open mind feel free to do so and comment on it.

If the fear of learning the truth is too overwhelming, not to worry, there is no requirement to view it.
It is factual, and abrasively honest, and those who have strong beliefs in their respective indoctrinations will probably find it heretical. But we can no longer hide our faces from the truth.
The brainwashing of our young children must cease in order to understand, and pursue, our intended intellectual advancement, and promote global peace and harmony

Denial of religion versus denial of God

We tend to stereotype those who do not believe as we do and are confusing the 'denial of the bible' with the 'denial of God'. These terms are not interchangeable.

Most intelligent people believe that there probably is a Creator (or Creators) of all things, simply because of the complexities of the composition of everything - from the universe, the galaxies that make up the universe, the solar systems that make up the galaxies, and ultimately the planets and their inhabitants, and diversity of life on those planets.

Especially the complexities of the human body, and its genetic coding that controls its functionality. I doubt that anything that complex could be simply random.
However, The origin of the belief that a single God, as the father (and creator) of all, is a bit far fetched as well.

The bible and/or other brands of 'holy scriptures' is another story. With the vast number of religions on this planet in which each insist they are the only true religion - there is little doubt that none of them actually are.

To say that those who disbelief any organized religion is simply denying to justify their deviant behavior is totally incorrect and inappropriate; and a ploy used by all religions to deter their followers from questioning what they have been taught as truth, when those truths are far from logical.

'Deviant' behaviors, and 'false moral structures', are terms used by religions to try to justify their radical agendas of control over their followers. These are subjective terms that cannot be applied as blanket policies for everyone by the limited standards set down by any organized religion.

The same goes for the term "sins". What religions' consider sins are also a means of controlling the behaviors and the lives of their followers. Sins are only in the minds of the person who commits them. There are societal tabus that must be adhered to, such as murder, assault, abuse, theft, etc... that are universally repugnant, the rest is individual and not to be judged by others.

Suffer the little children who must learn this on their own

This capsule substitutes for photos that can no longer be sized on hub pages.

Excessive diversity in teaching children religion only leads to disagreements in philosophy when they are also taught that the religion they are being taught is the ONLY true religion.

The differences between these religions is too immense for a child's mind to understand and accept them as normal, natural and equal to their own.

Roman Catholics




Protestant denominations




To only name a few.

Teaching hatred - the Christian way

Teaching hatred - In Afghanistan

Teaching hatred - the Jewish way

Teaching hatred - the Muslim way

Christians crying foul

Christianity and the muslim faith both overtly attack other religions, non believers, and atheists. They then turn around and make public statements that complain that there are attacks on their respective religions by others. If one decides to attack others and pass judgments on them, then they must expect the same in return.

The most recent question asked on religion was "Why are so many people afraid of the Christian religion?". There were several sub questions regarding the "pagan level" in our society, and why more people are not taught "god's doctrine", and suggesting that the "immoral factions" in our society are the cause of the current social unrest.

I know of no one who is actually 'afraid of Christianity. But i do know many who object to its dogma.

The 'pagan level' that is referred to is inappropriate when referencing anyone who is simply not a Christian. The implication that anyone not christian is a pagan (heathen) is doing nothing more than causing increased ill feelings towards christians in general.

One man's opinions do reflect on the entire religion itself, as though that is what that religion teaches their followers. One would hope that that is not the case.

The history of Christianity, and it origins, is dubious and questionable. Especially when one realizes who started it and why.

The Christian bible was compiled from picking through hundreds of writings to create a religion that was meant to do nothing more than control the (pagans) of the times. It certainly was not ever derived from the "words of God" that Christianity tries to suggest.

The "holiness' of the bible was by the decree of the Roman Government.

Christianity is no more valid than any of the older religions that predated it, or any of the hundreds/thousands of offshoots that followed its inception.

The "education of God's doctrine" is a man made mandate by religon. There was never any declaration to humanity made by a supreme Creator, as any of the religions would have us believe.

It may be true that Jesus spoke of love and compassion, but it certainly is not adhered to today by any means, and that includes some of the christian faith followers as well others who are not followers.

There is nothing wrong with teaching children the 10 commandments, but teaching them that a supernatural being wrote them in fire on stone slabs is a bit over the top. Especially when there is absolutely no evidence that they ever existed in the first place, except in the wild tales of those who wrote most of the whoppers about religion thousands of years ago.

The other objection to Christianity is that is too pushy, judgmental, and out of touch with reality.

Those "immoral factions" that are referred to have the same rights on this planet as do the Christians. Morality is only a judgment made by the pseudo-religious factions who crave to control the lives of others.

A personal dilemma

The greatest dilemma in my mind is why it is OK to write, and publish, an exorbitant amount of articles promoting Christianity here on Hub Pages, and when those who oppose them say so, they are considered to be giving a "negative" response and those responses are deleted, or hidden by H.P.
One would be inclined to believe that hub pages itself is prejudiced against opposition to religious pandering, and in opposition to what those religions deem to be "immoral factions", or the "pagans" in our society.

Losing our Religion

Do you think Religion is on its way out of our world?

See results

© 2013 d.william


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    • d.william profile image

      d.william 4 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      I do not judge what others believe. What i do object to, is when those beliefs of the self righteous condemn others for being of different faiths, or different belief systems.

      I have little use for Christianity, or any other organized religion that preaches and teaches that others that do not belong to their particular sects, or cults, are of lesser value than they are.

      Christianity is a lie designed to deceive the unwary. Its origination was a ploy by the Roman Government to bring back those who hated the government to try and get them to once again trust them.

      There was never a 'savior' sent from God as they would have us believe. Every religious cult has their own version of a savior, or a messiah, to unite their followers and give them some kind of hope for a better tomorrow.

      My view of that era is as valid as anyone else's, for no one can ever know the truth through all the lies. And as they say, if someone tells the same lie long enough they begin to believe it as truth themselves.

      Many take offense to my beliefs, but they have that right. Those objections have little impact on my beliefs, as mine are more humane and promote love, not hatred. Totally contrary to current popular beliefs.

    • standontherock profile image

      standontherock 4 years ago from Allentown, PA

      You say stop passing judgement on one another, but yet you judge what other people believe. You really don't like Christianity.